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HI, and thank you for a superb theme. It is one of the most professional church themes out there. I am working for a church client at the minute, and just have a question about the sermon system. The client requires that site users have the option either to listen to sermons online, as well as the option to download a sermon (so that they can listen to it later on their ipods). Can this be done with your sermon system? Many thanks.


First many thanks for your nice comment :)

The theme does indeed allow MP3 audio, wether a user can listen to it in their browser depends on their browser version if it will not play it should download – however, for those that do have more newer browsers it will allows play in the browser unless one of 2 things happens, they right click and save the file locally or you upload a zip file containing your audio and offer a link for download – because the browser detects it’s an audio file it will always want to play it, it’s kind of auto pilot, so that is why I mention the right cloick / or alternative download link.

I hope that helps.


Looks good for my needs but I have a special situation with my client and the events.

It is not impossible to add the events in chronological order to the database.

Because my clients are actors which are directing and acting in theatre (play).

So at the begining of a year we are knowing all the play’s but we didn’t know exactly the date and the place.

What’s happend into the event calender if I am add the exqact date later? Is it possible to sort the upcoming events in that new order?

2. It would helpful if we could add a image ito the preview site of the upcoming events. Is it possible?

3. Is it possible to edit the body font? I’ve a very special target audience with that blog and as a result I am in need for another size of the font.

Thx. It si really a good work.


Hi and thanks for your interest – events are posts, therefore are based on the date posted which is a WordPress default for posts. You can easily just edit the posted by date if you are unsure of when an event will be, as it has no connection to the actual post – ie you can just put “To be announced” as the date entered for the event isn’t anything to do with the loop.

Not sure I understand the addition of an image to the event – you can add whatever you want to an event post as it just draws in special fields along with any regular content in the post – you can set a featured image and that does appear on the individual event page (or add a bunch and show a gallery with automatic lightbox) but showing this image on the home page / event index page would just mean you have to alter the loop for those areas to bring in a featured image if set.

Changing the body font is totally possible – just as you normally would with any HTML template or WordPress theme via the CSS style sheet – quick and easy to change.

Hope that answers all your questions and thanks for the compliment.



Thank you, Jonathan, for your quick reply. Just bought.

As a feedback:

My client is very excited about the facility to add an mp3 file to the slider. We can promote a lot of interviews we’ve.

Hey, Jonathan

I uploaded the zip to wp and it shows up like this! http://thesanfranciscostory.com/

What to do?



Start by following the directions in the manual supplied that details all your setup – how to set your home page and everything else – you can even import the supplied XML data to get it to look like the live preview as a starting point (again instructions are within your documentation PDF supplied)

Many thanks


Hi, Amazing work! A question – I would like to include the slider revolution plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380 into this theme – would that be compatible?

Many thanks,



Hi and thanks for the question, unfortunately I have no experience with this plugin but as long as it is well written and follows WordPress good coding practices it should work – I just cannot guarantee it sorry as it’s not my product.


Hey it looks like an awesome theme.

1) Is it pretty easy to set up someone with access to the site where they can upload video and audio to the site without giving them full access to the admin panel? Possibly where they can upload audio/video and then the head administrator can decide where its put in the website?

2) Can you upload powerpoint slides or other files where people can download sermon notes or similar things?

Thanks for your help


Hi and thanks for the question.

WordPress does indeed offer roles for users – here is their official page with regard to those:


WordPress allows uploads that can then be linked to – I would always recommend that anything for download is uploaded as a zip file and then referenced with a download link using it’s URL supplied when you upload to media in wWordPress – so yes it’s completely possible.


Pardon me for my ignorance, but I just bought this template to design a website for a friend. I have my own wordpress website that someone designed for me, and I have managed it for a year—changing pics, content and adding pages.

How do I get started after downloading this template?

Isn’t there template in which I can fill in pics, and content?


Hi and thank you for your purchase. Once you download and unzip the download just open the help directory and there is a documentation.pdf file that will give you step by step instructions on how to set up including how to import the cote t so the site can look just like the live preview and you can swap out images and content from there if you wish.


THANK you very much Jonathan.

By the way, my name is Yehonasan which is Hebrew for Jonathan

Hi jonathan!

I’m testing your theme that I bought yesterday. We liked it very much! Congratulations!

I have just one problem. I’ve uploaded the ‘Custom Top Logo’ and the ‘Custom Bottom Logo’ exactly described in the ‘Documentation.pdf’, but I only can see these images if I was logged in Wordpress. Like a visitor a can’t see. These are the both results:

1. Logged: <a href="http://nmoura.eti.br/ibbm"><img src="http://nmoura.eti.br/ibbm/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/logo_betel_NOVO_pequeno2.png" alt="logo" /></a> 2. Not logged: <a href="http://nmoura.eti.br/ibbm"><img src="" alt="logo" /></a>

Some idea?

