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I switched SEO URL’s on, but some of the URL’s on the page are stil dynamic

For every page, cateogory, product etc you must edit SEO keyword property (for products it’s in data tab). Make sure every SEO keywoard is unique and that you don’t leave this field blank, otherwise dynamic URLs will be used.

How to add 3 small banners.

Go to system / design / banners and click insert (if you want to have 3 banners, you need to insert 3 banners). then click edit and add image (one for each, otherwise it will create slideshow containing these images). Last step is to go to extensions / module / banners, add new banner, set its layout to home, set correct image sizes and position wherever you want them to be displayed.

I get this error: Notice: Error: Could not load template …catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/customFooter.tpl! in …system/engine/controller.php on line 71

You need to copy customFooter.php and gentle.php from catalog/language/english/module and put them in your language.

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