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Hi, I get the error on homepage Warning: asort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas04_data02/73/2430273/html/wp-content/themes/glocal/include/php/companymarkers.php on line 368


hello this is an html template not a wp theme

Oops! Can i be refunded, i want to buy the glocal wordpress theme of yours? or not refunded, but that paid amount could also be considered?

Hi, I have mistakenly bought an HTML template instead of buying the WordPress theme. the htnl template was exactly named as that of the WordPress theme. but fortunately both are of your company. What do i do now? can i be refunded?

Salam Waleed, hope you’re doing well, we have no control over the licenses or refunds you would need to contact envato to follow-up with them cheers UOU

Walikum Assalam! :) how do you know i am muslim? By the way, thanks and they solved my problem. Thank you very much!

well not hard to guess with a name like Waleed Khan. shall we also guess your age ? wait you registered on themeforest january 2013 so you must be 32 or becoming 33 unless if you were born in 1931 :)

glad to know that the support helped you have a nice day and thanks again for your purchase

we hppe the wp versikn will be pu lished tonigjt or tomorrow

salam uou

As Salamu Aleikum. How do I remove the menu line/box (main-menu-wrapper) I have removed the menu text but not the “box”. There is still a space between that I cant remove. And I also wounder how can I can remove the line/box there you can see company category with icons. (industries-tabs-wrapper)

Ma Shaa Allah. Nice template =)

Hi Ellecan hope you are fine, can you please tell me clearly what exactly you want to do with the menu.

cheers UOU

Hi when I try to upload the dummy file or when I try to install the pluggins revslider or js_composer (came with the theme) a fail message appear and say: Missing a temporary folder. what does it mean ? how can I fix it ? thank you

Try reinstalling WordPress core, or contact with WordPress community for help
Best regards, Andrey.


I know this theme supports right to left languages, however I would like to know how easy or time consuming it is to make it RTL template?



Salam Ali

thanks for your interest, we supported RTL until end of last year so if the option is still availble in the Glocal CP you’ll see an option RTL click it and then try to fix the CSS in case you see any

please follow up with Andrey at sokolby.com he’s in charge of support Salam UOU

Thanks for getting back to me. I will contact Andrey to get more information about it.

Cheers Ali

Hi! “Revolution Slider” is not working (does not show up) on a company profile. It works great if it’s setup on a page, but on a company profile. Would it be a bug? Can it get fixed?

One other issue I am having, when I choose to “Display Contact Tabs” in company profile, when I see this same profile on “front page” and roll over the mouse on “e-mail”, it previews “mailto:<?php echo $item_email; ?>” and not “mailto:company @ abc . com”

Thank you!

Hi, i have a problem to understand the galleries tab in the company field. I can add images, but i can’t preview them and i can’t delete them from the gallery. When i clic the glass, it shows in a window… Can you give help? You find an example here: http://www.folelli.info/company/residence-mare-e-sole/#company-tabs-portfolio Thanks