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Great template! How do I get the form to work?

c00ki3 Purchased

Use some PHP and maybe some JavaScript Alert Box’es to show some error / success messages.

Thats how i did it.

Very nice Onuro, congrats on another fantastic template!

One extremely very minor little thing though, and this is only because I’m very keen on the little things: The text that scrolls in the top white block under the portfolio screenshot is a different type scroll than the text on the bottom block. The one is just a regular scroll, and the other one bounces a little and then scrolls.

I know, I know. Extremely minor, but just wanted to point it out because you are obviously a detail-oriented person. And if you’re like me, you’d want them to be the same ;)

Nice work!!

amac08 Purchased

Very nice job indeed.

I’ve purchased it and I’m in the process of making some adjustments. There’s one thing that bothers me with the content slider and up/down arrows. The arrows are listed as up/down, however, the content slides left and right. I find this to be a bit confusing as they don’t properly reflect the action.

I’m attempting to customize the buttons to have the side by side instead of stacked horizontally (so they would reflect a previous/next layout instead of scrolling up/down).

Would you be able to assist with this? It seems a bit strange to me how they have been setup in the CSS .

Thanks and keep up the great work.

amac08 Purchased

Nevermind, just figured it out.

Simple float:left

For anyone else curious…

Would have bought it but Im not paying $70 for a font. I know I could use a different font but it’s that heading I like the most .

amac08 Purchased

I seem to be getting this error in IE7

‘effects’ is null or not an object

Does this have something to do with the accordion?

Excellent looking template … one of the best here. I just have one question, putting more content into one of the content areas makes it overlap the footer rather than push it down. Am I doing something wrong?

c00ki3 Purchased

<<- change height to min-height if you want your content to have unlimited heigth / which will enable the accordion content scroll more without conflicting with the footer **/

Find that part in your CSS file and do it:)

Its a simple but stunning and effect design and use of Accordian.js. Just a question onuro – is the font in the “Fusion” logo to same as the font in the headings (Cholla Sans Thin) simply converted to vector and manipulated?

Or is it a completely different font, and if so – what is the Logo Font Name and where to get it?

Thanks once again for a beautiful file

hello manamedia

fusion is actually a hand drawn logo of mine that was created 5 year ago to be my own agency but I cancelled the idea and the logo so no, it’s not a font =))

Thanks you for your reply onuro. Very nice work.

Cicco Purchased

Very nice template and excellent work… I bought it.

Only one remark : I bought this template to save time and to have quickly a website running. So it would be much better, in my case, to have seperate .psd files from all images like ‘contact’, ‘digital’ and etc.

Now i have extra work to edit the main layout and remake the images.

Small remark for a great template ;-)

Beautiful template! One question though- I am trying to create more light boxes since I have a few more categories. What do I need to duplicate in order to do this properly?


I’m wondering can you help me with a wee bug I seem to have found. Maybe you can help with a work around. I have 4 images in the first group for digital but in jquery, you’re adding 2 additional LI items to the list, one at the start which repeats the last image in group and one at the beginning that repeats the first image in the group. This makes my group have 6 line items instead of the specified 4. So now when you click on a lightbox, you get these extra images that don’t need to be there.

Even your default files have the same problem. In your 2 groups of images you have a total of 6 images, but if you open the lightbox, it shows 6 + additional 2 for group digital + 2 another 2 for group print = 10 images in slideshow. Am I making sense? Basically there are duplicate images in the lightbox and can these be removed somehow?

Thanks in advance,


p.s. a friend purchased this and I’m editing it for him.

netnoise Purchased

Great design, fairly coded. One of the Javascript libraries throws an error, though.

By the way, you missed adding the license terms/copyright notes for the libraries bundled with that template.

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Very nice template. Excellent for displaying a design portfolio for web developers and graphic’s dudes.

Nice work, thank you.

Can anyone recommend a nice form php/ajax script, or will i have to code it manually.

Cheers, Darren.

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If you get a chance could you explain how the grey bar next to the footer is generated? I was able to edit the bar next to the navigation, but can’t figure out where in the code it comes from…?


Has anyone figured out a fix to the problem that Dave describe four post above? I’m having the same problem. I have five images in each group and it says I have a total of fourteen images. Two images are repeating in each group.


kevinrio Purchased

fixed block footer problem.. thanks great template!