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I couldn’t login to the support forums (ERROR: Could not establish a database connection) so I figured I’d ask here. Right now you can choose between a mainpage with a slider + portfolio and news thumbnails and a basic blog page.

I would like to have a basic blog page with a slider, but I can’t pick any other template then “archives” that displays the blog.

What can I do to get a blog page and add the slider on the top of it?



Theme Support works via Forum only at http://support.mattiaviviani.com/

Thank you

Hi there!

Im just wondering if you can upload your own background and change the colour or all of the headlines, etc?

Thanks :)


Absolutely, you can do that and a lot more via options panel :)

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Hello, Thanks for the theme- I cant register at your supprot page- just keeps going back to verify code page. Gives me Code verified message, I enter my name and password and then goes back to enter code. Please sort? In the meantime (Im in a little bit of a rush- sorry) could you tell me how to reduce the padding above the logo (35px I think) and below it (between the menu)...ideally I would like the menu bar to overlap the logo slightly if you could assist me with that I would r-e-a-l-l-y appreciate it. Big thanks again


Hello, first off thank you for purchasing Gaia. No known issue about forum registration, that’s pretty odd. Please, send me your license code using this form http://themeforest.net/user/MattiaViviani#from Actually I’m not available for custom work, besides it’s Easter time. I suggest to use Firebug http://getfirebug.com for FF or Inspect Elements for Safari and Chrome, which allows to identify the line of code you are interested in. It’s a pretty useful tool, you’ll probably don’t need my help using one of those add-ons. It requires a little knowledge ofHTML and CSS .

EDIT : Account registered with no problems, you’ll receive data.

Best Regards and Happy Easter :) Mattia

Hi, I buy the template GAIA 1 .8, and need to know, if you have the .xml sample data

Hello MattiaViviani,

thanks for the great work. Is it possible to add sliders to the other pages, other then Home? I’d like to have them everywhere :-)



Hi Adita,

Theme doesn’t comes with that feature, do that requires a bit of custom work, html, css, js and probably php knowledge is needed.

Best Regards, Mattia

This theme is very average.

The social widgets direct you away from the website instead of making use of the API ’s or even target=_blank.

The meta info is put at the top of the posts and can’t be switched on/off selectively or moved to the bottom of the post without making hard-code changes.

It makes no sense to have the “leave a comment” option at the top of the post on a blog??

The php code is split into many different folders, making a true child theme extremely difficult to configure. In this theme you needs to copy the entire admin folder into the child theme folder for the child to work, which is pointless if the theme is upgraded and the admin code is amended. It negates the whole point of a child theme.

Meh. It’s ok, but could do with a lot of enhancements to the functionality and widget options, the meta and especially the social media functionality which consists of simple links rather than any kind of real integration.

The whole thing is a bit cobbled together, and the functions.php folders should be consolidated to make child theming a realistic possibility.



First off thank you for being clear and specific, that’s always appreciated and always helps to improves a theme.

- Social Icons currently direct in _self, this is a fix already added for the next update.

- Meta info: this is the theme design, I’m not sure if many themes includes a feature move up and down theme info area.

- It makes no sense to have the “leave a comment” option at the top of the post on a blog?? Why? By clicking leave a comment the user is redirect by an anchor in the right place to start to write a comment. This is still part of the design.

- The php code is split into many different folders. There is one folder only where php files are located a part form the root, the folder is “inc”, which contains all the “included” file. The other folder that contains php files is admin but that’s not required to build a child theme.

The purpose of the other folders is for jquery and css files or images, and I can guarantee that all the themes around here comes with these folders.

To create a child theme: yes, you need to copy also the admin folder into the child theme folder, in the case of a new update you just need to replace the admin folder from the new version.

I understand your concern but, honestly, I don’t see the theme so complicated or hard-code needed. Thanks again anyway, always appreciated buyers comments.

Best Regards



Thanks for your detailed response, I am happy to hear the Social Icons links will be amended, although I have already made my own buttons and links with a bit of javascript to open the Twitter follow link in a new pop-up box so that users attention does not get directed away from the site.

Regarding a few of the other things mentioned:

- Meta info: this is the theme design, I’m not sure if many themes includes a feature move up and down theme info area. – I can understand that you have set it so, and won’t push the issue for moving the meta block up or down as I can do this myself fairly easily, and will investigate your advice regarding child theming to ensure that the work for doing so can be carried over easily when Gaia is updated. Thanks for the additional guidance on that.

- It makes no sense to have the “leave a comment” option at the top of the post on a blog?? Why? By clicking leave a comment the user is redirect by an anchor in the right place to start to write a comment. This is still part of the design. – This still makes no sense to me. If a blog post is long and requires the reader to scroll down while reading, then in order to leave a comment they are required to go back to the top of the post to click the link to make a comment. Many people might not bother because they don’t immediately see the option. There should at least be a meta box/link to comment at the bottom of the post even if the one at the top stays where it is.

Kind regards


Hello, I understand your concern about the “leave a comment” link at the top of the post, fortunately it’s easy to be removed but I will consider your suggestion and maybe it will be a part of the next update.

Thanks again :)

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Only issue I have is the gallery doesn’t have any type of lightbox kind of function. When I click on an image in a gallery it just links to the image itself. Do I need to get a plugin or am I missing something?

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Okay thanks. I’m having a problem with my homepage. I have recent portfolio items on the homepage, but I have no widget in the settings that has this placed here. I can’t figure out how to remove or find it. Can you help me out?

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Sorry i found it, it’s in the Theme Options panel. I thought it was a widget.

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My apologies for commenting a lot. I can’t get into the support forum, it’s being worked on, but….My portfolio items are linking to the 404 page error not found. How do I resolve this? My portfolio page works and I can see the items, but after clicking on one, the error occurs. Any ideas?

I’m using an outdated version (can’t update otherwise it will ruin all the work I’ve done). I’m trying to see some changes I’ve made, but the pages and style sheets are being cached. Is there any way to disable caching? or at least decrease the amount of time files are cached? I tried clearing the cache in the backend of the theme and nothing happened. I don’t have any plugins installed so there’s no way it’s something along those lines.


I tried signing up, but it says my purchase code is invalid; but it’s not. help?


There are not purchases from your account. Maybe you are asking support for another theme. Post your website URL Please


or, just check if the theme you purchased is “our” Gaia http://themeforest.net/item/gaia-wordpress-portfolio-theme/407544

Does nobody knows


Replied in our support forum :)

Hi Mattia, Nice theme. I would like to make some changes to the stylesheet with the Wordpress editor but this doesn’t seem to be possible. Where can I make this possible? When I change the css in an editor like DreamWeaver and load it up it doesn’t work right. Only change color of the sidebar-wrapper but he changes the width

Quick question, I already have Gaia 1.1 installed and have liked using it very much.

If I buy the latest version of Gaia can I install it with ease and all my content stays the same and unaffected. Or Will there be an issue and could mess something up?

best, Brian