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I’m having issues with the map feature on my client website. I have included all of the companies which should be showing all company locations on map but it’s not showcasing company location on map feature? I need help!


Hi did you report the issue via PM? please follow the support format procedure so that the support could see your’s clients link and credentials in order to fix the issue Cheers UOU

Hy I have a couple pre-order question,please answer me! I need to make a review site that anyone can tag something and put a small review on these. I want that users must log in and after that see all results from another people in the map.before NO My site will be a review site for local people about they past work expirience.

1.Can anyone write a new post ?

2.Can I chose what will be users asked in a new post.

3.I wanth to remove all butons (COMPANY,PORTFOLIO,EVENTS,BLOG,CONTACT,PRODUCTS & SERVICES Custom Tab) is that possible.

4.Register via facebook,twitter…?

5.Disable a options for users to delete/edit a post when is published and approved by admin.

6.Own This Company? whot is that,(Pourpouse)

7.comments “to autor” for post,can that options be disabled,and any direct conntact to autor turn off..

8.Is there any option to limit previews on the map,that users must first register and write a one review to see another reviews from people.

Sorry for my bad English Thx for your ansvers. Ivan

Hi, I have 2 questions:

1) In the theme there are 3 package for register users. If i want that all the user have the same package (Platinum), how I do it?

2) i want to edit the fields that appears in the user’s profile, where is the code i need to modify?

Thanks and Sorry for my bad english!!


1 – Deactivate all packages except one http://uouapps.com/desk/faq/what-restrictions-can-be-set-for-package/
2 – You can translate these fields http://uouapps.com/desk/faq/how-to-edit-using-po-and-mo-files-to-translate/ or change by hard code

Cheers, Andrey.

ASmiles Purchased

The circular white button to move the map up and down on the “personal place” maps moves the map up, left and right, but not down. Including on you own demo site. Is there a reason for not allowing the map to be moved down?


I cheked it, down button work fine.
Please chek down button on Google Maps site directly https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=36.5699702,-101.2141774&z=4&output=classic&dg=opt
Cheers, Andrey.

hi i am interested in your theme but a pre sales question i want the users to whom i am giving option of free company posting should not be able to enter featured image…..or that option is not displayed for them..is it possible? Any plugin will help or any other way is these….please tell thnx


awaiting your reply

I want to buy this theme, but before I want to know if it’s possible to add a calendar event plugin in Glocal…


hi yes you can , there are several good ones around.. GLOCAL actually uses the standard WP Plugin events, which is implemented in each Company tab…whcih means every company has a lot of different TABs in its description which all are customizable.. like: General, Contact, Portfolio, Events, Blog, Custom Fields, Products 7 services ( WOO Commmerce), custom HTML Tab….

But sure you can use other Eventplugins, too.. saludos

Hi, I want to show in a page the register form with all the fields to fill by the user. How I do it?

Also , I need to add more fields to this form like adress, country …it’s possible?