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Is there a fix planned for the clan wars showing two dead linked images in the widget when no event is scheduled?

Hi WarMoose,

please register and create a new topic on our support forum. Don’t forget to include the URL of the page where you’re experiencing this issue! We’ll see what can be done. :)

I bought this theme. Now i have an important question. It’s possible to instal the demo as you have on your online version? I installed the demo version and i only see the blog page…. no team page, no gallery…. only blog page. I did something wrong? I bought this theme to save time building the site..

BTW the page builder doesn’t work.. when i click in “Page builder” section i see a blank page.

can you help me here?

Hey there,

Please make a post in our support forums:



I installed the theme and tried to activate it but i got this error “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /home/danno5150/public_html/wp-content/themes/gameaddict/themeOptions/functions.php on line 1”, what does it mean?


Hey there,

Please make a post in the support forums:


FYI: Planning to send link to your demo to my client for approval to purchase but your demo is giving a 404.

You must have been doing an update or something. All your themes were down, but are now back.

There was some global server maintenance back then, sorry about that

I am trying to install the recommended plugins and I get this error: The plugin does not have a valid header.

Also, your support forums are not working

No. I couldn’t find anything in the documentation regarding that issue.

Do we have to purchase all of the additional plugins?

Please make a post in the support forums,should be working now. No you dont need to purchase any additional plugins, everything is included


rpedo Purchased

how can I update layerslider to 5.3.2 version?

Ask in the support forums, they will provide an update

Hi, its possible to hide the date from the next clan match plugin ? I want to show the next match but without showing the date. Thanks

hi i did this. .nm-date{ display:none; } .nm-date span{ display:none; } on css but it didnt work , it still shows the date

now its working , thanks

sweet :)

Hello, i’m currently facing a little problem with the theme, i’m using Codestyling Localization to translate my theme by editing .PO file, but none of my edit has been effective, so i would like to know why, if i have any additional edit to de to make it work


Please make a post in the support forums:


Is there a way to disable the mobile view and just display like it would normally display on a desktop?

Hi Droidman86,

doing this would require customizing the code a little bit. I suggest hiring a developer for a quick jig if you don’t know how to do that. :)

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in on line 1

After activate theme there is a blank page. What is wrong?

Hello Istquai,

these type of errors indicate that there was something wrong during file transfer. In your FTP client settings please select a ‘binary’ transfer mode or try installing the theme via WP admin panel.

hi! i have some problems with layerslider! but i cant ask on your support forums because doesnt work now. i cant see nothing. you have another way without support forum? thanks

Yeah sorry, site was down, up again

Can you do individual match ups AND clan match ups? Like if people wanted to do a 1v1, even if they were in the same clan?

Hi tayloraweigh,

sorry for late response. Only clan matchups are possible, but you could as well create a clan for each member and then create match between these one-person clans as a workaround.

I have problems with Paralax slider!


Please make a post in the support forums:


Hi… I want to buy this one but a presale question: Did you do this site? How the connection to the game server is done?

this is part of your theme or?

Hello josharcadia,

I don’t know what software/theme that website uses because it is behind a registration (and that is certainly not a part of Game Addict). Game Addict doesn’t have any game server connection built in so features like that would have to be achieved with a plugin or custom coding.

The WP-Link for Game Addict – Clan War Gaming Theme seems to be down, id like to see the WP version.

It’s back up again. It was some server issue

How do we edit the match scores?


You need to go to ClanWars -> Matches

Hi. I want to buy this theme but design in this theme is really old & I love Material design so I want to ask you: Can I remake everything in accordance with a design? Thanks for your help & answer :)

edit1: Can I use GameAddict theme in PHP editor? Thanks for your next help & next answer!


Have you checked our BlackFyre theme? It is extended version of Ga with much more features and modern design

Ehm. I don’t wanna have BlackFyre because Game-Addict is for gaming web where can be news from gaming etc. And This is what I want :)

You can do everything you can in game addict do with blackfyre, just choose the one you like the most ;)