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Really good work, but i have some question. How can we work the different stuff of your template ( comments, log, share,etc …) ?

Can it be made as a WordPress Theme

Thank you!

Very good! Geolocation!!!

Thanks MatArt for the October free file!

Thanks for sharing!

Hi, the design might be good but the instructions & documentation are not existing. This template can’t really be use, there’s no way to use it :(

I have a problem only. This instruction:

function goToLink(){ document.location.href = ‘3.html’; } google.maps.event.addListener(marker1, ‘click’, goToLink);

Always take me, at the same site, what should change, to make it work well?

....href = ‘4.html’; marker2,... , ...href = ‘5.html’; marker3…, etc.

Greetings from México.

Agustín Sánchez.

Hi there, there is a small problem with a id=”link_open” class=”close-profile-link clooses” href=”#”, even on your demo for small devices the button goes to right and disappears leaving no possibilities to close the tab.

I’ve tried many things but with no success at all.

Could you help me?