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Guten Tag, I have a question. When I try to drag and drop the Search-Widget into either the Closed or Opened Sidebar or under the Main Menu in the backend, the result is as follows: text on the homepage or subpages moves from the center of the pager the very right (or left) of the page, resulting in a blank where the text used to be and in a weird-looking barrage of text on the margins of the sreen. This happens with the search widget only, not with for instance the text widget. The search widget worked in the beginning, and I can’t get rid of the Archive Widget that I have deleted but sitll moves with the search widget. I can’t imagine it’s a WordPress Problem. Do you have any suggestions to help me out?

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yesterday i purchased your theme and installed it on my wordpress 3.4.2 installation. but unfortunately its not working. the site looks like css is not loaded. www.marcomolitor.eu/portfolio any ideas whta the problem could be? hope to hear from you, thanks, marco

I know there’re 2 sidebars, one on the left and the right,

the right you have option for “open” or “close”, by default the LEFT is showing the pages,

but when i create categories for custom menus, the LEFT automatically stop showing the pages and only shows the “Category”,

how do i prevent this from happening? i only want to display my category on the right side,

and the pages on the left side,


oh ya,

i’ve been also been trying to use, the wp-ui plugin with accordion jQuery effect,

but it seems to conflict with your theme, can you point me in the right direction?


ok i found the problem, it has a conflict with my other plugin that screws everything up,

wp-tables reloaded(i deactivate it and everythings fine)

there’s another problem, the “Read More” function at your theme,

isn’t working at all, it’s like not being loaded or something,

it’s a fresh install and there’re no plugins loaded,


how do you add “HOME” button, on the sidebar widget?

i’ve ticked the add home bar at the Genova settings, but it’s not showing it??

how do i add it for wordpress 3.0?


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Hello there, jQuery doenst work under iOS. Any advice how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance, Ivan

Does anybody know how to get rid of the “ARCHIVE” on the right side? thank you!

I need add images in footer… How I can do? Thanks very much!