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WOW! Amazing Theme! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you very much!

thank you!

Do you have submenu property ?

Yes. add an UL with the class .sub-menu in an li for a level 2 dropdown.

Where and how can I get quite the first image from the page template? I mean the picture with photo wallpapers moon and telescope. Maybe even some from pictures of architecture.

They are from flickr.

Hi, I just purchased your template, but I have a problem with the google map, I can not change it. I changed the coordinates in the file jquery.gmap.min.js but nothing has changed. thanks

the map is controlled in _layout/js/plugins.js at the end of the file is the call to the gMap plugin

Hi support,

i have emailed to you to get tutorial guide but still get no reply.. Will this template difficult for completely new beginner like me to learn and fix? i cant find the guide from my installer package. can you send it to my email


no response… hello support??!!!?


It is a html template not a wordpress template so you cannot install it! you have to edit it locally and upload it through ftp on your server.

the documentation is in the documentation folder. please unzip the archive you received upon purchase and download.


I didn’t make portfolio filter work. In your demo site also it doesn’t work. how can I do it?

the way the portfolio filter was designed was when you click on a category to take you to a page with just that category. so you are going to have to build a page for each portfolio category and then tie them all in the portfolio filter.

Good morning, I’d like to thanks for your work… Great job…really.

I have some problems about responsive. When I resize browser windows on my laptop, responsive works well, but when I watch it on a msmartphone this not happen. I see the site in desktop format on smartphone. How came?

I need to see how you modified it. Could you contact me through the form on my user page and send me a link to your website?

Dont worry…I solved it… Thanks anyway

Hi, can I use new “contact-hexagon” without update the theme.

I did it , no need help for now

You have to update parts of the theme as the contact form and the contact form validation are also changed and the hexagon as well. It can be a little tricky but if you have experience with html and css you can manage it. just backup your website before you work on it.

Very cool theme. When I replaced the 1900×1000 image in the parallax div, I lost the cool, lined overlay effect on the image. How do get it back?

I also lost the hexagon shaped images (mine only appear as squares)

The lined overlay is applied to the image directly in photoshop, so it is not done through css3. The same for the hexagon shapes. You have the shapes and overlay in the psd files that come with it. Just add your image and export them afterwards. If you need more help contact me through the contact form on my user page and I’ll send you the separate psds with shapes.

great. Thanks for the reply!


can i remove the first slider stop on mouseover. So slides still replace if user is with mouse on slider?

BR, Kalev

Hello, In _layout/js/plugins.js find the bx slider part and change the autoHover parameter from true to false.


I am using old version. And I asked previosly I want to use new contact page. Only one problem. When a user submit form without entering informations, it doesn’t say like new version “field is required” on the same page. It goes to send.php page and it looks very bad. I changed all js files with new ones but it effect the rest of the pages. How can I fixed this?


There must be a mistake in the code you have changed as it should throw a validation error on the same page. Can you send me a link to your website so I can take a closer look?

I send you a e-mail

Can you share images whatever in the demo site..


Thank you for the purchase.

Can you please rephrase the question, I do not understand the request you are making.

“the map is controlled in _layout/js/plugins.js at the end of the file is the call to the gMap plugin”

Hi could you elaborate? Where do i need to add the new coordinates ?

Thanks a lot!

You have the address parameter. Change the text from it with your address.


I want to resize pop up images at porfolio section. I read imagebox documentation but I didn’t find what I have been looking for. I also looked at js file but I couldn’t understand how can it define images’ width and height.


Can you please contact me through the contact form on my user page and send me a link to your website. I can’t help you only on the information you provided here, unfortunately.

Best regards, bitpub

Portfolio filter does NOT work on mobile. Also your demo does’nt work in low resulation. Can you fix it urgently please.



Are you tried low resulation ? Portfolio filter (category) doesn’t work. I have tried Choreme and Firefox


I wrote above: The portfolio not working is not an error, i set it up that way on resolutions <768px. You can change that in plugins.js

Worked Thanks


I just want to put a question about slider. How come when I watch it on mobile device (smartphone and tablet) animation do not works once you tap on display?

I set pauseOnAction: false, pauseOnHover: false,

but Slider sticks on mobile.

Thanks for support



Thank you for the purchase.

i will take a look at the situation. In general on mobile devices it would be best for performance if it doesn’t cycle through the slides. You know you have swipe enabled to go through them.

Best regards, bitpub

Hi Using the old version, managed to get the map to work with my address, But seems the contacts form is not showing now. Any ideas?



I need to see a link to your page, I can;t help you otherwise. Please contact me through the form on my user page if oyu haven’t already done that.

best regards, bitpub

Hi Im an Evanto member. I want to purchase the Future Architecture theme, asap, love the theme. I only have few things I want to know. After some coding, would it be possible to shorten the length of the taskbar, AND ALSO is it possible to make the taskbar follow the page when you scroll down?

PLEASE, let me know as soon as you can..



It is possible but not out of the box. You have to add a sticky script and adjust the css.

best regards, bitpub


ejo14 Purchased

This template is not fully responsive, when view the slider on mobile or tablets you the slider does not work, please advise on a fix


The slider behavior was designed that way, it doesn’t shrink because the image was added as a background image.