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Wow it’s really nice :)

hi, just to let you know.

the bottom half of the front page on the preivew isn’t centered under chrome on windows.



send me the screenshot please.

Your Work Rocks! =)

Hi, I have love your theme. Can you tell me what plug-in have you used to make the “contact us” page with de pull-down?

With the best regards VĂ­tor Ferreira


is the logo on the theme included as a PSD ? i mean the shape next to the “GFXMEDIA” text, can i modify it?

please advise



Yes you can

BlogStew Purchased

Dropped you an email (to the one you provided in the readme).

Having a few problems with Internet Explorer.



BlogStew Purchased

System32 provided super support, all issues now fixed!

This template is perfect for my partners business as an artist. Excuse me for asking but the logo you use, the transparent shapes next to GFXmedia, is this a logo that I could use.


No you cannot use it. you need to create your own logo.

How can the custom fonts be compatible with IE6 ? Isn’t CSS3 supported only by last generation browsers?

what the process of editing the template so that the slider can be above the fold. Which would mean reduce the height from the top. thanks

whats the font name of the logo? please let me know


Its there in the documentation.

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well purachsed the theme, rated it before i used it … i tried to open de index.html for editing in adobe dreamweaver cs 4, you simply can’t edit anything. it completely blocks my dreamweaver. Never happened this before with any other theme from here or anywhere. if you can fix this, please let me know, if not , i’m just sorry i bought the theme.

lonniehb Purchased

I can’t seem to get the hyperlinks to work on the sliders. When you click a link it just toggles to the next slider but doesn’t take you to the link.

Hi there, your template is really well-designed. However, I’m having trouble with the big banner in both IE8 and IE7 .

In IE7 , I can’t get the overlay transparent white background to appear in the banner corretly. I’ve played with the CSS file, but no luck yet.

In IE8 , it seems like the images are overapping a bit between each transition.

Everything works fine in FF though.

And, I too have the same problem with the Dreamweaver 4 and the hyperlink issue. If you set a hyperlink on the banner, it doesn’t go anywhere….

Can you give a hand?


In IE, the captions in the homepage slider doesn’t appear.. any fix?