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very very nice-I have a friend who has magento and is looking to switch to OC….this is the best I have seen.

How many items can the front page hold… he needs like 15 or 16

3×5 or 4×4

can there be any amount if he need to add them


Of course, he can set as many products as he want. Default in OpenCart: 15

Regards, P?

thank you…still the nicest

Nice theme, really clean, we need more OpenCart themes. I’ve posted it on ThemePassion. Awesome work.

Thanks :)

very nice theme.

the horizontal menu lists different categories to the sidebar cat. menu is that controlled by your theme OC or an error?

I see this now. But i install theme on new OpenCart and every is ok, so there is some settings only in my DEMO . (http://www.przemyslawlobodzinski.pl/gentle.png)

Theme Works Great :)

What are the other options that the demo doesn’t show?

In the theme you have a better possibility to change colors, for each item. More patterns. More section in footer, also custom… :)


In OpenCart 1.5 you have the option to choose which categories you want to display on your top menu bar. For simplicity sake we decided to reduce the number of categories in the menu.

@okapi: Mainly you can greater control over your store design. You can choose colour for more elements group, and also choose colours for borders, background colours for some elements on hover etc.



Excellent work on the custom footer options. I will agree that this is one of the easier OpenCart installations I’ve come across that include backend admin modifications; upload and you’re good to go! Hurray!

I’m happy that you like this theme. Thanks you for buying and comment :)

yes i also like it a lot. but i’ll wait until OC have a stable 1.5 version out.

( hopefully soon )

if i need some changes made are you available to do custom work?


We can do custom work for you :) But please in this case contact with Tomasz: http://themeforest.net/user/tomsky

Regards, P?

Great theme, just one quick question really, that the slideshow banners wont show up for some reason when I input them into Open Carts default module?



Thanks for buying. Slider works but you must use your own images. Our demo images are here: http://www.przemyslawlobodzinski.pl/slider.zip

Upload this images in: System > Deisgn > Banners. Then go to: Extensions > Modules > Slideshow and choose your banner. Alsbo change witdh to 950px :)

Regards, Przemek

Hey thanks for the VERY fast response I’ll give it a whirl!

I bought this theme, works as advertised. Thanks a lot for a beautiful theme. I am playing with it, I have two questions, how can I change the link information from:

...index.php?route=information/information&information_id=4 to just


I rather prefer a short link.

Another question is in the top menu bar:

Home Wish List My Account Shopping Cart Checkout

I want to add a “Register Item” how do I add this link information on the menu bar.

Thanks. Chris.


For short links: Just use seo and set the seo equal to the model number

For new position in menu you must edit HEADER .tpl: catalog/view/theme/gentle/template/common/header.tpl div class=”links”

Regards, Przemek

How to fix this error: “Error: Could not load model tool/seo_url!” Thanks.

Please give me your shop url and OpenCart version.

How to fix this error: Error: Could not load language module/customFooter!


You must copy customFooter.php from catalog/ language/ english/ module into your language and translate it :)

Regards, Przemek

Hi Thomas,

I purchased the skin.

Read your PDF readME. Have some questions about the installation workflow:

Q1: I have successfully installed opencart1.5. On 1.5 installation guide. I need to delete “install” folder. should I do it first? Q2. if Q1 answer is yes, I will go ahead to replace the admin and catalog. But within admin folder, should I ignore the subfolders? or just replace the same folders in gentel theme provided? same questions go to “catalog”




1. Yes, you should delete install folder straightaway after installation because of safety reasons.

2. the structure of your opencart installation will precisely match the catalogs inside ‘files to upload’ folder. Just copy them inside your opencart installation and overwrite the files when you are asked if you want to do so.

Regards, Przemek :)


I have installed the gentle opencart theme and am happy so far. However when I use the Gentle theme options module and click in the text fields the colour picker does not appear. Please could you advise

Regards Nigel


Please send me your url with login and password via mail: przemyslaw.lobodzinski@gmail.com

Regards, P?

the text seems to BLUR ie featured products. This in in IE ?? are there any known css issues?


What OS and Browser do you use?

Regards, Przemek

ok so IE 7 , 8 & 9 on windows xp and windows 7. Also the hover menu the borders on the flyout menu do not show in IE. But do appear in firefox.

I thought it was in regard to the css tag “small” and the rendering engines on IE but not exactly sure i have removed that tag from the css. But the flyout menus do not work i can show you a URL if you want?

Please give me also url to your site.

Regards, Przemek

Amazing! Playing with it now and it has lots of options well done!

Really thanks :)

Can we have the colour picker on-page like in the demo?

No, Color-picker in only available in admin panel.

It is a great purchase for my store. Love the new skin. Again, Great Job !

I am satisfied with the support I have received. Even there is time zone difference, I have been able to receive the answer in a very reasonable time.

The rating system only allow me do 3 star. not sure why. I was going to give 5 star rating.

Hi this is cool! want to buy it but can you tell me if the product image (not the enlarged one) can be made bigger ? and can the number of col. on the homepage be set as well, I’m selling art so I need to have images approx. 310 – wide by 232 high. and 3 images per row. can these elements be customized in the theme ? jony..

Hi, editing image sizes in opencart is very easy, in options panel you can set all sizes to suit your needs. Setting different product container’s width also can be done fairly easy if you have basic css knowledge, it needs editing css file and also template file. We’re happy to provide you more detailed information if you decide to go ahead.