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How do you import the demo content? I can’t find the instructions.


never mind, figured it out

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Hi I have just bought this plugin + myarcarde plugin pro and I recognize that I can not create post that is game type, only the post built in can be game type. Please advise how I can post game type.

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I have the same problem ;/

arve_lek Purchased

I can pay $ for helping me with gameleon instalation – arve_lek@wp.pl

I got the error “Cannot modify header information” when using the plugin My Private Site (when redirecting to a custom login-page).

Had to remove the whitespace between ”?>” and ”<?php” (just removed line 14) in the front-page.php of the theme.

I would suggest the theme owners to do this in their next update.

How come no response to my ticket for days? #415414

My website while checked through gmatrix shows an immediate warning that defer parsing of javascript is required and its on high risk alert. and due that page loading is slow. how to manage that.

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Welcome. please see how he can not do like your demo site. kizi2s.com you can not help yourself installation

meopoka Purchased

I want to run my kizi2s.com your demo http://www.tiguandesign.com/demos/Gameleon/arcade/ but I do not please correct me up with. thank you much

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I thought there was support for this theme? I submitted a ticket on the 17th still no response!

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I installed Gameleon on ?http://blog.spielautomaten777.com/ but several features do not work, like:

- smooth scrollbar ( if switch on you cannot scroll on firefox and Chrome)

- ticker does not work

- Mouse over informations on 1st homepage at the small images

- on mobile devices the slider do not work??

- Loading bar with MyArcadePlugin

Thanks for help,

Hi I submitted a ticket more than a week ago, but still got no response, what´s wrong?

Ticket Nr.:#414714


i’m using the theme in Arabic website , i face a problem with newsticker , sibebar slider and homecarousel , all still working ltr so it not working correct in arabic as follow

News ticker : showing content but not moving at all

sibebar slider and homecarousel : moving from write to left which cause disappear of he images and content .

i submitted a ticket with the issue #420268 but i didn’t receive any reply yet .

Any help ?

Hello, I want to buy this theme, but I’m interested: is it possible to accelerate the speed of scrolling site? Sorry, if this question is stupid

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How to import demo data ?

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Hello I want my ticket to be answer is urgent im paying hosting for nothing pleaseee

daiky Purchased

Hello I want my ticket to be answer is urgent im paying hosting for nothing pleaseee

theme author got run over by a car and will not be able to help unfortunately.

arve_lek Purchased

Any help with instalation ?

Hello! i cant find where i can translate “log in box” widget. ?http://joxi.ru/BA0nla3s7eWXmy? This is the last what i need to translate.