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nice one, good luck :) I have a question concerning how do you set up ghost for live preview links? because I’m developing a theme and I can’t find an easy way to do that.

Thanks, We use digitalocean VPS, there are many articles, guides, and manuals available.

Very cool! Good luck, dude ! :)

Thank you :)

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you very much :)

Entired Ghost Theme. Will buy for myself into the next weeks. Thanks for the good work.

Wow, thank you very much!

It gives me the theme problems

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name GhostWall

Description missing stylesheet.

Hi albertobolio, please tell me more about errors or your link. Note: You need to restart ghost service after upload theme. Thanks!

I noticed that the icons in the demo are no longer displaying like they used to. All of the icons are a square now. No more chevron, facebook, twitter icons. I thought that it was a problem with the demo, but it does the same thing on my site. How do I get the icons back?

Also some suggestions:
  • Links should be noticeable all the time, not just when hovering over them.
  • It would be nice if table elements had some nicer styling.

I tried emailing and it bounced with error message: DNS Error: Domain name not found.


Hi thisiskarma,

Thanks for your message, yeah we have problem with our mail server, sorry about that. So please drop me a message via, i’ll doing that for you now.


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try that email address.

Emails to both and are all bouncing? I just deployed this theme on Ghost 0.3.2 at, but I found a few places where the CSS needed some tweaks and I had a few suggestions. Why is you email down?

Sorry, just read the previous message about email problems. I will email you at your gmail account.

Thank you teknirvana, as we discuss via email

Hey. Lovely theme! Thanks!

Q: is there any way I can filter by more tags at the same time? Then the full potential of tags shines through as opposed to categories.

Hi johanroed, thanks for purchased. Unfortunately, at present Ghost CMS doesn’t support full tags filter. So please waiting for Ghost 0.4 will be support plugin or app and get free update.

Let me know if you need more supports.

Hi there, I have a few questions before I purchase. (I’m new to ghost.) Will Tags filter work out of the box? Do I need to write any more code? In each blog, i see flickr and text widget. How does Recent post, Flickr and text widget works? What do I need to setup? Is there a way I can add facebook like and facebook comment to posts?

Thank you very much for your answer Your theme looks very nice and I really want to use it.

Hi appximus, can you send to me a email? i’ll send you updates.

have you got my email? i sent it this morning.

Just sent you email.


I noticed that you are not “saving state” via the browser back button. When I click on a tag to show the posts, open a post, then click on the back button (to return to the home page) all posts are viewed.

Any workaround on that? Otherwise really liking the thought of using this theme for my first Ghostbog.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Thanks for your comment. At present Ghost 0.3.3 doesn’t support full tags filter function (I mean filter function via server code). So i use JavaScript for tag filter instead and it does not come with saving state function.


The new update to tags breaks the theme. To fix, change

{{#if tags}}data-tags="{{tags separator=","}}"{{/if}}


{{#if tags}}data-tags="{{#foreach tags}}{{name}},{{/foreach}}"{{/if}}

in index.hbs

Thank you so much!

Hi Sunflower – I was wandering how to add the links to Facebook / Twitter etc. that are featured in icons in the theme you created (ghostwall) – if there is any tutorial available I would be glad to read it. Best, C.

Hi, Thanks for purchased please open file partials/header.hbs at line 16-47 is social icon section. You just need change href=”YOUR_SOCIAL_LINK”.

This tutorial also available in theme document (folder document in download file) Thanks!

Hi, when I click on a certain tag it does not display the posts on screen even though those posts are tagged but they show up when I click on all posts. However, some tags work fine.

I figured out the problem. Tags won’t work if they are more than 2 words. As in (x,y,z) delimited by space. Is this a bug or intentional?


Thanks for report this bug, we will fix it now.

Please send me a message via profile. I’ll send you quick update.

Thanks Again!

Hi! I think this is the best Ghost theme I’ve seen so far.

I have a question: is there any integrated ads support? Thank you!


Thanks for your comment, you need to apply your ads manual. Just open 2-3 file template that you want to put your ads. We have some customer integrated ads. We also do it free for you.

Let me know if you need more supports!

Just purchased one for my Ghost blog on Azure. But a bit disappointed because the package downloaded has only 0.4.x version. When are you planning to release the 0.5 version theme?

How about an answer to the question about an 0.5 version of the theme.

1) I have added an image to my one of my post and i have added the image to appear below the post as per my req . But your documentation says that we need to put the image on top of the post to show that image as a thumbnail. Is there a way to make a thumbnail post when the image is below the post instead on the top of the post.

You have a bug in your tag selectors, any tag added with more than two words will not function correctly because the data-filter attribute is not being set correctly e.g.

the tag ‘a b c’ is being given the attribute data-filter=”.tag-a-b c” instead of data-filter=”.tag-a-b-c”

and quick solutions?

Thanks for your comment, we’ll re-check it again.

Finally had five minutes to fix it…

line 56 in main.js your not changing ’ ’ to ’,’ globaly set it to

var curFilterStr=’.tag-’+filters[i].tagName.toLowerCase().replace(new RegExp(” ”, “g”),’-‘);

How to add Google Analytics tracking code to my theame

Thanks its working

Hi to all customer, we just update this theme to version 1.3.0 please update.