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I bought your theme, but it works in my style Magazine, how to do that I could use sitl arcade?

I am interested in is not the main page, and the ability to add games that they would not look like the arcade demo site. I’m in the bar, there is no such possibility. screenshot http://grabilla.com/05514-e5e9b189-c7ba-497a-92e0-d22f49e95477.png http://grabilla.com/05514-9f7b22cd-a4cc-4944-a0db-17af8d4d9899.png

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Hey guys,

Do you have a description how to make a page exactly with this behaviour: http://www.tiguandesign.com/demos/Gameleon/magazine/category/entertainment/

Using the existing page templates won’t allow me to set my own title (such as Entertainment in this case) and also it won’t allow my to choose which posts are going to be displayed. The ready-made template use posts such us most viewed etc. Ideally I would like to be able to display posts with a certain tag or category.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks cemento33

hello, presale questions… is it compatiible with visual composer?

Hello, I like your theme and I have several questions before purchase.

1) Can you install it on some server so I can test it for 2-3 days? 2) Does you theme support AdRotate plugin? 3) Can you provide me with visually diagram where ads can be placed? 4) Does your theme request for additional plugins to be installed? 5) Does your theme auto crop pictures for article listing? Since most of themes provide perfectly cropped and same sized pictures on live demo and look disgusting when you put them to work on site with different size photos on in

@bistrov01 You need to install myarcade plugin to make it work you can use myarcadelite which is free

The demo shows games, is there a plugin included with it? And in your demo what is the plugin being used?

I just spotted it, MyArcadePlugin Pro 5.15.1 – txs

Hi all,

It seems hopeless to get a reply from the author in regards to questions about the theme. Having tried all channels (ticket in support system, several emails, and posts here) I am now seeking help from other users of this theme.

My target is to create a page like this: http://www.tiguandesign.com/demos/Gameleon/magazine/category/entertainment/

I assume this is done by shortcode. I have tried this shortcode but this won’t show me the same style (grid style blogs and thumbnails): [display-posts category=”latest-games” include_excerpt=”true” image_size=”thumbnail” wrapper=”div”]

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. cemento33


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Just create a new category ;) Then click on show. You will have the url and it will look to what you see into the gameleon demo.

@Alex146: Thanks for your reply.

The problem I have is not because it won’t show anything. So category is there and it will show the posts but it won’t show it in a nice grid style as in the demo. The shortcode is not using thumbnails instead it uses the normal featured image size.

Did it work for you?

Thanks cemento33


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Hi i did write evento user name and api key but do not use automata update my 3.5 Gamelon templates. I can see error system: The update process is starting. This process may take a while on some hosts, so please be patient.

Enabling Maintenance mode… Updating Theme Gameleon (1/1)

Downloading update from https://s3.amazonaws.com/marketplace-downloads.envato.com/files/121130024/Gameleon.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJYG5ROGJ6X7Z3M6Q&Expires=1434127395&Signature=HXJJQ56ws%2BcFtsLL7tMD0mgrpqo%3D&response-content-disposition=attachment%3B+filename%3Dthemeforest-3271091-gameleon-wordpress-magazine-arcade-theme-wordpress_theme.zip…

An error occurred while updating Gameleon: Download failed. Could not open handle for fopen() to D:\tmp\Others\PHP\PHP55/Gameleon.zipAWSAccessKeyIdAKIAJYG5ROGJ6X7Z3M6QExpires1434127395SignatureHXJJQ56ws%2BcFtsLL7tMD0mgrpqo%3Dresponse-content-dispositionattachment%3B-filename%3Dthemeforest-3271091-gameleon-wordpress-magazine-arcade-theme-wordpress_theme.tmp

Disabling Maintenance mode…

All updates have been completed.


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My site http://onlineslotsdirectory.com I wait for your response.

Why the hell is no one answering tickets in https://tiguandesign.ticksy.com? I am waiting for more than month and half! Even here it doesen´t look like author is answering any questions. What´s wrong, Tiguan? Private Ticket #424706


tzsoca Purchased

Hi! I did make a ticket. I wait for your response. My site http://onlineslotsdirectory.com

I opened a call on the 8th of June. You still have not answered me. I really need your help!

Several people (including @euklidis) have asked you specific questions as to why the Youtube and Google counters in the “social counter widget” do not work. Can you finally address it for buyers and interested customers if the things works at all or your plans to fix it. I have the latest version installed and the counter doesn’t work. AGAIN the links work, the counter doesnt…

I stand corrected, the youtube doesn’t work, not with a youtube/google username, the youtube ID, the actual link…NONE of them.

Hi. Do you offer an installation and setup service?


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Comments on my site don’t seem to be working…? Has anyone else had this problem? I can’t get comments or author stuff to show up. I’ve checked settings and they are all good. Any suggestions?


duckspro Purchased

nvm. fixed. don’t know why allow comments isn’t automatically enabled… It is on all my other sites…


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There is no support for this theme, they don’t reply any message in their support center.