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Congratulations Great work. Good luck dude :)

Thanks ;)

cong! very nice good muck!

Nice work! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you so much Iman ;)

Nice Work My Friend. GLWS ;)

Thanks mate ;)

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thanks ThemeCafe :)

nice work…but slider is not working properly in downloaded version.

Thanks for Purchasing this template… Please send me an email

Good work! I have mailed few question to your mail ID regarding this HTML version.

when i install the file it said “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

Hi, This is a HTML Template and does not require installation. If you trying to install it on any CMS such as WordPress or Magento, Unfortunately this item does not suit for you

nice work Themina 8-)

Thank you for purchasing our item and we’re glad you like it :)

Hi, does the Template currently use a shopping cart? As I have over 400 items I suppose I need an importing mechanism.

Thanks and great work.

Hello, This is a HTML template therefor there is no such mechanism in this template. Anyway there is a “Open cart” integration of this template available here though I’m not author of that and you may ask your future question from its author.

I like this theme very much, good job! Can you just tell me is this cart cookie customizable, for example can I change cookie name, domain, path… ?

Hello, thank you for kind words. Yes. there is specific javascript file for cart cookie called `add-to-cart.js` and you can customize it as you desire.

Hi, I like the cart ( looks very good and the alternative layouts is a nice feature )..Just one worry which I hope that you can clear up as it is making me hesitate to buy. In the demo the shopping cart is pre-loaded with an item for $350, and if I remove the item, the cart shows zero, and says “your cart appears to be empty” but if I reopen the cart, it shows again that there is one item in cart value $350 ( even though I have not clicked on any “add to cart” buttons ) it seems the cart cannot truly be “zeroed”, and that it is always loaded with an item that cannot be removed ( I have tried with two different browsers, Firefox and Opera, always the cart has one item in it, which I can remove , but which comes back again the next time the cart is opened ) .My customers would not like this at all if this happens on my site ( if they see an item in their cart which they cannot remove ) this a bug ? or is this deliberate in the demo version? This is the only thing preventing me from purchasing what otherwise looks to be a great responsive cart. Hoping that you can clear this up ..watching for your reply..Thank you.

Hello, I will reply you by email :)

Thank you.I’m watching for your email..I hope the thing I’m seeing is something unimportant or just in the demo because it really is a very good looking, well featured cart . :)

IE8, click Products-Categories fitler, it’s not working and the error message were showed: “javascript object doesn’t support this property or method” – product.js line 229

Hi, thank you for reporting this. I’ll take a look and will let you know when fixed it.

In meanwhile please send me an email at or

Hi, Is this compatible with Safari browser?


Hello, yes GFashion is compatible with Safari. I just tested it now

Hi , Nice Theme i purchase it , but in html folder -> pages has problem on IE8 (we dont use php) can u check that and fix it? thank you

Hi radpardaz, thank you for purchasing my item.

Can you please specify which file is looks bad on IE8 ? I’ve tested and everything looks fine to me.

Of course some features are not working on IE8 like border-radius, box-shadow, CSS animations and …

Also please note that you should open html files under a server not just opening it by double click on files. (doesn’t matter you use PHP, .Net or none)

You’re right , on the server its OK , thank you in advance


fkra Purchased

good work.. it seems that the images shown in owl.carousel is not responsive when display on my mobile-samsung- is this true?

thank you very much

Hi and thank you for purchasing.

I couldn’t catch your mean, owl carousel used to be responsive and images in carousel are showing fine in my samsung galaxy note 2.

please send me a link of your demo site or wherever I can see the issue or send me screenshots. thanks

hi , i sent u an email to about sorting on isotope , did u receive that? thank you

last week i sent it …

Hello. I replied to your email

hi , can u check your gmail , thx


Great template. Once question. Is it for WordPress or OpenCart ? What if i don’t want the shopping cart, but showcase the products with prices etc. Is that a possibility.

Dont have online card purchase facility.

Please let me know.



GFashion is a HTML Template which means it’s not integrated with any CMS like WordPress or OpenCart… anyway you can show your products and customize template to simply remove shopping cart functionality

This will be second purchase of your a product. How can I tailor the site to have my customers list something for sale on the site?

I really like your style but I need someone to make some modifications.

Thanks for your help. Rafael

Hi Rafael, If you need someone to do some customization in template you better search in and find right person.


Hi author, I have purchase your template. I uploaded source code php to my hosting and test I see When i increase qty, it dont save cookie when i refesh Please help me

Where are you ?

Hey, I already sent you full template package again. Let me know if you need something else.

Thanks, I got it