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Nice job! Good lucky.

Yes, we are planning provide new solutions for moodle developers. Thanks for comment!

Nice job, the birth of Moodle on themeforest!

Thanks for comment!

Is there demo login information to see the backend?


You can use: login: user1 pass: 8VHVXcZW!

Unfortunately, the GoDaddy is with a little problem this week and the server now is a bit slow, but the theme works fine!

Thanks for the contact!

Hi, the server is now ok and the speed is fine. I’m hopeful to I helped you. Thanks for all!

Amazing theme guys!! =D Let’s share!!

Yes, Bruno! We need share to other people. We are preparing new themes right now and some advertisements. Thanks by comment.

Hi! Great to see the first Moodle theme on themeforest. Great job!

We feel very honored. Thank you for the comment!

Great work! Really glad to to see Moodle here :)

Hi, thanks! And we really glad for your comment. More Moodle themes will come coming soon.

Great theme! Having worked with Moodle in the past, I know how hard it can be to customize. This is good stuff!

Just one suggestion, though. The images in your theme preview are humongous. That blue wavy background image is around 1 MB, which I was able to optimize to 78 KB. You might want to try that for all images for a much snappier performance.

Hi. Really you have the reason. The waves background have around 1MB and the pinstriped have around 300KB. The other two backgrounds are ok, around 10KB. We will fix it soon as possible.

Thanks a lot! Follow us, more good items will come.

Hi, this issue was fixed on Genesis v1.1. Thanks! (:

Best of luck for the first paid Moodle theme!!

Thanks! First paid Moodle theme in envato (:

Congratulation for this theme. I have installed it but it was not possible to add pictures for the featured courses. I have added a URL of a picture in the course settings but it the picture was not displayed. Anyhelp will be apprecieated.

Hi, in this link you can download the config.php file that we use at preview


thank you for this. I realised the problem now. I haven’t included semicolon ; at the end. Now I know and it works.

Hi, very good!

Nice theme, But on the pages like My Moodle, My profile .. The button Customize this page is no where to be found in your theme… Even the turn editing on button on the top right usually cannot be found, though we can turn editing on from the site administration but for the my moodle and my profile page it makes things difficult.

Hi. Really the ‘turning edit on’ button is only in site administration. We will search a solution for you problem soon. Thank you for alert us.

One more problem we are facing is with the site news? I cannot find a way to put it back on the front page,please help

Hi. If you are saying about the default Moodle site news who appears on the center of frontpage this is not possible, but you can enable left side blocks in frontpage and insert any block if you want. Thank you for purchase Genesis.

Thank you for the updated version of Genesis theme that I have just downloaded. One question, as soon as I install it, the previous Genesis theme settings will be maintained and if not, can you tell me how to maintain them.

Yes. All Genesis theme settings will maintained.

Great it worked OK.

Very good! Please rate us. Thanks!

Good afternoon Good job, only to upload to hosting, and want to upload a file to load as a resource, it is loading the interface to upload a file and there does not happen. I tried it with several browsers and hangs well

Hi. We fixed your issue and already uploaded this. This update is in review and you will can download the version 1.2 of Genesis soon. Thanks and please rate us!

How can you get rid of some social icons at the top header. I left them blank, e.g. the dribbble one and it kept on loading the ararazu one. Then I had to create a dribbble account for me and link it with the Moodle theme. This worked but I don’t want at all the dribble icon displayed. Please help.

Hi. We fixed your issue and already uploaded this. This update is in review and you will can download the version 1.2 of Genesis soon. Thanks and please rate us!

Thanks for this. There are a couple of issues that you may wish to include in version 1.2. (1st issue – Manage my private files DOES NOT WORK. I click on it either through the file picker or through the block but it takes to My home page and nothing happens. 2nd issue- Something possibly important is the navigation path now is not visible in GENESIS theme. More specifically there are no breadcrumbs on the upper left corner. Could you add this as an option to anyone interested to include it? Anyway, 1st issue is by far more important and it is possibly a bug.

Hi. Genesis 1.3 will have this fix. About the breadcrumb maybe be in Genesis 1.3 or Genesis 1.4; Thanks.

When I click on the login button, it takes me to a login screen, but I don’t see an option for a registration page.

Can you help me find that?

Hi, really the login page don’t have the option for a registration page, we can create this for next version of Genesis, but a solution for you if you want use the free registration is put the link of registration page on Custom Menu.

Hi, nice work!

I do have a question, though – considering that the theme is responsive, it doesn’t seem to be optimised for various screen sizes yet. For example, if you resize it down to small tablet/smartphone size, the navigation is just pushed down onto the slider, the search and logout buttons also, nothing smart happens with the slider (my suggestion: no need for a slider on such a screen size).

Considering that this is a young theme, i’m assuming this is still work in progress. Would you please comment on work being done in this regard?

Many thanks,


Hi, thanks for your appreciation!

About your doubt, this theme is not responsive. Create an responsive theme in Moodle is a complicated issue because the LMS usability is a bit different of websites (The Moodle sidebar in smartphone is unconfortable for example). But, Moodle have an option for detect device and use an theme for each device (PC, tablet and smartphone), We think in future updates make three versions of Genesis (PC, tablet and smartphone), each specially for each device. So user will use the Moodle in any devices.

Great Theme! But got a question… how can I relink the “Documentation” page on my site? can you help me?

Sorry, you desire link your site to documentation page? Can be the page in our server or you desire on your server?

Olá.. Eu achei super bacana os seus templates para Moodle. Eu tenho uma dúvida.. Em relação ao template Genenis, você colocou um menu principal, com os links Documentation e outro item Typografphy… ao clicar neles, abre uma página mostrando o conteúdo. Isso eu já vi sendo feito com Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal.. mas nunca com o moodle… Como você fez isso? pode me explicar? eu tenho um moodle e precisava muito usar este método que você fez… criando um menu e ao clicar nele, você abre uma página com o conteúdo criado (como se fosse um CMS). Obrigado e parabéns pelo trabalho, é uma obra de arte!

Oi, então, para mais detalhes você pode acessar esta documentação: http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Page_API

Resumidamente você cria uma página PHP dentro da instalação do seu Moodle com o nome que quiser, assim como criamos a typography.php.

Aí no começo você coloca o código a seguir. Com o config.php relativo ao diretório do documento. Com o set_pagelayout você pode definir o modelo de página que vai utilizar, se é report, base, frontpage, etc.

include(”../../config.php”); $PAGE->set_pagelayout(‘base’); $header = $SITE->shortname; $PAGE->set_title($header); $PAGE->set_heading($header); echo $OUTPUT->header();

Depois você escreve seu HTML normalmente, com o conteúdo que você quer na página.

E no fim você coloca:

echo $OUTPUT->footer();

Que show! muito obrigado!


Are you still working on updating this theme? If so, can you indicate when a new release should be ready?

I’d also like to ask you if it’s possible to switch on breadcrumbs in course pages?

Many thanks,


Hi. Yes, new updates will be coming. The breadcrumb is in the list.

Hi. How can I change Legend in Login link.


Hi. In Genesis 1.3 was implemented the Translation Ready and 5 default languages (Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian and French). Now you can use the default languages or create new languages packs in the easy way. Please, rate us with five stars. Thank you!

Excelent, Thank you, it´s a great job

The update was uploaded. At next hours will be approved.