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Hi, Contactform 7 is compatible right? I want to insert several tags but they are all aligned to the right. http://www.zeilblog.com/nomineer-nu-je-kandidaten-voor-de-yachting-awards-2015/

Hi there, I just spotted the support ticket you posted and we can sort things out from there. It’s easily fixed with the css I pasted in the ticket.

Hi OllieMcCarthy, please introduce, you can call me rizal, i’m falling in love to your theme, but i want to ask you about, can i change the colour of your theme? yeah like i want to change to only red header, with white background.. thx anyway

Hi, glad you like the theme. Changing the colour of the header can be done but it will require a little css. It’s a very easy customisation if you have basic web design skills.

I saw you answer a question about being able to add a header or banner image above the the menu bar, will this take up the entire theme width or only the body portion? Also, will it scale on different devices or will that have to be done manually?


Ah I read your initial question incorrectly – my apologies. Just to clarify so there is no misunderstanding – what exactly do you mean by “body” width?

Oh alright, I mean the column width I guess, as in on the preview template can I make it so the banner/header width only stretches the length of the white main section and not extend to cover the background image (in the theme preview). Hope that clarifies it, if not I’ll grab an example. (I’m on mobile and pretty sure I’m going with this template anyways)

Ah I understand now – yes that’s possible.

hey in the footer social widge that is within “theme options” im having issues linking my social media pages to the correct page, when i type a url to my twitter or etc it always takes me to “mysite.com/twitter.com/xxxxx” how do you fix it so it takes your page you put in not your site

edit: nvm i noticed when i did http://twitter..... it worked

Hi there, glad to hear it’s working now :)


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When inserting the theme button shortcodes, I cant make it open links in new windows.

How do I link to news windows (target=_blank) using your button shortcodes? Thanks!


racerxar Purchased

Ok fixed already. Edit gonzo\includes\shortcodes/buttons-shortcode.php Add target=”_blank” before >

Thats all

Hi there, glad to hear you got it sorted :)


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Hi I need to change the Featured scroller arrows from yellow to red – can you tell me how to do this please? Thank you

Hi there, can you open a ticket for that on my support site please, thanks


Hi, good day. I bought the theme just a few days ago (11/03/15), but I just can’t install it. I tried with two old versions of Wordpress many times, I followed every step in the manual and I don’t know what’s wrong, maybe the files are damaged? what can I do to make it work? please answer me, I spent money on this.

Hi there, try extracting the zip file you got from your downloads page. Once extracted you’ll see the gonzo.zip file. Make sure you upload only the gonzo.zip file to wordpress.

Hi again, I did that and yet it isn’t working. Should I try with an even older version of wordpress 4.0? Which one do you recomend me?

It works fine with the latest version of wordpress. Please open a private ticket on my support site with your user/password and I’ll install it for you. Here’s the link:


When viewing my website on mobile the images arn’t being sized correctly, I’m using and iphone 6. – http://louellafernandes.com/

The responsiveness works fine on PC tho when I change the size of the screen so I had trouble actually finding the issue.

Hi there, try quickly deactivating your plugins to see if that’s causing it. If that doesn’t work please open a ticket on my support site:


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how i can change menu colours?? and how i can find a slide in page??

Hi there, can you open a ticket for that please? I’m trying to keep all support on this site:


Thanks :)