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Does this theme is fully responsive on web and mobile phone? no lag when click around? I just found out your demo site of this gala go market main store is not loading well.. slide show don’t appear.. page break.. a loading issue may be… thanks


This theme is theme responsive. It work with mobile. You try view demo with link : http://demo.emthemes.com/gala-yomarket/

Hi Team, After install I received the error:

There has been an error processing your request

Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons on local server. can you let me know how can we resolve this and show the them. i am not able to see this them after installation i show simple magento page…


You can mail your information to support@galathemes.com . We will help you check it.


This theme is awesome! But I have a question. How to manage product cover label like “HOT PRODUCT” , “MOST POPULAR” , “BEST SELLERS” Best, Thank you.


You can edit it in widgets : CMS > widgets > Gala YoMarket Area03 Hot Products > widget options > Frontend Title . CMS > static blocks > galayomarket_area07_bestseller ….

where can i change the banner) the main page.tks


Do you want edit image slideshow ? You can edit it in : CMS > widgets > Gala YoMarket Main Slideshow > widget options


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Hi there, Please take a look at this demo site of galyo market theme http://demo.emthemes.com/gala-yomarket/index.php?___store=default and here you will find the featured products block on the home page underneath you can find number of products in horizontal slider. My question is how to replace these products with my own products. I could not get a way to insert my products over in this place which is most attractive on the entire page. Please help me.

And also on any blocks my products are not being displayed, it says “There are no products matching the selection” Here is my website http://tiktox.co.uk/ Thanks in advance, Ram


“Featured Products” is display product have attribute “Featured Product” is “yes” ( catalog > manage products > select products > Featured Product > yes ) .

hello ,

when the mouse cross the products ,it display quick shop.i don’t want to show these words(QUICK SHOP) .can you tell me how to do.tks .


You can remove “quick shop” in app/etc/modules delete file EM_Quickshop.xml . Note : you need disable cache msgento when you edit ( system > cache management )

Hello. We wish to see the vertical menu on the home page appear as the other pages; in dropdown. thank you!


You can mail your requirement to support@galathemes.com . Thank you.

hello ,

i click Search Terms on the bottom ,( Popular Search Terms) there are many words display.they are not my products ,how can i delete these words ! thanks.


You can edit it in backend > catalog > Search Terms

Hello! How can I install a theme to my functional website, because in the full package I have a database ony for new website. Thanks.


If you have already site magento and data , you only should install theme . Don’t use option install full package magento and theme because it have sample data. You can refer manual install theme in document theme “Option 1: Install the theme into your magento store” . If you have problem when you install theme , you can create ticket in link : http://www.codespotsupport.com/magento/

I just purchased the theme and run into issues during the installation. The support from the team is the best, and I am very impressive with the theme. A five stars from me.


Thank you :)

GREAT TECHNICAL SUPPORT! Many thanks for fast respond. I would like to follow up with to share my experience with this theme. I run into a vertical menu configuration issue. Technical support responded my request and fixed my problem within few hours. The technical support doing a great job. This really important. I would strongly recommend this theme.


does it supported that allowing sellers stores and sell, or only one seller which is the admin


This theme make with base magento. It don’t have multi vendor. If you need multi vendor , you need find extensions and install it. Thank you,

Hi, how to add related products widget.?? and how to delete - prefix on category search header.?? Thanks.


You can add related products for products in : Catalog > manage products > select a product > tab “Related products” > select products .

You can edit prefix in file /app/code/community/Gala/Yomarketsettings/Helper/Data.php remove line #131 $html .= ‘&/mdash;&/ndash;’; “

can I add related products as a widget.? just like an EM Featured Products, EM Sale Products and e.t.c, because I want to put a related products as a widget that appear on left sidebar.? is that possible.?

Thanks for fast support.


I am sorry. Related products is a part of product . It don’t have widget.

Hi, May i know how to download the latest version? I am currently using Magento. I have purchased twiced, but need to deactivate from 1 site to install to another, how I can I do it? Thanks

Dear iKen, Thanks for your asking.

You need contact with our support staff via support@galathemes.com, we will help you.

in email please provide your purchase ID and your site url.

Thanks and Best Regards


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Hi. how to remove Compare Product sidebar.?? I was trying to edit catalog.xml in layout folder but not working..



You can remove it in file app/design/frontend/default/galayomarket/layout/catalog.xml about line 63 and 123 . You remove code block compare “catalog.compare.sidebar” . Note : you need disable cache magento : system > cache management


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working well, thanks, and I sent a support ticket regarding chart page not showing anything with this support ticket id #9526663924. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon. thanks..


We replied ticket for you. Thank you.

When i hover the mouse on a product in the grid view display . The Quick Shop appears on it and the price tag is behind that quick shop and price gets hidden behind that , How can i change the font of price when hovering ? Here is my site URL http://giftamillion.com/hand-paint-glasses/coffee-mugs.html

Can you tell me if there is a limit on this or not ? I would prefer to fix this myself if there is any limit on hot products , just tell me the place from where i can change that and i ll do it by myself.

Ok leave it , it was simple and i solved it by myself . I had to only change this

HOT PRODUCTS {{widget type=”dynamicproducts/dynamicproducts” order_by=”name asc” featured_choose=”em_hot” limit_count=”1000” thumbnail_width=”150” thumbnail_height=”150” show_product_name=”true” show_thumbnail=”true” show_description=”false” show_price=”true” show_reviews=”false” show_addtocart=”false” show_addto=”false” show_label=”true” choose_template=”em_featured_products/featured_grid_slider.phtml”}}

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In above this value needs to be changed to change the limit there for hot products to appear. limit_count=”100”

Instead of telling me this simple thing you wanted me to mail to support , i liked it better when you replied me here at comments previously rather than email to support and providing them everything so they can do it for me. Spoon feeding wont work. So every time if i need to change this limit i had to email support. It is always better to edit by yourself so i can be familiar with places in the code and locations for future changing . So if i want to change a simple limit i dont have to wait for 24 hours for somebody else to do it.

Dear Usman,

About Hot Product limit, i think you can use from 15-20 product for Hot Product Widget, because if you are showing 100 products in homepage , it will take a lot time to loading complete site.

How to change between styles? Kid, lingerie, gift, etc

Hey, I want to switch to use style between kid, lingerie, etc

I realize I posted in the wrong theme lol

Okay, If you have any more question, please tell us know