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Hi there, I have purchased a template few months ago. My web-developer is having a hard time to install it. He is using an OpenCart new version but it showing so many errors during installation. He is wondering if he can get an installation file for template only without OpenCart attached to it? Or do you have any suggestions how to resolve this problem?

Thank you.


Do you speak/read Russian?


he is not comfortable to give you the access to his work as per his words. We simply need the file to install the template separate from OpenCard file.is this hard to understand? he sent me the whole list of errors I can message it to you if it helps.


It’s not hard to understand, but you already have EVERYTHING you need to install the theme. If there are any errors – I can’t help if I can’t see the errors.

There is just nothing more I could give you. You have the theme files in the downloaded archive.

Hello Koev,

I bought this theme. You translate to Portuguese BR, if so what value and time to deliver?


I am afraid I can’t do it. I don’t speak Portuguese.


Hello everybody,

We are going abroad on holiday for the next 8 days (26.09.2014 – 04.10.2014).

During this time period, support questions would be answered once a day when possible/internet connection is available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Best regards, theAlThemist team

Dear Koev, I have installed the theme in opencart- version and store the buy button button_cart appears. Can you help me please. Thank you!


Dear Koev, how to change button name “Calculate Route” Get Directions to Store – contact us page. Can you help me please. Thank you!


Hello marcelommatos, all these strings are located and must be translated in catalog/language/english/GALKA_custom/GALKA.php


I have just returned from holiday abroad and starting to answer support questions from the last few days.

If you don’t receive an answer to your queries in the next 24 hours, please re-send them again as it is possible to miss some mails.

Thank you for your understanding. :)

Hi all well! Took advantage of the holidays? Koev has an error when clicking on any department “Notice: Undefined variable: image_big in /home/matosimp/public_html/padrao/catalog/controller/module/latest.php on line 91” On the main page the error does not happen, you can help me solve. grateful following link if required. http://www.matosimportados.com/padrao/quarto


Hello Marcelo,

thanks for the 5 star review. ;)

The problem on your site is that you have a product without image.

This one – http://www.matosimportados.com/padrao/quarto_completo_ben10_star_pura_magia


5 stars for you deserves it, as the missing image worked. Thank you! ;-)

julugu Purchased

Hi Koev, Can you explain the new changes you have made. I have modified a lot of files :-)



Hello julugu,

the only change is in catalog/controller/product/category.php and it’s related to the pagination problem when filter module is used. No other changes.

Hi Koev, will you guys release the new version 2 opencart for this theme?


Hello sgcyberweb,

yes, but it would take some time as the entire theme must be rewritten from scratch. Also keep in mind it would not be released until a stable 2.0+ version is available (e.g. 2.0.1) as the current 2.0 version is still full of bugs. Even on opencart.com they advice to stick with the most stable for production sites.