Thanks in advance, Nilton.


Hi and thanks for the purchase and kind words!

It sounds like you have a permissions problem on your WordPress install to be honest. Maybe you have a plugin installed that is a “coming soon” type of deal. I would check with your host – otherwise it could be an issue with your database possibly. I would check your htaccess file and your install of WordPress however.

Please note though, for support please use the contact form on my profile page as per the directions as this is simply a comment area for the item.

I hope that helps you to get things up and running – but if you need further assistance please use the form – however we can’t assist with permissions on your server – that would be your hosting account I’m afraid.


Could i use it as a 1 page landing sales page so turn of blog and events ect. would that be easy enough to do.



Yes you could do that, there might be some small CSS tweaks you need to make depending on the homepage you choose, but yes, you can absolutely do that.



Will this theme work with Wordpress 3.1.3?

Jonathan: Will this theme work with Wordpress 3.1.3?


Absolutely it should. And thank you for your purchase


It will work fully? On the website it says that to maximize the theme you should use the newest version 3.4.2.

Thanks for your response.


It should yes, however you should just upgrade your wordpress install as it takes 2 seconds and is best for security – but yes it should work on older versions also past version 3.


kaseycox Purchased

Hi. I love this theme! One question; When I add a “featured image” to any post, it automatically displays above the content of my post by default.

This makes the pages look pretty cumbersome if I have other content below it (such as images or videos, Etc). I can’t for the life of me find the code in single.php that will disable this functionality. Is there a way to disable this feature in the theme itself? Thanks for the great work!


Hi and many thanks for the purchase and kind comment! Could you please use the contact form on my profile page for support as per the directions, it will enable us to help you out and have direct contact with you – many thanks


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the great theme – it’s been great to work with, I just had a couple of queries that I was hoping you might be able to help me with,

With the top slider on the homepage, is there any way that I can make this area more narrow? It’s a little large for what I need it for

With the entries where the sermons would normally be, is there any way I can turn off the publishing date and author being shown on the homepage?

With the latest news section at the bottom right hand side of the homepage, is there any way that I could make this into an automatically updating twitter feed? (How would I go about putting a widget to replace this section on the homepage?)

Also on the sermons page, is there any way that I can change the navigation to say something else? so when it would go… www.website.com/sermons/sermon1 I can change it to be www.website.com/previousevents/event1?

Also on my homepage, when I upload the top bar logo, it keeps moving to sit at the top of the page, as opposed to sitting in the middle/centre, I’ve managed to find the centring tool for the horizontal direction, but not the vertical?

Finally, when I add a ‘featured image’ to the sermons/events, so that it shows on the homepage, it keeps inserting the image at a large size to the top of the post, is there any way I can remove it from appearing at the top of the post?

(If it helps at all the link to show it is www.hello-business.co.uk)

Thanks again for the great theme and sorry for so many questions! Hannah


:) Thank you for your purchase.

Could you please direct your questions via the form on my profile page. I can put you in touch with a programmer who can help answer any of your questions but may need to get further information from you.


Great theme, I am enjoying playing with it!

I imported the content, and then began my edit. However, it seems to have lost some of the smaller images like the social media icons etc. I tried to re-import but it wouldn’t let me?! How can I get access to the images I need?

I don’t want to try import again as it takes me quiet a while to delete all the pages etc I don’t need after!

Thanks Danny


Hi and thanks for the purchase – actually social icons are font based – we supply instructions on how to download the font and install in your help file.

PS – to delete images checkmark and click delete – should take 20 seconds ;)

Many thanks.


Brilliant, sorry I always forget to read the first line of documentation!!

Great theme again!


Another question, if I use the homepage template with event/blog loop, can I add additional html to the homepage? Can’t figure out how!

Thanks Danny


No you can’t it’s a dynamic template – thanks


lookwhoo Purchased

Hi Jonathan, nice theme and I like your very detailed document that it came with. Quick question, is there a way to swap out the Recent Sermons with Recent Updates instead?



It’s a specific loop for the sermons so it really depends on your skill level, you could absolutely place your own loops in the template to bring in say your blog articles absolutely, just depends if you have the experience to do this or whether you would need to just pay for some customization work with a coder – everything is possible :)


lookwhoo Purchased

Great, got it. Thanks!

Final question! I promise Jonathon.

I am trying to remove the ‘clock’ icon on the recent sermon loop on the homepage. I have managed to remove all the other icons such as the icon for pdf and audio by editing the ‘template-home.php’ file but I just can’t find the lines with the clock icon on.

Honest this is my final thing then the site is done!