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Here’s the link: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Sign up and you can submit a ticket. Remember to paste your purchase code into the box provided. Here’s an example of where you can find the code: http://i.imgur.com/g3UW86T.gif

Thanks :)

Hey this looks like the theme for us, just had two questions:

1) I noticed in previous comments that you are, or were, able to implement a 1-10 rating system, I would assume that this is still possible, correct?

2) We are looking at a design that would allow for color coded categories, but noticed one your live preview that even thought the menu colors were different all of the banners (like the corner of the slider) were the same yellow color, is this customizable as well? (Not a deal breaker, but something we would REALLY like.)


I think i found the answer to question 2 in the comments

“markryandesign 2 years ago Flag Quick questions before we purchase

We like how the different categories have their own colors. Can we keep the colors that we assign to each category on the home page. We See in your example all home page items turn yellow rather than remaining the color of the category they are from.

Warm regards, Mark OllieMcCarthy OllieMcCarthy AUTHOR 2 years ago Flag Hi Mark, that’s not an ‘out of the box’ feature. It’s a small customisation but you would need to be familiar with WP code.”

Once we purchase and open a ticket, will you be able to assist with this? We have a couple of people on staff who can modify css and php, just not write their own code, so if you were to get us started, we could take care of the rest


Hi, yes I will give you some tips and pointers to get you started. Open a ticket and I’ll help you out: http://omc.ticksy.com/

Is it possible to have different video’s on each page using the video widget?


Can you log into your account that purchased please.


I’m working on the site for a client that purchased your theme. What information do I need to get from her to get assistance?


Get the purchase code off your client. Then create an account on my support site (link below) and verify the code in the box provided.


to new or prospective buyers

Beautiful, low overhead theme.

BEST support system hands down. Author answers M-F, only, and states so right at the front. The BEST part is that 95% of my support questions didn’t need to be asked, due to his archive of answered questions.


Thanks for the kind words :)


NP, couldn’t see a way of doing a public review other than posting here. Good work deserves good words.

does it have a feature where u can change the thumbnails on the homepage to look or to have a book dimension.. ?


Hi there, I’m afraid that’s a customisation. It’s not massively difficult but you would need to know how to edit css.


I just uppload the theme and i’m getting an error no matter what i do. Can you please hjelp?

Best regards Dany


Hi Dany, what error message are you getting? Also, how are you uploading the theme?

Hi Ollie

Wonderful theme.

I fixed the problem. A plugin was in the way. Thank you for a fast response.

Cheers Dany


Hi Dany, glad it all worked out :)

Hi i automated my portal with gonzo, but likely to the slider show posts by category and not check the field featured. Have a way to change this?


Hi there, can you open a ticket for that here please: http://omc.ticksy.com/


Also keep in mind that it’s a bank holiday weekend so support will resume on Tuesday morning. Thanks for your patience :)

i got problem with gallerys. i’ve read the docs. put [gallery link=”none” ids=”4014,4011,4007,4004,4003,3931,3928”] in the begining of the post… but when i see the page there is no title and no gallery slide… only an ugly standard gallery.


Hi there, can you open a ticket for that please: http://omc.ticksy.com/


have you seen the ticket?!


Just responded to it ;)

another problem is that does not appear the shortcode button for soundcloud in the “new post” panel. please help me!


im already waiting the mail for registration…


There’s no need to confirm anything by email. You can sign in straight away.


ok. ticket opened.

Hi, I would like to use two different Font’s on my page. Is this possible with Gonzo theme? I would like the header texts and menu to be a different font than Open Sans. Pauline


Hi there, can you open a ticket for that one please: http://omc.ticksy.com/

I sent an email with my questions per your request 3 WEEKS ago!!! No Response!

I know have more issues with your page that is frustrating.

Is that what happens here? I pay for something, you claim to have support, then fail to deliever on your end. Great!

I’ll be rating you a zero shortly. Thanks for nothing!

EMAIL ME!!!! ljmd619@gmail.com (the purchase order is under wlanzarotta@gmail.com) PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL WLANZAROTA

Look at this page, http://xposesd.com/surf/tabletops-aug-10-2014/ why is everything out of place, the sidebar is at the bottom, the pictures are hanging off the page. Not a good look, the page was perfect yersterday, today I made 3 adjustments and then this crumbled mess. FIX AND CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY!


Hi there, I don’t do email support. Instead I handle all support through my ticketing site here: http://omc.ticksy.com/

That link is stated clearly on my item description, in the documentation and here in the comments.

If you calm down I will be glad to help :)

garydee77 Purchased

Ollie – stick a question up at http://omc.ticksy.com/

Asking about if possible to completely change the background colour of the whole menu from left to right – however when I try – seems to be hard coded css changing the menu options back to default bg of white?

How best to implement a complete menu colour change – but have each individual option use its specific colour that you setup in the menu options? Thanks


Hi there, that’s covered in the FAQ section on my support site, if you run into difficulties with it please open a ticket.

My colleague has purchased your theme (he’s on vacation) and we have used it for this website: http://blog.3dpxp.com/

I have created a static Home page and used some shortcodes to pull up several categories’ posts. I do, however, want to include 5 posts – always the newest stories, at the top of the blog. With the current shortcodes, however, all I can do is choose categories. But we have many different categories and I want this feed to include all categories, and rather show the five newest stories.

I found and article on the shortcode for blogroll, but this did not seem to work. http://www.washington.edu/marketing/web/blogroll-shortcode/

What to do?


Hi there, I’m afraid I can only provide support to the account that purchased the theme. Perhaps you could get the login details from your colleague on holiday.