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Pagination is fixed with the new update. Thanks.



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Day before yesterday we upgraded our wordpress version to 4.5 and then to 4.5.1 today. But post that, our home page and Video posts are broken. Our bounce rate has shot up from 25% to 80% ! We need your urgent help in making this theme compatible with this version.

Link to our blog:

Regards Vikalp Jain

Hello Vikalp

My demo site is also running on 4.5.5 and theme is working fine. It has no issue with latest WP version. I think you are getting issues because of a plugin conflict. Try to disable all your plugins and see which one is not compatible with latest WP version.


Hi there and thanks for the great theme.

I would like to know how I can take “Archive:” out of the title the categories.



I didn’t get you

The search box has a white box with a black line. Tags has the same formatting. My ads don’t have a white background nor a border.

Yes, ad widget has different styling

I know my support has run out. I don’t need support. I will override the CSS in your theme, because there is obviously a bug, and I think you should fix it. On the Post Format Options screen it will not save my custom colors for the Quote and Gallery. Like I said, I will just write my own CSS to override the setting. I should not have to, though.


I just tried changing colors from Theme Options -> Post Format Options page and they work fine. I hope you are also changing the colors from the same page.

I am. Quote and Gallery revert to the default colors. I recently installed your latest version.

I also checked latest version. This option is working fine. You may try resetting this section and then save again. I can’t check on your site as your support is expired.

Is there a way to put a url to the banner header without the title or description?


Please renew your support to get any help.


I’d like to have the social media icons above AND below my post. Is there a way to establish this?




Currently it is not possible to show share buttons on both the positions but I have added this option and you will get it in next version.


Can you help me out with a permanent fix on our blog theme? In Google Webmaster Tools all my blog posts are coming back with “Missing: author, entry-title, and updated”. I’ve done some digging and while there is some code that I can add that serves as a band-aid to this, it’s apparently an issue with the theme and when updates go through, that “band-aid” code will go away and the problem will come back.

One other thing is that page two of our blog is pulling with a duplicate meta description:

Duplicate meta descriptions Meta description information can give users a clear idea of your site’s content and encourage users to click on your site in the search results pages.

Pages with duplicate meta descriptions Pages's weekly blog delivers experienced views on IT Strategy, IT Consulting, Business Consulting, /blog/page/2/ /blog


All these links are not working. Possible to provide working links so I can check your issue?


I’m having problems with the mobile display for my blog, (1) There should be an image that pops up on the mobile device. But when you load it on a phone, all that shows up is “” without the image. (2) In the mobile version, ALL of my pages are showing up. Some of these are supposed to be private. They are on the desktop version. How do I get them to not show up on the mobilze version. Thank you!

You may be using JetPack’s mobile version. You need to disable the mobile version from plugin’s settings.

Thanks, that helped. My mobile sight is showing correctly now. However, I’m still having 2 problems: (1) I can’t get my menu to scroll. When I hit the 4 bars, it puts the menu about 1/2 way down the screen and only shows Home, Start Here and About. (2) The featured image is not showing up. It just looks like a blank, white box.


1) It puts menu at down because you added some code on top of page. Theme’s menu works fine.

2) I checked site on mobile phone and images are appearing fine to me. Which mobile phone are you using?

If you pick a post to be a video (from youtube) or and audio (soundcloud) why doesn’t any image or media from those sources show up in the related posts section after you publish the post?

The titles of the related posts are present but the media above it displays a generic gray no media image. Do I have to set a featured image?

Yes, you have to set a featured image to posts to show on related posts.


I have successfully set up a menu with three buttons. In the source code there are two “menus”. The first one is hidden and is inside a nav class=”st-menu st-effect-4” id=”menu-4” tag, the second one is the one I actually use and is inside a nav id=”navigation” tag. The problem is that both menus contain the same li items (one for every button) with the same IDs, triggering an error during validation by the W3C validator (since multiple items with same ID are found).

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you very much.


The problem is because of same ID. In the next version I can remove the ID because it is of no use now.


Thank you very much for your reply. In the meantime, can I manually remove the hidden nav item (by modifying my child theme PHP)? Or it would break the page layout?

Thank again!

You should not remove the hidden nav item. It is for mobile version.


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I solved myself :)

What did you solve yourself?


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I’ve installed this theme, for first time its fine but as soon as I changed any thing in theme option then its not saving anything.


From which link are you trying to save options? May I know what exactly are you trying to save?

Hi, I applied the language of information in the documents you have created for the translation but the changes did not happen.

When you look at the comments on a general problem in this regard. If you have a video you can shoot video capture opportunity?

I’m trying to translate the theme to the Turkish language, but did not.


I am sorry but I can’t provide any help regarding this as your support is expired. To get any kind of help, you need to purchase support pack.


There is a problem in the document to your information. I hope you reconsider. Thank you.

Sure, I will check it and update it if required.