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Wow! Serious work! Awesome with the details!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Great! Good luck in selling … :)

Thank you very much! Diakuyu!

Great as always, so happy to see it here :). Congrats :)

Hvala, Ana, and thank you for your help!

You are definitely the playful themeforester! Lovely detail-rich work you got there all the time. With this one, I am not sure about the target audience since it is really specific, but it’s stunning work!

Good luck!

Twice posted:)))

Thank you very much! Yes, in sense of sales my web ideas are not the best:))), but words like yours are worth much more, thank you!

Hi, great work! Need this template running on wordpress, have some other release? Regards,


thank you very much!

No, sorry, Wordpress will not be available due to my lack of knowledge how to code for Wordpress.

Hey Virtuti, well done.

You always have unique features on your themes and this is no exception, Well done again and good luck with sales.

Thank you, Andy!

Really nice work, hava many purchases! ;)

Thank you very very much!

can you give me this them use in wordpress???

Hello, thank you and sorry, Wordpress will not be available due to my lack of knowledge how to code for Wordpress.

Nice theme. Could the homepage be a slider?

Hello, thank you! Actually yes, if you mean background. I think nice plugin maxiimage could work great for this purpose.


Nice theme.

why is the Jquery leaf fall down not workin in firefox?

Thank you! Because it is based on webkit CSS animations (animation, keyframes), jQuery just supports this feature. Currently only Chrome and Safari are able to produce such animations. May be in nearest future Firefox and Opera will do that too, let’s hope!

Nice Job ! Just purchased it ;-)

Jean-Christophe from France

Good luck !

Many many thanks! Merci!

Hi !

I sent you a message via your profile page for some help on the index page. Did you receive it ?


Hi Virtuti,

Great design, one question do you have the reference for the background image?

Regards, MMDT

Hello, thank you very much! It is Brueghel The Elder’ “Harvesters”.

Wow fast reply. Is the picture usable in a commercial project like a website, or is it a breach of copyright?

It probably depends from where you get it. Painting itself is older than 500 years old, so Brueghel cannot claim copyright. On the other hand, I scanned it from a book I bought at around 100$ and by this I feel I can use it (at least for demo purposes). However, normally that I cannot resell it along with my own code and my own design ideas (which are mine and copyright belongs to me solely, so I can distribute/sell/gift them as me wish). So, I think, all depends on the source from where you get even such old paintings reproduction.

By the way, http://store.doverpublications.com/0486996778.html Dover Publication sells royalty-free clipart, I buy often from them, so may be this compilation may help (I do not know whether it includes this very painting by Brueghel but Hunters In The Snow and more pieces of some other great Flemish artists are available in this compilation).

Its probably for ‘Editorial Use’ only.

Thanks for that gorgeous template! I was wondering if there was a chance to show more than one picture (slide show) within the gallery when it enlarges…

Thanks for your replay!

Hello, thank you very much! No, upon the structure used in the template, I do not think so. I used simple tinybox modal window where actually the enlarged image is nested. In fact, it is possible to rework everything, to apply another plugin (fancybox for example), but if to use the current structure, only one (the enlarged version) image will be pop up.

Any chance the animation with the leaves will be running on FF and Chrome as well?

Ignore Chrome. I mean FF only! Sorry

Hello, unlikely:((( The effect is based on webkit only CSS animations (though all properties are supported by FF too) + script developed by Safari developers. However, actually, similar effect can be achieved by using pure js (something like this script: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex3/leaves.htm –not smooth, not modern but still showing falling objects) or just google, maybe there are better scripts or solutions for the same effect.

Thanks for your help. Too bad, this particular circumstance is not listed in the items details…


I rarely post comments on themes, particurlarly if i don’t buy them ;)

But i wanted to congratulate you for your creativity! you build themes that are no basic “Header/Slider/Footer”, and that’s great!


What’s your “small record label producing alternative music.” ?

Best regards

Merci beaucoup! I am very pleased with your words. Et c’est très important pour moi d’obtenir such lettres. As for my record label, thank you for asking!, here it is: www.theeasternfront.org–production of neo-folk, martial, industrial, dark ambient music (since 2004).


Before I purchase your template, I like to know, if it is possible to get the scroll bar working on an Ipad? Thanks