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I am still waiting for help !

I do really like your script, but I might have to, for the first time ever, ask for a refund.

I cannot add extra pages with URL links on them that work.

I keep getting this error when I click on them.


For some reason your code is ADDING a ”#” then the URL to the existing URL for the page I am on.

As a result none of the URLs on the page I created work.

Help please.

PS. This only happens when I click on the “i” icon at the top right of the page ?



As I guess you know allready how an ajax system works, this template is loading in the main page index.html content automatically from the rest of the pages.

First adding the links in this format with http:...etc will not work here. Only pages with short url like services.html contact.html

The code needs the text word before the .html extension to know which page content to load.

This why that #services is added after index.html

This how the concept of this layout was created.

Now you are trying to modify it in a way that will require more work on the code, extra modifications, and looking at the things you want to do, maybe give up the ajax system, and go for a simple HTML linking.

This being said the link here http://nzohs.co.nz/mobile2/support.html#https://www.nzohs.co.nz/Member/l is not correct for an ajax system. The code cannot read all the “https://www.nzohs.co.nz/Member/l ” which you are assigning it as a new page.

It’s sad that you want to ask for a refund. Considering that the clear purpose of a HTML template, like Go mobile is, is to provide a design-layout structure for users to have a starting point, in creating their final product. So basically it’s a mockup, a simple strart up point. And not a final product which will work in any idea users have, and support any modifications users add on it.

The HELP you are asking for it’s a not a template related problem. You need help in creating your final product after you added modifications to it.

To answer you problem: “I cannot add extra pages with URL links on them that work.”

You cannot add into this template an outside url. Like you cannot add into a page of this template for example the google.com main home page. All pages must be in the same structure of the template, the way the demo pages were presented by us in our demo.

A fast solution for you is to give up the ajax code, and use the template as simple HTML linking on pages.

Let us know if you know how to to that, or still want to have that app feel navigation the ajax is creating.


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Thank you for your extra long reply, which seems to be very defensive ?

Have a hit a raw nerve concernign your product ?

I am now in the process of hiring a web developer to fix your script.

In my opinion adding exernal links to a web page, HTML or AJAX should be a very simple process, one that should work.

I have used you HMTL template successfully (a great design by the way), which I modified to suit my own needs.

The problem is with your AJAX template which does not allow anyone to modify, or add, any external links.

I find this very strange as to my knowledge most websites in the world (or is that all websites) have external links.

This almost makes your AJAX template obsolete and unusable !

Especially since when I did ask for some simple help, and to be pointed in the right direction, I have received none from you except for a “telling off” !

I suspect that I am not the only buyer of your template who is having this same probelm, and in fact your template does need “fixing”...

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Don’t believe me ?

Have a look for yourself.

1. Click here – http://www.nzohs.co.nz/mobile2/

2. Click on the “i” icon, top right of the page. This takes you to here (http://www.nzohs.co.nz/mobile2/employees.html)

3. Then click on the Sign-in or Sign-out links.

4. The page then goes “blank” and the URL looks like this – http://www.nzohs.co.nz/mobile2/employees.html#http://www.nzohs.co.nz/qr_safety_forms/view.php?id=

Now try it the other way (not clicking on the “i” icon…

1. Click here – http://www.nzohs.co.nz/mobile2/

2. Click on the Employees icon – you get taken to here (http://www.nzohs.co.nz/mobile2/#employees) This is an internal link !!!

3. Then click on the external Sign-in or Sign-out links – they now work !!

The fault is with the code.

Please fix this.


How many homepage icons (e.g., about us, services) do you have?



it suddenly stop working on IOS in standalone… every time i click on the web app icon it loads Youtube with a dead link instead dog the app!!!

it seems that the issues come from the videos. it works perfectly fine on Android.

any help? Thx

I’m using the medical theme and no matter what I do every icon I put into it turns out grey. I’ve searched everywhere in the css but I can’t find what’s causing it.

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I am having the same issue with the homepage icon going to the first youtube video instead of the link it’s suppose to…