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1. Which premium plugins are necessary to achieve the functionality in the demo?

2. Can I have geolocation whereby site detects my location?

3. Is there an option to have users rate each listing with for example 1-5 stars?

4. If yes on question 3, then can listings be sorted according to the average rating?


Pr0v Purchased

Hi there,

I’m experiencing troubles with the issue described below concerning a problem with company logo’s being cut into a square dimension. For example, see: http://www.tarero.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/aissa-logo-150x128.png http://www.tarero.nl/mijn-omgeving/ (the logos seen on this page are also cut off)

How can I activate the fix you guys mentioned?


Johan Oldenburg

uouapps AUTHOR about 2 years ago Flag Hi David, thanks for your purchase, currently the logo dimensions are set to 18167 we will offer the possibility to add any dimension during our next update. so you can temporary make the logo as 6767 and add 57 transparent width on each side until we update the theme (most probably on Tuesday or Wednesday) so would appreciate your patience as we’re working really hard in getting the recurring paypal payment ready and I prefer not to distract developers.

Regarding the dummy content there is one in the folder please refer to the documentation everything is explained there on how to add dummy content

if you have any other issues feel free to drop it at www.uouapps.com/system

Wishing you a great w.e Cheers Raad


jonnyfaz Purchased

I have a problem in the list of companies when you click on the link or read more company generates this error:

The web page has a redirect loop


How i can solve it?


romain01 Purchased

Where is Andrey? isn’t he working anymore for UOU??

email conformation not recieved for new user mail registration in my site and also not worked in glocal theme demo


emmamoore Purchased

Can anyone tell me where support has gone?

Hi, I want to know if Glocal Support RTL or Not?


Presale question. I need to create a directory listings site. In your theme can I use woocommerce to colect recurrent payments, let’s say … monthly? It is a Chilean site that’s why i need woocommerce to include easily a local gateway. Thanks in advance!