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You are always a master blaster designer. I wish if I were a designer like you ….. :( You are the best of the best :)


Thanks man. You too have a nice day and don’t worry, mastering comes in time :)

baparks Purchased

B O O M ! ! ! AND it’s framework-less!!!!


Oh yeah! !

Awesome mate! You always seem to surprise me. Just bought and can wait to have a go.


Alright :) Enjoy !!

nice work :)


Thanks mate :)

Another spectacular theme from DNP _Theme. Really nice. With these Joomla themes you really are spoiling us! Look out RT , and XTC there’s a new kid on the block, and he goes by the name DNP :) I’m already thinking how i can use this for one of my next projects! I look forward to purchasing it sometime soon.


Thanks Mark :)

I have to add , just checked the mobile version out and it is outstanding. Looks really nice on my android device. Exceptional work!


Mine too of course :) (Galaxy Note)

Design is outstanding , CONGRATS ! :)


Thanks :)

Look who’s back!!! One ??? before I by…is jat3 gone in this one? Great as usual… keep in mind, Joomla 3 is out in 2 months – keep bootstrap in mind!


I Know Ross, that’s why T3 is gone. We need to make things more simple ;) Thanks for dropping by my friend.

Hi, That’s GR8 . Any chances of getting plain HTML and/or Wordpress version?


I wish I had the time for. Thanks for dropping by.

It can support Thai language or not?


The template has nothing to do with the language. Joomla can support all languages of the world, the UTF8 standard.

Galaxy Template has it’s own language file you can translate into your language.

More details

Good morning. GREAT TEMPLATE !!!! I really want to buy this template for one of my clients but I tested in IE8 and is not “responsible” On all the other browsers is working perfect. Am I doing something wrong or my IE have a bug or something? ( I tested on 2 PC’s)

Windows XP – IE8 Version 8.0.6001.18702

Thank you very much.


Does your phone have IE8 ?

on IE8 on PC ! is open well but not resize if change browser size


My friend, responsive design is not for IE8 on PC, but for phones and tablets.

awesome template! is it possible to turn of the shuffling effect in main menu? the home icon is cool but personally i rather have it off. thanks!


Please describe the shuffling effect. The home menu icon is easy to change.

Best viewed in chrome The home button in menu bar seems to act weird in the sense that the button starts big and then resizes to normal size. This only happens when i 1st load homepage or hit refresh on home page.

i don’t have that effect in ie or ff.

sorry, it is hard to explain and even harder to show you..hope you know what i mean now :)


That is OK. You can ignore that for now. I am going to find a way around this.


Please check the demo again. Looks better :)

Awesome :)

Great support even before buying the theme. Thanks man, that really makes me look forward to monday when my money is added to my paypal and i am able to buy this template :)

cheers, your templates and support is very nice!


Thanks Jeffer :)


Great theme. Just purchased. I noticed that I too am having a home button issue: When I click on the home icon it seems to jump from a white image then back to the black one. I’m on Safari 6.0, but I also tried in Firefox with the same result.




That issue is already fixed, coming very soon with an update, so if urgent, please contact me via this form http://themeforest.net/user/dnp_theme and I’ll provide the fix for you.

Well Dan,

I don’t know how you continually one up yourself but you manage to do it. I bought your Aeon theme it was a huge success… using it as a travel site and advertising local activity operators around the island. They all loved the look.. so needless to say… selling the advertising slots was easy. Due to such a unique image (as your templates are) it was very well received by our sponsors and seemingly more and more sponsors arrived to support our cause for economical growth in our region by broadcasting to a more sizable audience. I can’t say that mine and my business partners skills aren’t great.. but no no no.. this isn’t just my success story … this is YOUR success story also.

I am now ( obviously ) a massive advocate for your work. With our travel, event, activities and more site growing the need for a mobile site was lurking ever so closer. .... and here you come with Galaxy!

Dan.. I stay true to my word when I say I will follow you %100 and will gladly purchase future templates from you for clients in my area if they are ever in need of a solid and unique virtual home.

To sum things up… You nailed it with this template! There may be a few bugs here and there but I know that your support is utterly outstanding and that fixes will be published as soon as you get around to it. In the mean time, I remember the few things you had shown me in the past with your Aeon template and make adjustments carefully and correctly.

Thanks again.. you truly are a talent to be admired.



I don’t know what to say, I read twice your feedback, I am truly honored to have reached your highest expectations and I thank you for your sweet words here !! That’s a reason enough to work even harder then before.

Thanks so much!

Before buying this theme I want to know if it is possible to convert it in French?

Thank You!


Joomla! is a multi-language CMS . The Galaxy template has it’s own language file, just as any other extension.

Oh Dan.. I just looked at your Coming Soon! in the Change Log.. you have us jumping around like we just won the big race! I’ll be hot at the door waiting on that JomSocial update!

Template is running smooth and everyone is enjoying also.. just to let you know… again. ;)


Thanks Jason. Still working on it as JomSocial is quite the stuff :)

Hi Dan,

Awesome work on this template! Just a quick question, am I able to change the menu/theme colors to one other than the default 5 colors?


You can change the CSS with your desired color.

MiuX2 Purchased

Thanks Dan, can you point me to the css file and line where I can do this? I want to be able to change all 5 colors with the panel switcher so I will just be replacing the current set.


Please contact me via my profile page here

I’ll reply with detailed instructions.