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smotski Purchased

Hello, how can I set custom classes to each menu item, for each .sf-menu li a item? Thanks.

WordPress already adds custom IDs to each menu item that you can use.


<li class="menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-102" id="menu-item-102">
<a href="#">About</a>

to access the A through CSS you need the following selector

#menu-item-102 a {}

potion5 Purchased

Can I update the theme from 1.0.5 directly to 1.0.10?

Yes, you can. Please read the changelog to see it/what else you need to do/be aware of at upgrade. and as always, always have a backup in place before you update.


pracko Purchased

Still no child theme support in version 1.0.11? I’m afraid to update now because I already custom-modified the theme.

You can use a file comparison software like WinMerge to compare the newer version with your version and import only what you need… If you delete the plugin and install the one in the new download zip / Plugins / Visual composer … you should be good with WP 4.5


I download and installed the template and I have a few questions for the template.

1) I try to upload the header photo for each pages with the page header function inside the pages . However, everytime I finish inserting the photo ref: , it does not show up. Can u tell me how to insert the header photo?

2) There is some problem with the service overview visual component element. All I want to do is the icon and text align in the center just like your demo:

However, all I got is, please let me know how to solve it.

Thanks in advance.


1. make sure you have theme version 1.0.12. also make sure the images are a adequate size. When you select the image choose Full Size and press Insert into post.

2. Please contact me through the contact form on my user page about #2.


I had contact you from the contact form in your profile page, have u receive my mail?

Yes we received it and will reply asap :)

Visual Composer Version 1.2.4 on WP 4.5.1 is not loading all the elements. The elements on the top half of the page are visible in V.C. editor, but elements below that do not appear in V.C. and so they cannot be edited. Additionally, the text “Loading, please wait…” appears just behind the column layout tabs of the first row block (just below the ‘Add Element’ ‘Add Row’ ‘Templates’ buttons at the top of the V.C. editor window), but never seems to go away. Please help.

The problem seems to be with the Tabbed Content element. To test, I tried making a new page with just a Tabbed Content element in it. Clicking the element to select it in the Elements pop-up does not force the pop-up to close; the Element pop-up must be manually closed by clicking on the X at upper right of the window (unlike other elements when they are selected). Once the Elements pop-up is closed, a new row and full-width column is in my page editor with just a green + sign in it. Clicking on the + does nothing. See screenshot at

I need you to contact me through the form on my profile page and provide this text along with WP login info so we can debug the issue further.

OK, I mailed all the details to you via your profile page as requested. Please let me know what you discover.

I had to do a fresh install of the theme and the child, but I’m not able to import the XML every-time I try to import it it gives me back an internal server error and nothing imports, this is the first time I have an issue like this with a child import, and I’ve been using the same Host.

I just resolve this issue, thanks anyways.

Sorry to bother again, I have the latest version of the Theme, and just deactivated the Visual Composer and reinstall it, but the Visual composer still have problems. it is not working properly,


WP 4.5.2 Visual Composer Version 1.2.4 Theme version: 1.0.12

What is not working properly exactly?

Hi, I really like this template for one of my customers. Is it possible to add a video in the header instead of an image?


No the header is just a image carousel. You could skip on using it and replace it with a 3rd party slider that supports video, like revolution slider.

Is it possible to remove the read more link in a service overview?


it is possible if you edit the visual composer component that generates the services overview.

Hello, I send email to you a few days ago, have you receive it? Please help me to solve my problem. Thanks.

Hello, have you receive my email?

I must have received it but have not gotten to it.

hi there, just send u an email about the not working contact option in the theme, google stays greyed out, also when creating a new contact page. It worked before. I allready had send you an email with the site adress. Hope to hear from you!

by the way, it works on mobile devices, IOS/Android. not on IE/Edge/Chrome/Modzilla


Are you running the latest version of the theme? Check that on the changelog of the item description page. these seem like errors fixed in previous updates.

I recently updated theme to recent version. contactpage is not working. Error message in console: Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys

I took a look at it in the latest version of Firefox and it seems fine. do you still have a problem?


Your template has bugs, and I had send you message through the user contact form for many times. I still receive no reply from you.


Sorry about this. I am battling a bad case of pneumonia and have been sick in bed this week and most of the last one. I am trying to catch up with support requests so please bear with me.

Since Upgrading this Theme I am currently having problems getting page header images to work. Could you please advise me as to what I need to do to fix this many thanks.

Theme Options also doesn’t work.

Have you updated to version 1.0.12? can you send WP login info through the contact form on my item page?


smotski Purchased

I just noticed there is no page “Portfolio item” in the theme, it is references to a different web site? Can you provide the page, since it is included in the theme demo …