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Hi ! The title page appears twice on every page (home & all pages) “PAGE TITLE | BLOG NAMEPAGE TITLE | BLOG NAME” Instead of “PAGE TITLE | BLOG NAME” How can I solve this bug?

Can you show me the page url please?


vacdk Purchased

How can i translate the page building content ? if i want the site in multi language ?

That is not related to theme, you can try any third party plugins.


I cannot found how to disable the search box in the menu (little black box with a magnifying glass).

I would like to install this search box on another page.

Could you help?

Thank’s a lot.



I could fixed it by myself. It was my mistake. Thank’s for your help. Everything is good now.

Thank you

Hi, is it possible modify the search criteria, for example adding other field (a list of city, some different category and so on) ? thanks for your replay

Yes all the fields in search section can be ON/OFF

If you want new fields, we will add them in the backend once you contact us after you purchase.


Is there a way to change the layout of the portfolio details? Can the model details be shown in a column and not in a line? I would like the same presentation than on this website : http://www.elitemodel.fr/fr/development/men/701453/adrien-lesueur

Also, how can I only show centimeters unit of measure? I do not need inches unit of measure.

Thank’s again for your kind help ;-)


Just now I fixed the issue in .pot file, please re download and try.

Re download it later after 12 hours.

Thank’s a lot. It is almost perfectly working :-) Just the words “Male” and “Female” are not translated while I did it in the .po file. Have a look here : http://egeri-tour.com/model/guillaume/

We will look into the issue and fix it soon.


Thanks for the theme, I am building a Model website and was looking to use pretty much the same pages as the live preview. After downloading and installing the theme, there are no pre-built layouts showing up?

Is there anyway I can upload these?



Sorted, for anyone else having this problem follow this Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkSIb94Todw

Thank Tamati

Great theme but I have one pre-sale question: Can the models upload their own profile, so that all admin has to do is click a button to make the uploaded profile live. Currently, I think admin has to manually create a model profile from the contact form info. Thanks

Right now there is no option to upload models directly.

Another pre-sale question please: I have used the search with only age filter selected (e.g. 18) but search results show models of all ages not just 18. Thanks

will look into the issue and fix it soon.

Hello again,

Thanks for the theme, it’s great!

I just want to ask if you could help me how to activate the Burger Menu as a default.

I just want a search icon to the left, logo in the centre and burger menu to the right. Is this possible?



The menu at the right side can not be shifted.

NO FUNCIONA Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’:’ in /home/XXXXXXXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/themes/gilda/lib/includes/theme-functions.php on line 416

Try by removing this : on the mentioned file

New Categories Hello, Im planning to use this template for musicians and artists. Can i change the fields and search options so that it works for our use?

The fields and options can be changed using .po file.

Added “Be Come A Model” tab in the top menu, check this from here:


write url header_social_icons ????

What is the issue?

ya lo resolvi, pero para insertar analytics no lo encuentro

Can you write it in English?

How do I remove/change the footer copyright?

Go to “Theme Customize > Footer Section > Most Footer Bottom Section” where you can add your own footer text or you can disable it by clicking “Disable Most Footer Bottom” check box.

Great! Thanks. Also, is there a way or a third party plugin to restrict content or certain pages from showing? For example, I only want registered and approved users to be able to browse the models.

Really not yet tested, but you can search in google.

restricted pages wordpress

Hi, I’d like to use your theme, but i need to know, if there is already option of model registration by themselve. I’ve read comments and you mentioned it is planned. How is it going? Thanks in advance

For model registation we have created a page called “Become a Model” which was done by using a plugin its free, you can do it yourself easily, we will help you on this.


dzejkej Purchased

Hello, I’d like to create Become a Model page, could you give me peace of advice? Which plugin should I use? Is there possibility to edit model details fields? I mean add contact email or things like that or delete fields existing already. Thanks

In the latest updates we have added a model detail option settings where you can add/remove model details.

We used this plugin for “Become a Model” forms.

you can download it from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-form-manager/


dzejkej Purchased

Thank you very much! I’ve edited model details and created form by mentoned plugin. Is there also simple “setting” or something to make form save data in model instead of post? Or do I have to edit source code of plugin to make this happen?

Really we have no idea on this as we just used them in our demo, not deeply researched.


robbramm Purchased

I get the following error when I activate the theme: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’:’ in /htdocs/XXXX/wp-content/themes/gilda/lib/includes/theme-functions.php on line 416 What can I do to troubleshoot this

We tested our side and we do not see any issue like you, can you email us wp admin access to investigate the issue?


scortrio Purchased

I get the following error when I activate the theme: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’:’ in /htdocs/XXXX/wp-content/themes/gilda/lib/includes/theme-functions.php on line 416 What can I do to troubleshoot this

We have tested this from our side and we can not see the issue, so please can you email me your FTP and wp admin access so that I can check it out where the issue is?

Please go to my profile page and see the form below right side, fill it up and send it.


Cloudxyz Purchased

How i can add section “Become a Model” how in the demo? regards :D


Cloudxyz Purchased

Ok, i see in the documentation, thanks jajaja xD

Thank you.