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@duskydolphin The theme looks great *hi5. Are you planning to deploy this theme in wordpress in future?

Thanks tintineyci!

I’ve not got plans as of yet to port it to Wordpress, as I don’t think it’s really necessary for such a simple template. Plus, I haven’t had much experience designing with Wordpress – one thing I’m determined to do something about in the new year!

Happy holidays buddy, and hope you have a great New Year!

I want to use the Picture when print the CV ? Tell me how to do that please ?

Hey there! You need to go into the css/print.css and edit the image in there – edit this bit:

profile_image { display:none; }

My apologies for getting back to you so late! Hope that works OK for you – any problems, give me a shout! :)



Nice theme but have a few questions:

1. I set the homepage to static earl-productions.com/beta and I can’t find a way to lose title and everything associated to that page. All I want is for the gallery video set to Frontpage to appear?

2. Can I also set a bg / featured image to the homepage so that when the video ends or all gallery items end then it defaults back to a bg image?

Thanks in advance.

3. Also, style colour picker on Mac FF, if you enter colour code and return it sets back to default?

Hi buddy, not sure what you’re talking about here… is this relating to the Ghosts CV template? The link you’ve sent looks nothing like it?