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Good Day, We have purchased your product and integrated in our application. when we use the pagnation feature we are getting the below error.

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘owlCarousel’

Please do guide us on the same. thanks.

Hello, Thank you for choosing this template.

It seems owlCarousel plugin is not included in the page that you are trying to load. You can simply load it by adding code below at the end of page before other <script></script> tags:

<script src="js/owl.carousel.js"></script>

Hi I have purchased this theme, a domain name and space on a host called cPanel. I have downloaded word press and uploaded the theme. I don’t know where I need to save the files to start accessing the theme and make changes to it in word press. Can you assist, please?

Hi, unfortunately you’ve purchased wrong item. this item is a HTML site template and it’s not a WordPress theme. You may ask Envato support for refund :)

I have purchase this template. Has this site admin panel? If yes, then how does it go?

Hi, this template is a HTML template and it has no admin panel.

? wanto to buy this item but at products page the show navigation and pager doesnt work? will you do anything for this.? if its problem will solve ? want to buy this template

Hello, as you may know this is a HTML site template and it’s not fully functional and some elements like pagination are just for demonstration

thanks for reply.. ? think at products page left navigation (which select the categories ) works so good so ? want to ask this question.. at full versiyon may be the paggination an show pages element works.. sorry for my english and re-thanks fr yoru reply

no problem, your English is just fine. as I pointed in my previous comment, pagination and that nav bar are not working in this template (because it’s not integrated with a CMS).

Hi,i would like to ask,if i add mega menu to the last menu like buy me menu in your example.will the mega menu layout be it will be shown under men instead of buy me.

Hey, I made a few changes to mega menu script so it’s working as it should be. You can see it by your self, see demo and hover on menu items.

I will send the changes to your email. Cheers

Thanks a lot

Hello, thank you for this nice template. I bought the HTML version. I’m developing in Visual Studio. I’m having a fontawesome problem. I found some topics about this problem but non of them helped me to fix the issue.

I have no problem in development environment. Everything is perfect on local. But when I upload it to my server, I see fontawesome icons as squares in Chrome, and like ancient tablets in Mozilla. IE doesn’t show anything at all :)

is there any way to contact with you externally? I don’t want to send the project link here.

I just added svg into MimeTypes. now everything is just fine. Thank you :)

great. you better add .woff, .ttf , .eot too

You can contact me with contact form at my profile page

Hi, i’ve just purchased GFashion and it seems not working. When i’m trying to installing, wordpress tells me there’s no style.css in the package.

please response to

You’ve purchased wrong item. This item is under “Site Templates” category.

Sorry about that.

Hi author, I have purchase your PHP template. when we use the add-cart feature.


we are getting the below error. TypeError: s.offset(...) is undefined/minified.min.js


TypeError: $imgToDrag.offset(...) is undefined/

top: $imgToDrag.offset().top,


i use firefox and chrome. plez fix this error.

Hi,Author, I just installed it to extract the files that are provided by you. The Code of this product.php is probably not a bug? thanks.

I understood the link tag in your replay. However, do you need to load ‘add-to-cart.js’ in product.php? <script src=”js/add-to-cart.js”></script>

it’s required if you want to add related products section. otherwise you may remove that line.

Hi author, I have purchase your template and it’s working fine, but when I increase qty or remove an item in cart.php it dont save cookie when I refesh. Please help me. Thanks!

Hi, I want to buy this theme. DO you still provide support, as I could see there are no updates in recent?

Thanks, Yugandhar

Hello :) of course I do. the reason that it is not updated recently is because there was no plan to add new features so …

Best Regards

In the demo the shopping cart is pre-loaded with an item for $350, and if I remove the item, the cart shows zero, and says “your cart appears to be empty” but if I reopen the cart, it shows again that there is one item in cart value $350 ( even though I have not clicked on any “add to cart” buttons ) it seems the cart cannot truly be “zeroed”, and that it is always loaded with an item that cannot be removed

Yes, that is because of demo purpose. anyway this was asked before multiple times so I made a cart page which can be as you said truly “zeroed”.

so you may try

good luck


wwally Purchased

Hi author, First thanks for this amazing template. I contact you because i need some help to do something. I try in “product.php” page to implement the ability to add a product in my cart with the little animation like in the page “products.php”. I try do it with the add to cart button already existing on this page but i probably missed something. At the moment, i get this error in my console but can’t fix it: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined in add-tocart.js Can you guide me please to make it work?


wwally Purchased

Just to be sure… have you received my email?

yea, i got it and will get back to you ASAP


wwally Purchased

I’m still waiting your help. Don’t forget me please.

Hi!, I’ve just purchased your theme, is an amazing one and I ‘d like to congratulate you.

But, I need that in the cart.php page, the user can select the size of the item. This is just posible in the product.php page, but you not always use this page… is this a feature easy to update?? could it be posible??


Hi again!

I’d like to know if you could implement all the php code and bbdd to transform my theme in to a real online shop. With paypal system.

Of course I would pay for it.

Let me know.



naveen7 Purchased

Hi, Footer is not staying at the bottom when there is less content in the page..

Hi, Please send screenshot of your issue to support[at]


naveen7 Purchased

I have mailed you the screenshot….


naveen7 Purchased

Still, I haven’t got the reply for the mail I sent??

hi, we have a problem on image names in mobile version, in mobile after loading page then all images goes hidden and in view source the image names changed to @2x, for example we have an image : logo.png but in mobile view source it changed to logo@2x.png and we dont have this file then logo dosent show, and other images on the page have the same problem, can u help us to solve it? thank you

open js/package.min.js with your editor and look for retina.js. it should be at lines 205,206. remove/comment it and check if it helps.

Yes, It works, Thank you

Hi, I really like your theme. I would like to know if there is support for RTL Languages or at least is it possible to modify the theme and make it rtl?

Hi, thank you. unfortunately the theme does not support RTL but you may modify and make it RTL… shouldn’t be that hard

Hi I purchased this today and I have been left with the following problems. Adding to cart [If there is a quantity of 2 it charges for 1] checkout sign up/in is this meant to work and also how dose the checkout work like dose it create an invoice or is it static?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing my template. as you noticed this template is static and it doesn’t supposed to have any server side functionality. so mentioned functions such as sign in/up, add to cart, checkout, etc don’t have any business logic in their backend.