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Nice template, but I have a question before I purchase. Can the map cluster the marker icons when there are many of them? It seems this will be important for my intended audience.

No, at the moment it is not possible:)

Hi, It is nice but what is making in addition to show dots on a map?. 1.- The search engine works?, 2.- if I’m looking for a settlement, displays your page and it shows it on the map? 3.- does my geopositioning?, how?

Honestly, I think that lots of information about the functionality. Are so friendly to expand it? .

Thank you

I bought this and it is terribly buggy… JS Syntax errors, jQuery isn’t included at the correct time, the scroll bar issues (http://u1309.hizliresim.com/1f/r/sy9tz.jpg) which more than 2 people have already commented on is broken…

The general coding and use of JS is rather bad as well, mostly the <body onload=”initialize()”>...

I would have been better getting the PSD and coding it myself.

This is the worst coded template I have bought from TF… EVER!

:( need help. insatisfied

Hi! Please, send me message. Mgroup24@gmail.com

HI, does your documentation include how to make this work using HTML? Do you have this available in Wordpress theme format? How do I make the profile and geolocation functional if using with html/wordpress?


nice work, guys are you going to make wordpress version? :)

Hey Mat this is Matt I need your help Can you text me ? 3079200001 I need this item and i was wondering if you would talk to me bout business ….

I love this template and had it in a collection for a long time waiting to use it for an idea but, for me at least, it has responsive issues – are there any plans to fix them? I have only played around with it for a few minutes and noticed these things right away:

1. The map does not toggle on the front page (the ‘show content’ button is visible but does nothing when clicked)

2. Once the screen reaches around 980px the map is not visable but the map does not ‘hide’ (therefore the ‘show map’ button does not appear and there is no way to see the map

3. The sidebar category links don’t work when your on category page

I’d love to see this template fully functional as I think it has awesome potential. Maybe someone else here has modified it successfully and could comment here?

Good luck with sales either way :)

IE9, IE10 error appears. Do not you support


http://geometry.matart.ru Maps does not work.

Please, Solve the problem

Any one managed to contact MatArt? He’s not responding to either of his email address…

emm, hello! My E-Mail: mgroup24@gmail.com
Skype: matart2
Please, double send your message;

Nice job thinqueber Good luck with sales!;


Have you a Wordpress Version?


Hey, good theme!
Have you a wordpress version?