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azyan Purchased

Hi, I try to change the location on the map, and now my page is empty. do you have a good suggestion about that Thank’s in advenced


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Hi, can u help me please? How can i add a new select fied in to the advanced search element? thanks a lot!

Hi, you can create custom fields & custom search like this: http://vimeo.com/groups/glocalwp/videos/87170579

P.S: Important Notice to All Buyers & Prospects! Please note that we have updated our Support Policy we kindly ask you to read it and follow the corresponding instructions when you require support

Great theme. I just wish it would use Bootstrap. GWS.


Hi thanks for your kind message , we will see if we shallredotitwithbootstrap :-)

Hi guys,

thanks for this great work. Is it possible to change the Home version to the home version with categories? Just like in the Wordpress Template.



Hi Markus,

thanks for your kind words,

I’ll ask the dev tomorrow to explain in FAQ or make a video tutorial on how to set the page as in the demo version

Enjoy your sunday Cheers UOU

Hello, I have a doubt, about the data base, When we buy the template has a file create tables? Or a documentation with the how tables we need create?

Thank you!


What are the hosting requirements to install this template? It is possible to relocate the main map in the region of Argentina? Is possible translation into Spanish of the template? This template works the same way as the template for Wordpress? thanks

Hi, it’s HTML theme, for management need use HTML editors, but you can see Glocal for Wordpress, when you can easy management of the database.

/** Best Regards, Andrey */

Excuse my ignorance, but then the HTML version comes ready to use? companies is to charge and data in database? I use Dreamweaver and some programming but not database thanks


Hi, look the HTML version is a static website, it means that you would need to link the pages to a back-end and create a database, etc… in other terms if you are not experienced in coding and woud like to run a dynamic site then you need the Wordpress version http://themeforest.net/item/glocal-directory-listings-wordpress-theme/5545452

you can watch the video tutorials of glocal here: www.vimeo.com/uouapps

cheers UOU

Is there an possibility to make the font bigger. The tekst is very small.


please read http://uouapps.com/desk/?p=1563
Cheers, Andrey.

Hello, I have bought this template and MetroDir PSDs.

Could you recommend a backend/admin theme for either of these templates?

Thank you

PS: I am still VERY interested to get the HTML version of MetroDir theme. Please let me know if possible to get any time soon.


hi Andrey, This does not answer me question. I bought the HTML version of your themes because WP is not suitable.

Do you know of any HTML admin theme that might be suitable for your HTML themes?


Hi, unfortunately I can not recommend to you framework for HTML theme, it depends on your knowledge and skills.
Cheers, Andrey,

Dear Sirs

Unfortunately it seems that the demo is not really responsive as it got lots of overlaps when accessing the demo from iphone (safari and chrome).

Do you plan to fix responsiveness and if so, what is the concrete timeline?


Hi, we will get back to work tomorrow, in themeantimem can you send some screenshots of what is not responsive because everything from 320+ is responsive you can check it here: http://mattkersley.com/responsive/ cheers UOU


wow, speedy response, thx for that. Checking the site on the link you provided, brings about the same result as using iphone / i pad emulator in google chrome, so you can check the following:

at 320 & 480 users wont have a chance to get back the map once the user dedies to hide it (reload required).

The image map below (with the centered globe) doesnt scale down, just looks kinda werid on smaller devices

Fonts in formfields doesnt scale down so get partially unreadable.

For the “signUp” I recommend moving them to a tabbed wizzard on smaller devices to improve readabillity.

flickr feed at end opens fullscreen picture instead lightbox or something more usable.

Thats just some to mention. ALl not dramatically and easy to fix for you and not ment to complain or “disgrace” your great work.

By the way: how to send PM here? Are you available for some custom development?