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Hi I’ve purchased this beautiful theme many months ago. I’m still waiting for the support for the location, I want to be able to put in States and cities. Here is what I mean …
Country : United States
States/Provinces: Florida
Cities/Town: Orlando
In the menu it would look like this
United States
  – Florida
      – Orlando
another example
  – Alberta
      – Calgary
Please help, I love this theme and just waiting to be able to do this.

sincerely Your fan

Hello .. I am impressed with your theme … Congratulations! ...

I wonder how is working with WooCommerce … I need to create a website for a client and he is in a hurry … It’s tormenting me!

Just wanted to know if it is easy to use with Product Vendors plugin …. Or need some special configuration …

Thanks anyway and sorry my english.


Ola, td bem ? :) thank you for your kind words,

Andrey our lead dev is currently travelling he told me last day that he made it compatible with Products vendors plugin but he still needs to explain how it works (so it’s compatible) but you’ll need to manage to work with it by yourself until Andrey publishes a video tutorial or doc about how to use it (he’ll be back from his honeymon on the 26th) but he’s consulting thecomments every couple of days

hope this helps Obrigado & ate mais



Obrigado! :) – I’ll be waiting to see running and talk to us again…