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Shop By Color, is that a module I need to install?



I am afraid no. Working on Ultimatum and Metropoliten themes first. Next would be UniVersum and Galka after that, so it’s pretty hard to estimate.


I´ll wait then. Metropolitan is also on my list.

halcy Purchased

Zdraveite, v momenta izpolzvam vashata tema za Opencart Ako instaliram, ima li veroqtnost da zagubq chast ot informaciqta, koqto veche izpolzvam. Moje li da mi dadete konkretni instrukcii kak bezopasno da premina na po-gornata versiq na opencart za tazi tema. Blagodarq predvaritelno


Po princip ima edno pravilo – ako raboti ne go pipai. ako ne vi e nujno da pravite upgrade po nqkakva konkretna prichina – nqma smisul.

halcy Purchased

Blagodarq. Mislq da se pridarjam kam zlatnoto pravilo :).

HI – I like to ask if on that platform is a way to turn off this HOVER option when choosing products (when they are in a row). Once mouse over the white shade comes up and disables rest of the products making them less visible. I understand that this is for selecting, pointing to the product but is there a way to turn that off. I like that platform and I am thinking of buying it for our store. Thanks,


Hello Kinga17006,

Yes, it could be disabled with a little change in one of the JS files

Zaife Purchased

Hi koev, I appreciate a lot your job. Could you please tell me if possible make some changes bellow:

1.Is it possible remove or change date of latest news

2.how can i change the size of latest news image?

3. Button add to cart , how to change to be more dark color at home page(features, special) and category Enviada do meu iPad

4.how can i change the add button cart , below the price , because the price , is covering the button

5. how to disable the focus on product that you are in the mouse exemple , if you put the mouse on the product , other’s product will fade a little bit

thanks a lot


Hello Zaife,

1. I am afraid this is not possible. Unless you hide it with CSS

2. Not possible again, I am sorry

3. In theme options module, there is a setting for the add to cart button

4. Not really sure what do you mean. Could you please show me an example?

5. In catalog\view\theme\GALKA\js\custom_scripts.js find line 58 where it says:

$(".banner > div, .LatestNews-unit, .prod_hold").hover(

and remove .prod_hold. Make it like this:

$(".banner > div, .LatestNews-unit").hover(
Gnomysh Purchased

Hello Koev, Thank you for the awesome theme.

After the installation, I’ve got some problems with the categories and images. It seems that I did something wrong due the installation. Could you plese look at the link I’ll send you via message box on your profile page. Thank you in advance.


Privet Natalia,

mail sent back.

is galka going to be updated for opencart 2.0