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Will there be a WordPress version? I totally love this but can’t code.


Hi Siddharth4137, thanks for your message, we’first develop it in HTML and if sales go well then we’ll do the WP part, I’ll drop you a mail to keep you posted. Cheers. KS

I think it’s one of the best templates I’ve seen on directories. If it was done in Wordpress I would be one of the first ones to buy it, and if you would be well done with all the qualities that I think should have a directory that would become one of the most sold here on ThemeForest.


Ciao Mateo, thank you for dropping the message, the first challenge was to get Themeforest accepting the design in order to focus 100% on the content & features (my previous design for a crowdfunding site was rejected 3 times: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/3rd-hard-rejection/94941?page=1#777052) thanks for you encouraging words, I’ll drop you a line as soon as the directory is programmed. Cheers KS

I am not sure about PSD and HTML sales but there is HUGE derth of directory website (wordpress) on themeforest.. This would be only the second wordpress directory theme and 4/5th proper travel theme on themeforest.. Launch it before anyone else does as current DIRECTORY theme is doing well on tf – http://themeforest.net/item/directory-portal-wordpress-theme/3840053

PS: I own this one and yours look much better design wise.


If thats the case do have a look at GEO PLACES from templatic.. At the end of the day people just want to build a yelp like thing.. BEST THING about Geotheme (and geo Places) is MULTI CITIES.. This way a user can breakdown a single big map into multiple maps .. or have multiple cities in a single website.. Apart from this second most imp thing is category sorting on the map.. A map tends to have various category pins on it.. If there is a function like those site itl be awesome.. i like the tabs below the map on your theme.. i hope it works that way.. Add these two features and ill probably buy your theme as well..


these 2 features are cool, the advantage is that we can gradually increase the options in the filters (you know when you click on advanced search) and add them to it, I just need to create a balance between a user-friendly interface & user experience, the first version needs ot be clean & simple to use, then based on the demand we’ll either add features or offer them as a customization option (I’m receiving a lot of emails with different demands already so imagine what will happen when the WP version is ready). it’s important to prioritize otherwise we’ll be implementing thousands of VAS.

Beautiful! Need WP version! I wish you millions of sales :)


Hi Che, thx a lot for your kind wishes, hope they become true (even thouh I don’t know how I would be able to handle the aftersale service :) ), I’ll keep you posted when the WP version is ready. Cheers. KS

Wow, wow, WP version is needed definitely!!!

“I have several other app oriented portals in the pipeline I’m sure you’ll like them as well.”

We all are looking forward to those projects, for sure.

Very impressive work indeed.

Bookmarked and gone following…


Hi Kriszta, thx for following you won’t regret it :) will keep you posted as soon as possible. Cheers. KS

one up for wp version , so nice and very usefull.. regards


Hi Anjan, thx for dropping a message, I’m speeding up as much as I can to get the WP ready soon… will keep you posted. Cheers. KS

Something different! Good luck!


thanks for the encouraging message :) Cheers. KS

I wouldn’t know what to do with a psd or html for such a db type site . . . but I would definitely buy the wp version if I can hold out until then

i would prefer a responsive capacity, so it can be effectively used on a smartphone… utilizing the native smartphone map app for directions, and checking for items nearest the phones location would also be a plus…

i think having bookmarked locations in addition to the search, and configurable categories/subcategories with custom icons, would also be good for my particular application

gl . . . the design/aesthetics are great on this one . . .


Hi Deuce, thanks for the feedback,

regarding the HTML version, some people / companies like to combine their back-end technology with a user-friendly front-end design so by having the HTML version it would be a + for them (+ other people use differents CMS especially Drupal which is better than WP for more tailor-made / complex functionalities)

Responsivness is definitely a must :) so don’t worry :)

The idea is to first convert Glocal into HTML & WP then we will gradually add the corresponding functionalities & features for a great user experience, we will of course also offer customization services with affordable rates

thanks for the compliments :) Cheers KS


I love the look of this site, but I have no idea how to create a site from the PSD files. Are you by any chance creating a wordpress site?



Hi Charlie, it’s on the way be patient :) thx for the message.Cheers.KS

Hello, when HTML Version will become?


I’ll buy one WP Version! :)


Hi there were some stuff missing in the portfolio section we’re submitting the HTML VERSION on wednesday, we’re working hard to get eerything online asap :)

Hi there,

This is great but I think ?t must be Wordpress…


Hi, we’re working on it… cheers .KS

I want to buy html 5 version please! I dont know how to convert psd to html



we’re currently working on the HTML & WP version, will keep you posted, Cheers. KS

Don’t wait for good HTML sales to motivate you to do a WordPress version. Make the WordPress version and sales will take off.


Hi Wain, were doing both simultaneously so that those who want to benefit from HTML could already use it before the WP version is online. thanks for the encouragement. cheers. KS

Could you tell when WP version will be ready?


Hi Che, hopefully within 3-4 weeks + it depends on Themeforest’s approval

aaaaaaaaaa :) love it and waiting WP version :) so then go to buy it ;)


Thx Mukha, I’m trying to accelerate everything :) will keep you posted. cheers. KS

hello. I love this one. I have a wp and I just need to use it.

but I am not sure how I can use it to my wp.

do I just need to change style.css and upload some image file to FTP?

Please let me know,



Hi Freeace, I’m not quite sure that I got your question but if you’re talking about a Wordpress theme that integrate geolocation functionalities and a listing of companies then in that case it might be possible to link the WP back-end to the Glocal PSD (front-end) but it’s quite a complicated task (FYI, it’s nothing about simply changing style.css). so I suggest you wait until we publish the html, wp or drupal version.cheers. KS

did you adapted it on WP? or you have another template and want to install it?

if you have this one, that’s PSD version and it needs adaptation to WP


Thx Mukha, for replying :)


You’re welcome ;)

Will there be a WordPress version? I totally love this but can’t code.

I hope the WP Theme includes a bulk upload option for the listing data. I have been using a directory listing plugin on a clients site, great plugin, have a look http://www.charlestonsw.com/product/store-locator-plus/ the add locations admin area is cool. Hope you could do something similar if you do decide to develop a WPT . Will keep my eye on this space.


Hi, kuickstarter could you drop me an email when the html and WP themes are up and running, Regards overlander


Hi Overlander, I added my comments in the FAQ, in case there are any changes I will update them in the FAQ. thanks for your patience. Cheers. KS

@Mukha and kuick Hello, What do you mean adaptation? I have ait-directory theme. Do I just need to replace image files or I have to fully code for html and css?

@Developer, Now ait-directory has a new version, will you update your template for it?



hi freace00, it’s not as simple as you think to just replace image files, you would ned to fully code it or at least link the ^back-end of ait directory to the Glocal front-end. if your patient try to wait for the HTML version of Glocal in some weeks. Cheers. KS