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TonyT27 Purchased

I have a couple questions pre purchase.

1. Am I able to establish a full woocommerce store with this? 2. Is this theme compatible to also be a blog site? Can I post articles, etc. 3. Can I integrate a forums page with this theme? (i.e. bbpress)?

Thanks! Very nice theme.


TonyT27 Purchased

Oh another question.

Does the advanced search have a autocomplete feature? For example, if you start typing “joh” it will autocomplete and show all listing options for “john”?


iislb Purchased

Dears, First thank you for this beautiful template. I’m trying to add companies with multiple branches is that feasible? also i want to create page for a specific company category, let’s say from the main menu users can click on Cars to check all companies under category car.

Regards IIS

Hello – Can you please direct me to the support link. I have purchased the theme but am not finding the support area. I would like to submit a ticket. Thanks. Loving the theme so far.

Is it possible to use this theme to take your own images and make that image a map with pins that just directs you around your website for information about anything? Example. I my own image map is a big piece of equipment and I want to put the map pins on top of the map in different areas giving them information about that part of the image? Does this make sense. thanks for your time.

Is there the option of having a front end user profile page? The idea would be to link user to each listing that they create and then have a link on each listing to their profile page and have a list of all their listings on the user profile page. Please advise.

I have a couple of questions pre purchase:

1. can I personalize the category icon in simply way? 2. I need to create few author members of directory list items but the new items have to approved to admin member. is it possible? 3. author member have a simply frontend to insert thi item data? can I personalize their item post frontend to semplyfing? 4. can you make some implementation based on my needs?


Did you guys stop supporting the vendor integration? I see a lot of 1 year old comments about vendors, but now I see nothing regarding this feature in the theme. Did this functionality get abandoned? I’m looking for a way to have listings also include their own store-fronts.

WC Vendors looks awesome, I’m just not sure how compatible it is with your theme.


Hi, I really love your theme.. but i am having issues uploading a logo in the square dimension. The featured listing/thumbnail cuts of the logo into a square whereas if i open the profile the logo is fine. Any fixes ? I dont want to resize 10000 logos one by one…

Unfortunately I bought another directory listing theme by APPTHEMES and now I stuck on this theme.

Is there a tool for transfering my sql data from this theme into GLOCAL?

I just saw that you do not support this item. So an answer to my question is not necessary anymore. There are other themes with this functionality – but beeing supported.