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Answer my E-mail, Please

Hi, please send me this questions from account that have bought Gebo Admin (or provide purchase code).

Hi, please send me this questions from account that have bought Gebo Admin (or provide purchase code).

Sent with the right account.

Hi, thank you, please check your email.

Is this compatible with Bootstrap 3.2.0?

Hi, Gebo Admin ( ) is using bootstrap framework v3.0, but I’m not 100% sure that update to bootstrap 3.2 won’t break anything, please send me this question from my profile page, I’ll check that for you.

Hello, congratulations for the excellent work, I’d love to buy your script, but before I wonder if it is possible to add more Mailbox on page exe fields: Subject, Sender, Date, Size, Field1, Field2, this way? Thank you, Regards, SET.

Hi, yes, it’s possible to add new fields (you can add as many as you want).

Hi, ok, thanks for the reply … I’ll see if I have any more questions, the sequence will buy your theme. kind regards

is it possible to insert webcam plugin as Hagal template? i like to use it on my tablet, to take photoshots of member of my sport society, in order to complete your profile datas on my online database thank you

Hi, I’m affraid that you can’t use this plugin on tablets/mobile devices because this plugin require flash player to work. Please check this solutions or

Hello friend!, we are using Gebo in IE8 and facing several issues in layout and script errors. For exeample, in IE8 the menu shows all messed up, the form fields and the hints too. Can you help us to solve this out asap please? Tks in advanced!

Hi, please check your email.

Will you update the template?

Hi, update Gebo Admin to latest bootstrap version is on my priority list for the January 2015. Please be aware that I need to soft disable all of my items due to enavato changes regarding vat, tax and other financial things, I’ll enable my templates as soon as I get all of the answers, please check


I would like to use gebo-admin with the new version datatables !!! I should consider to update correctly ?? thank you for your help


Hi, new datatbles should works in Gebo without problems but please send me message from my support page I’ll check that for you and I’ll let you know if it’s working without issues.

Hello, it is possible to enable column filter on data tables?

Hi, yes, it’s possible to enable column filtering in datatbles. Please check

Hi… Do you have some patch, plugin or code so (most) of the template pages are printed correctly?

Hi, no, I don’t have this code but I see that it will be quite easy to make gebo-admin print friendly (just need to hide some elements in print stylesheet). Please check

Hello, before buying wanted to know three things about the template: - Bring the files necessary to connect the tables in a database - Bring the necessary applications to use a chat system (or just a style html) - The html mail can connect to GMAIL (or just a style html) Thank You!

Hi, sorry for the delay, Gebo is just an html/css template, there is no backend logic, It’s up to you to integrate this template with server side language (php, asp, java etc.)

Your product is awesome i have used it on 2 internal web app its superb.


tzd Author

Thank You very much, I’m glad that you like my work :)