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Nice theme! :)

You guys still supporting your theme? Last time you were here was 9 days ago.

1.What’s the difference between revolution slider and responsive slider? 2. Would like to know if the Google map can be placed where the slider is and at 100% full width?

3. What’s the maximum size logo image can we fit in the header?

4. you know how there is this sexy drop down for all the social icons, just above the header, could we put anything else there such as a small contract for or so?



Hi. Of course, we support this theme :) Thanks for your interest.

To learn more about our sliders, please, read our online documentation: http://goldenway-docs.cmsmasters.net/slider-manager/

You may disable slider and paste the Google Map in the content area instead. Any width you need.

You can set any logo size depending on your header height, which can be set customly. Read about header settings and logo here: http://goldenway-docs.cmsmasters.net/header-logo-and-favicon/

As about social block – no, only social icons can be placed there.

toneee Purchased

It could be a good template but the Slide Manager is a bit tricky. In fact, with WordPress 3.5 the Slide Manager doesn’t work without first installing a plugin called “Use Google Libraries”, apparently because of some sort of conflict.

Developer support is a bit sluggish.

toneee Purchased

No one still has not replied to my ticket. I feel like I’m being ignored. This is horrible.


I’m sorry. We appreciate your patience.
During Holidays our support team works in a limited mode.
Please, specify your ticket number so I could check it and possibly speed up the process.

Thank you.

toneee Purchased

Thanks for the prompt response. Ticket #2765.

I purchased this theme about a month ago – its a great theme. But I am now having problems with it.

- I can’t edit the HTML - I can’t edit the Tags

I am not sure what to do at this point. Can someone help?


To update the theme, please, follow to your Downloads tab on Themeforest and click “download”. Then follow to the Fix_1.3 folder and open README.txt, you’ll find the instruction on update there. Basically you should replace some files at your server. But please, make a backup beforehand – just in case.


Worked like a charm! Thank you


You’re welcome ;)
Merry Christmas!

Dumb question, but there’s a full-width page template, correct?


Hi. Yes, you can set either Right/Left sidebar layout, or Full width for any page. Here is how it will look like: http://goldenway.cmsmasters.net/sitemap-3/

Hi guys. Great work. I’m considering purchasing the wordpress theme, but I hate wordpress (probably because of my web developer roots). I’m wondering if this version includes the HTML-only version too, so that if I decide not to use Wordpress I can roll my own HTML-only version.


Hi. Thank you for being interested in this theme.

There’s no “HTML-only” version, you may extract it using certain coding skills :)

But perhaps you could go with purchasing the HTML version, as it costs only $16 and might save you lots of time and afford.

A follow up to my last post; The HTML demo has Project Layouts, which I don’t see on the Wordpress demo. Does the WP version have Project Layouts?


You’ll find these layouts here: http://goldenway.cmsmasters.net/portfolio-page/

Exactly same look, but just no special menu item :)

Hiya !

Loving it !

Hum…. Well… Does it use timthumb ?

Thanks !


Youpiiiiii ! ;)

Aphro Purchased

So does all you other themes ? :)


Well, not all of them. Just recent themes such as TryMee, Kindness, Shepard, Brilliant, Expresso, Echolake, Ambleside, Willbridge, Roundone and, of course, our further themes.

At first EXCELLENT theme!

I just wanted to add a page “privacy policy” to my footer nav-menu, but when I add any page it also goes to the Banner menu, I mean the new page i.e. Privacy policy appears on the top right side of my homepage. How can I overcome this?

Also please kindly say how can I put adsense code below nav menu. I mean which file I must edit ? and which line?


Hmm… Not sure I got you. Need to see your web site, please.

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket.

Please create a support ticket.
Try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, preferably using screenshots. Don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials.


Hello and good work for your theme!
I am wondering if you have tested the theme with any e-commerce platform available… Please inform me because i like your template and i would like to integrate an e-shop platform like woocommerce…
Thanks a lot.


Hi. Thanks for being interested in our theme.

We haven’t made any tests, but most likely Goldenway is incompatible.


I’d like to know if this theme allows to set individual backgrounds for pages or posts in the content section.

Also I’d like to know if it could be possible to set the content background color to transparent in order to see the web image background as the content background.



Hi. Thank you for being interested in Goldenway!
I beg your pardon for a delay with a reply. Must have overlooked this message :-O

This theme does not allow to add custom backgrounds. But maybe you will like another one that has such option, more flexible and fast working – Halsey WordPress or WhiteBlack WordPress by cmsmasters. For transparent content background it would be better to use our Magique WP theme, though it doesn’t look like a business theme.

Should you have more questions, please, feel free to contact us again :)

Hi. Nice work. :)

Just need to know what CSS customization options you have in your theme? Is there a Window within the theme options where we can throw all our custom codes or we are looking at “TINKERING” with various CSS files?

Also, A) Can the social drop down area above the top hat be disabled. B) Could the background behind the main content area be changed. I think currently it’s diagnol white stripes.



You know, there’s nothing impossible for a professional coder :)


Coder? Developer? You must be talking about yourself :). We are called frontend customizers. If you know what that means!


What I’m trying to say is that if someone’s about to customize our theme code our support guys can provide some guidance for him, but we don’t offer full-fledged coding support on theme customization.

We have released some more powerful and flexible themes after Goldenway. They have opportunity to change background image/color via theme settings.
I would like to beg you to pay some attention to them rather than Goldenway. Here they are:
Cleverminds WP theme
Increase WP theme
Crystalline WP theme
They also have Custom CSS feature.

Aphro Purchased

Hello guys !

There is still this stripslash thing in the slider that is still very annoying… no apostrophe possible without manually set a manual & # 3 9 ; ;)


Thanks for contacting!

In fact there is nothing we can advise besides dong as described. Appreciate your understanding!

Thank you!