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I simply love it.
Keep it up Jen! ;)

Thanks Mario!

Would it be possible to add a pinterest button when you hover the images so viewers could pin them if they wanted?

Love the theme by the way! :)

Noted, will possibly add this feature in the next update!

Such a lovely modern fresh looking theme! Certainly will be purchasing it very soon for sure for my blog.

Thanks for your continues support!

great theme! would love to see an option where the menu would slide down from top instead of from left. To have the ability to toggle through posts left to right on individual pages would be great as well. I also second for adding social shares on individual page posts as well; twitter, facebook, pinterest.


I will definitely consider that, thanks for the suggestion!

great theme.. love this

Thanks :)

Love the theme. One question, how do you take off image padding so the images are flush next to each other, just like your preview?

see: http://asleepawakeinspiration.tumblr.com

Hey Andy,

Toggle “Photo Gallery Style” in the customize panel.

Thanks, Jen

Amazing Jen, thank you!

No problem, it will be great if you can rate my theme :)

The theme is great. How can I remove the scrollbar from the side menu, though? Thanks in advance!

Hey Alksv,

Adding this: #sidebar::-webkit-scrollbar{display:none} should hide the scrollbar on chrome and safari, there isn’t a simple way to hide scrollbars on firefox, IE and opera though. You might want to look for some script. If you are looking to customize your theme, please email me: jenyuan@me.com.

Thanks, Jen

love the theme…bought it instantly,

how do i get Instagram and twitter feeds to work, I put in the instagram ID but won’t load…where do I put in the twitter ID to get the feeds?



Please follow these steps for the instagram feed:

1) got to here ( http://jelled.com/instagram/lookup-user-id ) type in your Instagram username

2) click submit and your id will show up, it should be something like this 384758

3) paste it in the “Instagram ID” section in the customise panel

4) go to here ( http://embedagram.com/ ), click lets get started and click authorise

5) once you pasted your ID and authorised it with your Instagram, your feed will start showing up

To show the twitter feed, please follow this guide provided by tumblr itself: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/twitter

Thanks, Jen

Hi Jen – great theme!

When creating a “link post” does it support image url links to external sites?

Thank you :)

Hey Gemcocker,

I’m not sure what you mean by image url links to externals site, but this theme does support link post format.


Thanks Jen – I mean, can I replace the rollover state on an image, with a click through to an external site?

A lot of themes leave this out, so just wondered if that’s an option.


It’s not built in the theme but if you customize it you will be able to do so.


Bug on IE9, you cant seem to click on links and hover on posts doesnt work..

How are videos displayed with this theme? I can’t seem to find any vimeo/youtube links in the demo.

Edit: Just noticed the Vimeo post.


There is a video post demo ( vimeo ) in the preview.


I was thinking about purchasing this theme but I wanted to know if it can be integrated with any ecommerce app and, if so, if there’s any you’d recommend (e.g. shopify, ecwid).



I’m not sure what you mean by integrating with other ecommerce apps. This is a tumblr theme which can only be installed on a tumblr blog.

Thanks, Jen

Ok thanks! Another question: is there a way to add a tag filter (http://staff.tumblr.com/post/34933619/new-feature-tag-filtering) to the sidebar menu? I would like to have the same effect you can see in the header here, http://antonia.it/, so that when you click on a tag, posts are filtered and you only see the tagged posts in the page. Thank you!


Extremely sorry for the late reply, didn’t see it until now. Please check out this page: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/pages#tag

Hello, Cool theme. Is there a way to remove the white footer/border to video posts? ex: http://spiritofstbarth.tumblr.com/

Thx S.

Hi Seb,

Unfortunately you can’t do so with media posts.


Ok, thanks for the answer..

Happy to help :)

Love this theme! But… I viewed your demo on iPhone using Safari and opened a post (it opens a new window)... the image width doesn’t responsively change to cellphone’s width. Are you going to fix this soon?


Hi Sean,

An update has been submitted to themeforest, it should be approved within the next 24 hours.


Hi Jen,

I am noticing the theme “sticking” in almost every major browser. By that I mean when I load the page, I can’t scroll down even though there are posts below. I am able to fix it by resizing my browser to a smaller width, but it happens quite a bit when I first load the page. I can’t scroll down.


Let me know if there is anything that can be done to correct it.

Hi Pdensborn,

I’ve submitted an update to themeforest, you should get an email notification when once it’s approved. On the side note, another quick fix might be to increase the post loaded per page. You can do so by following this guide: http://tumblring.net/how-to-change-the-number-of-post-per-page-on-tumblr/.


The posts per page did it. Thanks Jen!

No problem, glad to help!


I was wondering if I can easily change the blue color (when mouse over) to transparent? CSS?

Hey Sean,

Do you mean by the photo overlay? there is an option to customize the color built within the theme.


Is there an option for enable “back to top” arrow button?




macedod Purchased


It’s possible to integrate the theme with Wordpress?

I’m trying to do this, but I’m having some problems. Could you help me?

Thanks! Nice theme by the way!

Hey Macdod,

Please email us at themes@thejenyuan.com for any custom work.

Thanks, Jen


ejcobi Purchased

Hi, I just bought this theme and I really like it. I am using a custom domain and somehow when I enter the twitter or instagram or any other url it always puts my own url before the actual link. So for example twitter.com/user will be http://customdomain.com/twitter.com/user... Can you please help me! Best regards

Hey Ejcobi,

Try adding “http://” in front of each link, it should solve your problem.



ejcobi Purchased

Thank you a lot. Another question of mine would be if it is possible to exchange the font in the header with a logo or avatar and which measurements you would advice to have.

Hi Ejcobi,

It is not possible with the header title, the sidebar avatar/logo is customizable on the other hand.