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brotsky Purchased

Still getting an error when trying to take a Donation. It takes you to PayPal, but PayPal displays the following: “This recipient does not accept payments denominated in usd. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency.”

You fixed this once a number of months ago. Your theme has since updated, which means that it overwrote whatever you did. PLEASE tell me what the fix is so I can add it to the child theme functions.php, or else include this fix in a new update, or tell me what settings need to be fixed in admin. I’m tired of having to ask for this. I do not need you in my admin panel to fix it. I need you to email me with the solution so this doesn’t keep happening. Please and thank you. Client is fed up, as am I.

Hi! Sorry for the delay. Of course this our issue, but please write in the same email. Each time we missed you website data and can’t help you. Please repeat your website url and login info. Thanks!


brotsky Purchased

I have re-re-sent this info, and double-checked the credentials to make sure they work and they do. It does appear that there is now an update for the GiveAHand plugin that I need to do, but that should not be interfering since the Donate button was already not working even before there was an update available.

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks!


nless7 Purchased

Hi there I brought this theme and following the documentation when I try to activate the GiveAHand – Must Have Plugin I get the following error message “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\websites\MYWEBSITE\wp-content\plugins\giveahand-plugin\page-builder\blocks\our-staff-block.php on line 201” any ideas why this is happening?

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks!


nless7 Purchased

Thank you very much it works!!!!

The client does not want to have animations in the slider.

I want to remove them. But it seems like there must be at least one animation in the slider. Thats fine but the problem is on browsers such as Google Chrome you still get an animation dot that runs across the screen. You can see it by going to muslimwomenshealth.com on Google Chrome.

Also since we only used a background image, and not an animation, it seems to not allow me to activate a link for the image. I used a plugin to add a link to the image. But it seems like since the image isn’t an animated image, but instead simply a background image, its not allowing the background to be hyperlinked. Is there a workaround for this? Or am I just doing this wrong?

Remember, the client doesn’t want the animations.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

I sent you an email a week ago, but I am not sure if you received it. Since the update, there have been multiple bugs.. some of them are easy to fix, some are impossible to fix. The activity slider on the main page doesn’t work anymore, the same with the process widget at the bottom of the page. HELP? :)

Hi guys, I know you have a lot to do, but we really need your help for the ftp problem (homepage: activity slider and process widget at the bottom) as well as for all the tabs&toggles (in accordion style; they don’t open anymore)... we tried everything to fix these issues. We are counting on you! Thansk in advance.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. We’ve emailed you. Thanks!

Thank you for your help!!! You are superbe!


karmix Purchased

In my slider I have chosen a video as my background, but I need to have a REPEATING image over it. Is there a way to make the image repeat with custom CSS?

Hi! Unfortunately there is no this possibility. Thanks!


yon74 Purchased


I’m looking for a demo importer so i can get the same view on my website that i see on the demo page

I’ve done the 5stars rating

can you please help me




Please use contact form on our profile page. Thanks


yon74 Purchased

Hello Guys!

I’ve been writing you a few mails with no answer at all from your side. I know that your not there to help us for everything but i really need you help to fix some problem on the website.

Please contact me as soon as possible

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks!


aendara Purchased

Hi There. Images aren’t showing up for some reason on the three circular sections on the homepage. Is there a fix for this?


HI! We’ve emailed you. Thanks!

Sorry but your attitude is below the lowest standards I’ve ever experienced. Months ago I posted comment – send you TWICE login info for my website and you even didnt look! I dont want to mention 3 emails I have send . I require turning my money. Your website it ’s full of bugs and no customer service!


atovell Purchased


Our site is finished and live but one thing we need to add is “Instagram” as a social follow. Any way we can add this to the list so it’s consistent with the other social icons? (I put the instagram link in the YouTube slot for now) http://hotfutbol.org/


Hi! Please create instagram icon 16×16 pixels in png format (transparent background). Also please provide access to your website. We will try to help you. Thanks!

Hi, I am getting an error when trying to install the “Must Have Plugin”. Already sent an email. Here is the error I get: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in /var/www/feedingloscaboskids.org/public_html/wp-content/plugins/giveahand-plugin/page-builder/blocks/our-staff-block.php on line 201

I’ve seen that others have had the same error but the fix is not published in the comments. Please help!

Hi! Please provide ftp access to your website. We will try to help you. You can use contact form on our profile page. Thanks!


aendara Purchased

Anyone know how to change/get rid of the african border when someone post a comment on a post?

Hi! Please open your wordpress dashboard – > Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling Options -> Title overlay and Title inner background images. There you can upload any custom images. Thanks!

How do I turn off the repeat on a background video?

Hi, How come I haven’t gotten any responses?


moletek Purchased

Is anyone else having issues with WooCommerce not letting you upload a product image?

Hi! Please provide access to your website. We will check your settings. Thanks!

Hi I’m trying to upload a featured image to our WP site but the option is not showing up. I need to upload an image to create a certificate for our LearnDash online course.

Here is the site: http://thecookbookproject.org/

Any recommendations on how to do this?

Hi! Please specify your question via private messages. We will try to help you. Thanks!

Hello if we rate for the free install, do you allow setup the fav con, menu navigation, etc like the envato install comes with?

Hi! You can use contact form on our profile page. Thanks!

This will be my 6th time contacting you all for my install. 6th time and I’ve emailed you all multiple times

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks!

wordpress 4.3 compatible?

Hi! yes of course. Thanks


I am still trying to solve WooCommerce featured products – adding and displaying – for a customer who wants to take their site live as soon as possible.

Please can you recommend a way forward?

Many thnaks, Elliot

Hi! We provide support to our customers directly. Please use your buyer account. Thanks!

Hi FXoffice,

I see the buyer Rosemary (hedal) has been in touch to see how the WooCommerce Featured Image upload can be resolved. She is my client and I am assisting her with the implementation of your theme.

Thanks in advance, Elliot

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks!


hedal Purchased

Please can you login with your Themeforest credentials and say could you respond to the WooCommerce featured products image upload issue? This is delaying our business progress please. Thanks. Rosemary Ndukuba

Hi, sent a support request three days ago via the contact author portal and have still not heard back…

Hi! Sorry for the delay. We’ve emailed you. Thanks!


saedesign Purchased

Emailed you back two days ago with the same questions I emailed you about 13 days ago now. Still no reply. Your lack of support is really unacceptable…

Hi! We’ve emailed you. Thanks!

Can I change the quote color and the text color?

Hello. Also, is there any way to get rid of all the blank space on top of my posts?

Hello! Also, the button on my main page (slideshow) isn’t working. How would I go about fixing this?