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im having a lil issue with the homepage slideshow

im trying to make it look like the one in the demo

ive also followed the steps in the tutorials, but it didnt work

So do help me out on this,

thanks :-)

Worst support ever!

If support cant be handled, id happily go for a refund.


Hi, ive already replied to your questions. Im working on new theme framework -sorry about the delay.

mayass33 Purchased

We need updates for Word Press 3.9.1 and WooCommerce 2.1.12 (latest to date) . The woocommerce overrides in theme folder are not compatible with the latest version. Also FontAwesome should not be integrated in theme, use the online cdn integration. Please update the theme so we can use what we have purchased. Thank you.


Update coming tonight

What happened to the update….Any chance of a refund on this theme, ...haven’t been able to use it without problems…and they don’t seem to be being fixed.


Please send me your admin details and issue list via private message from our profile here.

any update pls? can’t use chinese wording in panel


please contact me via our profile page. I will add this. We were working on the update but we need to figure out one thing in page builder.

Hi, ive left questions about setting up the blog page, through the support system

I usually dont bring lil issues to the public notice.

its been over one month that ive asked the question there.

I see you replying to other questions, but all my new question still remain unanswered.

I still haven’t relieved any response yet.

The level of support was really saddning. Complete ignorance to the questions asked, not even informing, if the issue can be resolved or not.

This is my third complaint regarding the theme support.

I really hope, you will be more effective in your support henceforth.

A humble Request.

Thanks :-)


Hi, sorry for the delay. Ive responed to your question- you will receive email when the update will be online.