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Its very likely I will be purchasing your framework tomorrow but before hand I have a question. I have a sidebar menu that has an image background that needs to be a fixed width of say 300px. Can I lock the menu/image at 300 so it doesn’t scale. Or perhaps using media query could I switch to an accordian or UL at a resolution of say 640? is that functionality already built in.


Thank you for you interest in this framework.
If I understand what you need correctly : well , demention Grid has a feature , I call , “hybrid columns” where you can have one or two fixed columns with a dynamically expanding column , I think that’s the feature you need. The grid demo page (demo-grid.html) has a live demonstration of “Hybrid layouts”.

Hope that helps


Actually I did purchase this on Saturday and the hybrid columns are exactly the solution for fixed width columns. My other questions were answered while experimenting with Gearbox.

You did a great job with Gearbox and it will save me a ton of time. CSS has over the years become so much more complicated and with Gearbox there is much I don’t have to deal with because you’ve done it already.

Very nice work! Vandrare

Hi Vandrare :
Thanks so much for the feedback. It’s really nice to hear that you like the template.



When I download the updated version, It still downloads the old version. Have you got a link where I can download the new version or can you send it to me please?

It’s just to update the twitter feed.

Thanks sam

I’m afraid , there is no GearBox version with a working twitter feed yet.

Now the easiest way to add recent twits to a website is to use Twitter’s embeded timelines. Check out https://twitter.com/settings/widgets. See https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines for more info and customizing options. You’ll need to login to your Twitter account in order to make embedded timeline widgets.

I’ll add a fully customizable Twitter feed to GearBox ,that uses Twitter API 1.1, in a future version. But even if I add a solution ,the setup will not be as quick as it was before—you’ll need to create a Twitter app and get the wanted tokens for this to work. So I think , Twitter’s embedded timelines will be enough for most cases.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for getting back to me. I see you have fixed the twitter feed. I’m downloading the files but it still downloads the version I’ve already got. Would you be able to send me the updated version or do I have to pay again? Thanks, Sam

Hi Sam ,

I’m sorry if the GearBox demo mislead you to think that the twitter feed is working. It was not my intention to make something that is misleading; what really happened was I just made the demo using dummy text for the content including for the twitter feed more than a year ago I and never thought that the twitter feed would stop working.

I appreciate all of you who purchased GearBox template and I just need some time to release GearBox 2 , which will be a free update and will have a lot of up-to-date features including a working twitter feed.

I haven’t forgotten the GearBox template development :) ; I kindly ask you guys to wait some time to see the hugely-improved version 2.


I dig your template – want to purchase – but I”m a little fickle about SEO Would I have the capability to edit the header section for EACH html page – so that I could edit meta tags??

Thanks for the interest.

GearBox is a valid HTML template so of course you can edit,add new meta tags to head section of each HTML page as you wish.

You’ll also find some good SEO orientated features like source-order independent demention Grid , ability to use any h tag you want in main titles and to change h tag look using css classes (eg add .h1 class to a h3 tag to make it look like h1 without changing its semantic meaning) ,and more in this template.


Hello demention, any progress on a working twitter widget with the new api? The official twitter timeline “breaks” your fine design. Plz help us to create a working one with your excellent design

mail sent ;)

you can see it on action on www.tresite.com


Well , I ,honestly, already know a solution someone has already made for seaofclouds tweet script , but I just need more time to implement it to GearBox and to update the docs and more.

Anyway , I’ll look into your email to see what’s your solution :) Thanks again.


Any update on the Twitter feed? Will it be released with V2 Gearbox?

Thanks, Josh

Yes , definitely :) Thanks for your patience.


GearBox 1.6 available

Please download this update and follow the instructions to fix the Twitter feed. Also GearBox 2.0 will be released as a free update with some unique and really useful features that you’ve never asked for—just need some more time to work on that.

Thanks everyone :)


hi there, Thanks for this but I have 1 small problem. On my site ILIACLE the navigation on the homepage does not appear on mobiles or smaller screens but it does appear on other pages such as Work .

Do you have any idea what could be causing it? Thanks

It’s not a bug or something related to the template . Try replacing the whole <header></header> code block of the homepage with the total <header></header> code block of the page that has the working navigation. And then you can change the current page indicator etc. right. Btw , I also see some javascript errors on your pages (try checking the pages with Chrome devtools open )


Is there a realease date for version 2.0 ?

Hi ,

Thanks for your interest. Please let me explain in detail ,

Actually , I was developing GearBox 2 with the mentioned features right after releasing the first versions ,but then the development went really slow because of my other works . And in the past 2 years , a lot of things have changed in this industry .. new workflows , many developers started using frameworks like Bootstrap , and Old IE versions getting out gradually (means new opportunities for us developers) and so on.

And in the past year, many of my clients asked for websites/pages with more animations and some fancy things like parallax effects and also I was heavily using new workflow tools like Grund and Bower to make websites.

So a few months ago I decided to make a fresh start , and instead of releasing an update I decided to build a whole new template from the ground up to be innovative , modern , fresh and original to address some things that many(if not any of) site templates here or anywhere else haven’t addressed yet . And I’m currently working on that and once it’s completed , I’ve planned to release it on ThemeForest . It’s gonna be the first template of its kind – it comes with a total new workflow to be both newbie and pros friendly.

There are a lot of work to do on the upcoming work so I can’t give an ETA at this time , but since I’m planning to releasing it as a separate template , for My GearBox buyers who have purchased the GearBox template prior to the upcoming release of my new template , I’ll be providing extended support for my new template (I’ll mention this clearly later) for all of you who bought my first template and then the new one, because I know I mentioned some new features on the roadmap.

And also GearBox developemnt hasn’t been discontinued , it’s just paused. And sorry for inconvenience , if there’s any :) , but as I mentioned , I’ll do something special for you guys who purchased GearBox template.


Nice job. Thx;

My pleasure. Thanks for the nice feedback.

Is there a version that works with a newer version of JQuery? When upgrading past jquery 1.8, all version 1.9.x – 1.11.1, seem to make the slider break.

If not an update to this framework, do you have any tips on what I can update within it? I’m assuming the slider (if I knew which files) needs an updated js file.

Your layout is great, but galleria (which I also use) requries updates to continue working with Flickr, which in tern require jquery updates.


Hello ,

Until I release any update to the template , if you want to update the slider (Flex slider) , you can do it by updating the JS code of the slider which is located in essential.plugins.min.js file and then related custom CSS located in base.css (you can easily track the wanted code by using browser devtools) , and the JS properties in custom.js related to the slider.

When updating the slider , keep in mind , some CSS class names are changed in Flex slider v2.x as well as many of it’s JS options.

By the way ,you can try using the JQuery migration plugin along with the JQuery versions you mentioned (if all you want in this case is to update JQuery) . .



chagrin Purchased

Hi, love your theme but I need one quick change – what should I do, to have the captions over displayed works always showing?

Hello Chagrin ,

In your CSS file , just add opacity:1 ;bottom: 0; to .demention-caption.

You may need to add an extra class name to the gallery you want(#gallery) . Let’s say you specified your gallery by adding .my-custom-gallery class name , then your complete CSS code for this would be:

.my-custom-gallery  .demention-caption {
    opacity: 1;
    bottom: 0;