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I have installed the theme and tried to import the xml file but all the images have failed to import.. thoughts? and yes I did click the upload attachments box.

Hi – it sounds like the user didn’t have admin right. If you go to and open a ticket we can assist further.

Im having same issue jeremy what do I do? I have full admin rights

Hi please go to and open a ticket with a link to your site and your WP login.

i m potentially i buyer.. if i use the alternative homepage can i add underneath the text ‘Upcoming Events’ and ‘latest news’ and a video plugin ?


Hi – the alt home page is purely content – just like a post – so you can do whatever you wish on this page – no limits.


thanks for you reply :)

can i have a shortcode or plugin “search” and “listen mp3” on my homepage?

There are 2 homepage templates.

1 is completely dynamic:

1 is your own content pulled from the page you created:

If you used a plugin that gave you a shortcode for your “listen mp3” then yes, you can have this on your homepage. But the search is generally used in widget areas, and the only widget areas (for the 2nd homepage template) is in the footer.

I am having a weird problem. Every since I updated the menu disappears at the ipad and smaller size. Here is a link:

Hi and thanks for the purchase – support is offered via the link in your documentation, the support tab on the item page, the link on the item page and also the link from my profile page only please – here’s the link for you also:

However a quick note would be to check your documentation to make sure you have your menus setup correctly – here’s a direct link to that also for you:


Did the theme change so that you can no longer do audio sermons? I am trying to do so now and on my admin page I’m only seeing options for video and PDF.

Nevermind. I have found my answer in the provided help file. Thanks!

Hi – as per the updated documentation you can read here:

Also please note this is the comment area and not the support center as outlined in your documentation, the item description page, the support tab on the item description and also on my profile page – here is a link in case you have further questions:

Many thanks


Hi, Great theme !

Can I use SoundCloud hosted MP3s with this theme?


Hi – with the Sermons you couldn’t because the code looks for the mp3 attached to the post so it can place the audio file in the same section of the video (tabbed area) but with audio post formats since we don’t do anything specific there, yes.

Hi Jonathan01, I purchased the template and tried to open a ticket in and it tells me that the purchase code it’s not good. I’ll try one more time but as of yesterday I couldn’t create a ticket.

I guess I should it try before I submit this comment. I tried yesterday like 5 times and I couldn’t create the ticket. However I just try one more time and it work. Yeah!! looking forward to have a response.

All tickets are responded to so you should already have your reply – I believe the reason for ticket issues was simply because Envato’s API was down. All good now :)

Got it thanks for your reply here.

Hi, Can you tell me if the Live Composer plugin ( works fine with this theme ?


I have no idea sorry – maybe the author of that plugin could confirm but I have no idea sorry.


Thank you, i contact the plugin developer.

No problem :)

hi Jonathan, i’m having an issue with theme is there any way to get the user manual to cover every step i would be more then welcome ?

Thanks, nana


Yes it’s included in the full package download :) Go to your downloads page and make sure you download all files not just the installable WP files.

Also support center is:



I’m trying to add a playbutton over a thumbnail image to show that the images are actually videos. Trying to use Video Thumbnails plugin, but can’t implement the play button through css. Any ideas why not or have another suggestion for a plugin that works with your theme?

Thanks in advance.

Hi – no I don’t sorry – have you tried other plugins? You may well have a conflict. If you are wanting a thumb over every thumb then I would suggest doing it just by CSS tbh – no need for a plugin to do that probably? Maybe I am not understanding exactly what you want – it’s a little hard without seeing your site.

If you wish to offer a link etc. to your site or request help in anyway I would ask you to open a ticket with support please. We detail this link in your documentation for you.

many thanks


Thank johnathan! Yeah, it wouldn’t be for every image, just one’s that are embedded videos from youtube, etc. I’ll check out another plugin or perhaps open a ticket.

Thanks for your speedy reply.

Mark M.

No problem Mark – I can’t do the work for you (as it’s customization and not included in free support) but have zero issues looking at it for you if you open a ticket and shoot me a link ;)


Hi. I am a potentially buyer of theme GenesisChurch, but I have a question. Underneath the header at Home there is a full block with sermons. Is it possible to make this block suitable for 3 categories, for example coming events, gallery and sermons?

Thanks, Joke IJ

You could but you would have to customize the home page template and edit the loops etc. That wouldn’t be covered in the free support however.


So, it’s possible, but we can’t fix it ourselves? You should do it for us and we have to pay for it? How much would that cost? And is it, when it’s ready, possible to stick any categorie to the block?


It depends what you need really, you would be best explaining it in an email that you can send via my profile page and we can open a discussion on your requirements and expectations and we can offer you a price – at that point it would be up to you to decide if it fits in with your budget etc.


My site started shoning a bunch of code within the design:

[creativ_columns structure=”25|25|25|25?]

Etc. I removed the theme, redownloaded, reinstalled. Even changed servers. Still there. Critical timing. Please help.

Looks like you have your shortcake formatted incorrectly. Should be more like this:

[creativ_columns structure=”25|25|25|25”]

then you would have the code preceding that. You show a ? instead of a quote.

Please remember this is a comment area, not a support area. Open a ticket at if you need further assistance.

Update Available

Greetings! We just pushed out an update that is now available fixing an issue in the template-eventall.php file which was not displaying events.

Many thanks!


figured it out – delete

Oops already answered ha glad to hear you worked it out.


How can I do internationalization? (diff language)

We supply mo and po files you can use many of the available options for translation of Wordpress available.


Hi, this is a pre-sales question. The homepage – it doesn’t look as if there is a page builder in this template – so is there a way to designate what goes onto the homepage – essentially very minimal – logo, slider, next event countdown, footer?

And on the demo contact form, I notice the “check if I”m human” equation. Is that a part of the template? Nice work. Thanks!

Hi – the contact form is built using CF7 plugin, that captcha is just there as part of the form from the plugin. You are correct, there is no page builder with the theme. We provide 2 different page templates using hard coded loops and items from the theme options or you can use the homepage template that is just your content without any loops. So you could have your minimal using the Slider only template and place your event countdown code in the content area of the page.


I have a couple pre-purchase questions:

1. When you release an updated version of the theme, what is the update process like? Do I need to use FTP?

2. Is the theme compatible with the EventOn plugin? (

3. Can the event listing in the top right section of the homepage hold regular text?


Hi – yes, you would need to use FTP to make your updates. This theme will work with any plugin, but we have a built in Custom Post Type for events, but it doesn’t do recurring events. The countdown you see in the top right corner of the header is just a widget area, so you can place whatever you’d like there.