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My magento 1.8.10 has no Quick View, Facebook like box, Search by category, that’s why? It cant be acceptable.

It includes all modules you see demo (Chapter II. Features and elements of the template in the document.pdf). It doesn’t include Quick View, Facebook like box, Search by category”

but why it doesnt include Quick View, Facebook like box, Search by category”? why other magento version has these?How I can make “facebook , Quick View and search by category” into my website?

we didn’t use these modules in this theme

I want to display some categories on my home can i do that?

You can add categories in admin > catalog > manage categories > add new category ( you need add new categories in sub of root category)

I’ve just done a fresh install of Megento 19.0.01. I have no product data in at all, and when I tried to import the Gemini SQL data it came up with an error. So in line with the manual I have uploaded the app, JS, media and skin files by FTP. When I am going to the admin panel, the magentothem tab isn’t there? So I’m pretty much stuck?

This is my first install and my first theme so…... apologies if some questions seem dumb!

ok, if you need more help you can contact us

Absolutely FANTASTIC customer service. Thanks very much guys!

please, you don’t forgot rate our theme 5 stars. Thank you !

Hi There

I hope for a quick response. I purchased an item from you before had a great customer service. I am looking at purchasing this one as well however i need to add an extra thing which is an appointment model can we add that what i am imagining is similar to what is in this theme.

is it possible? How?

would appreciate your comments

I still did not get a respond yet. ??

OK simple question in your theme its slow when i am adding an item to the shopping cart “in your demo”? what is causing that is it the theme it self?

& can i add a video to the slider here or not ?

You can’t add video to the slider

I want to buy this template but I have to know if I will be able to install the facebook like feature in the product detail page. Is it possible? Thanks and best regards

Hi, You can install the facebook like feature in the product detail page

Thank you very much for your quick answer :)

Hi, how can I include search by category? thanks!

Hi, You can install search category. Our theme is compatible with this module

Hi, I hope to get an answer for my little problem. I bought this template and, in a category, when I click on page 2, the loading never stops. As if there is an ajax error somewhere.

So I went on the demo page and this same error occurs sometimes (not every time). Can you explain me why or give me any clue so I can fix this?

Thank you a lot, here is my store (it is in french) :

Try to click on page two and see what happens, then go on your demo link : and do the same. There is an error on both stores.

Hope I can get help

For those who have the same error, I found the problem. I activated the console and saw that there was a prototype error. I am using some jQuery for a custom slider on home page and I found that jQuery and Prototype are no good friends. To fix this problem, just add this code : <script>jQuery.noConflict();</script> right after your <script src="jquery.js"></script>

I hope to help someone some day.

Thank you so much !

When I clicked on language option it changes colour of theme rather than language. Please need solution of it

Hi, You config in admin > system > configuration then you select store view in the top-left > click design tab > theme > set color. Or you can contact us. We will help you remove it.


caiac Purchased

Hi, is there a html flat version of this theme?

Hi, Sorry we haven’t html version


b2info Purchased

Hope this is fully compatible with Magento 1.9.x


This theme is compatible with magento 1.9.x. You can use it for your website.


b2info Purchased

wow.. that was too quick. Impressive.


b2info Purchased

There seems to be some compatibility issue with 1.9.1 of Magento. The admin throws error. I tried disabling the modules but did not work. Any ideas?

Please you can wait and check your email. When we respond you, you will get ticket id in your email.

What does your email ?


b2info Purchased

Got the mail, will take the communication forward via email. Thanks for quick response. Really appreciate it.

How can I to customize product tags tab to Ingredient text in my product page.

Hello, You can provide more detail (screenshots). We will help you.

Hello, Thank you for a quick response.

I have sent to you email with screenshots. Thank you

Hello again,

I would like modify that product tab in product page show in like product description tab in product page with text area show in and final will show like this

Please explain to me how can I do that.

Thank you a lot

You can open a ticket and provide screenshots

how can i edit the vertical menu.i need to show products under each category on the side vertical menu.Please help me

Hi, You can provide screenshot you want. We will check and help you.

I dont have a screenshot cause i want to show products on home page vertical menu. just like this website

Hello, what would the best way to add a rotating banner on top of the navigation menu with the same dimensions in length as the navigation menu?

HI, thanks for the quick response. I added Banner Slider to the theme and it does not show the top menu slider with the configuration.

You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will help you.

Thank you for your help.


MehmeY Purchased

Hey, i bought it but i dont have see that i want to use

Must i downgrade to or can i use the FAQ to install?


Hello, Our theme is compatible with magento 1.9. You can use it.

This theme doesn’t work with Magento, the package comes with old 1.8.x installation files.

Hey PT support, I am using cloud services which is really hard to share you the FTP info since it requires key access, can you help me do a remote session? I can show you all my configuration and setup.

Hey PT support, I used another shared hosting (Cpanel enabled) with out of box magento installation, same problem. I don’t care how you fix the issue by logging into my hosting, as it seems your package is broken out of box with, and I don’t have confident that your theme will fit our long term dev goal and I don’t want to waste any more minute on this out of date template, it is a such shame that you guys still keep document and installation package out of date and mark it as compatible with 1.9.1. Please proceed a refund. If you need to validate any of my installation, feel free to email me.

After you install theme you can change default package “admin > system > configuration > Design > package = rwd ” to “default”

Is there any auto slide function for product images in products details page?

Hi, What do you want ? You can open a ticket and provide detail. We will help you.

I have sent the ticket with screenshot of what I want.

Please you can wait. We will check and help you