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Update: Version 1.2

August 17th, 2014

- Fixed sidebar cutting off
- Fixed submenus bug that opened all submenus at once
- WordPress 3.9.2 support - OK


Installation of this update does not affect any current saved settings

Replace these files:

- style.css
- js/main.js

can be installed as an ios webapp

Hi Luke,

Great theme. I have one pre-sale question though. I didn’t see any social share buttons on any post in the demo. Does the theme has built-in social share buttons that we can enable ? Also, can they also be shown below each post on the blog home page ?



Hello, this theme doesn’t have built-in share buttons like, for example Writter. But you can always use third party plug-in for this.


Thanks. Using 3rd party plugins on mobile themes is sometimes messy, but I’ll try to find a good one. One more small question please, Can the top menu bar be made sticky ? :)


Don’t worry about the 3rd party plugins, from my experience they work great with my themes. The sticky header, sure, but it’s not adjustable from WordPress admin panel, you need to edit the CSS file by yourself :)

koten-0k Purchased

On the device click on the menu item (with submenus) – opens a submenu. How to move to the menu page of the parent? I need to menu containing submenus are also clickable.