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in some articles the comment section does not appear. how can i fix this?

Hi there, can you open a support ticket please over on this site:


Thanks :)


I’m interest with your product I plan to create a Review Site with Function :

A) For ADMIN 1) Can Create Any Category and Set Default Review Points sample is Admin Create Audi from Category HOME>CAR>AUDI and Put default Points for Rate and Review like HANDLING,PRICING,SUPPORT

2) Can Put Default Information for each Post, sample post about Nokia 925, will be show as table for information about Spec of that devices above on Rate and Review

3) On each Post have option to put Prices table and this prices information will show Prices based on Member who gave informatiion about latest price of the each post/product.

4) Can Invite Any Customers From All Social Media (FB,Twitter,Linkedin,etc) to give a review on specific page

B) For REGISTERED CUSTOMERS 1) Can SIGN UP with any Social Media 2) Have option to send url from Review Site to Social Media when they put a review on our site. 3) Allow them to give Rating and Review Word on each page that Admin already created like on Audi Page. 4) Allow them to request new Category. 5) Each Review they give or submit can receive like/dislike rating from any member including free member. 6) Can send message between member (private message)

C) For Free CUSTOMERS 1) Can give like or dislike from each review from register member

D) For SITE BEHAVIOUR 1) Will make Auto Post/Review Head to Head or Versus between each Post on same Category, sample is if we have Post Audi and BMW, so when any visitor search Audi vs BMW on search engine,it will show BMW vs Audi head to head on our site. 2) Support for Compare up to 5 Post and easy to drag and drop each items post (not just 2) 3) Show Most Famous Post Category and Top Review Person. 4) Send Notification to Each Member when they on top of most Like Review. 5) Advance Search – will show many option for it so any visitor can search with many setting like prices or else

If some function not available please tell me which one is already have and which one is not and can you do custom work or at least tell me what i should do or combine any plugins ?

Kind Regards

Hi there, that’s quite a list of requirements ;)

To be honest most of the things you need are not included as default in my theme so you would be looking at a lot of customisation.

You would be better off looking at the “all in one” type themes here on Themeforest that try to cover all angles possible.


kim9988 Purchased

Hi there,

I have a problem with the font size of Menu. I adjusted the typography in theme options, if i scale font to 10px, the Menu looks good but when i click into a category, the description on the posts looks very small. I tried scale the font to 13px and the description looks better, but the Menu looks huge. How do i settle this?

Hi there, if you haven’t already, can you please open a ticket on my support site: http://omc.ticksy.com/

I’ll be back online on monday. Thanks :)


kim9988 Purchased


I have actually opened a ticket yesterday. I’ll wait for your reply on Monday. Thanks. :)

Howdy! A presale question for you—does Gonzo have an option to change how mobile navigation works? Everything is great about this theme except its mobile menu rolodex on iPhones! We need the 2016 standard, which is a clean menu that pops out to the side, like ShiftNav :]

Thanks, -Nate

Hi Nate, glad you like the theme. If I’m honest I’m a little wary of adding something like that into the theme as I want to avoid code bloat as much as possible. Having said that you could always use a plugin for the type of mobile menu you want – I’ve seen a couple of customers use them.

Hi – I’m not sure if I have successfully submitted a ticket. The auto response said the url was wrong (it wasn’t) and then that the email was already in the system (I did not receive a confirmation).

Please let me know.

Hey there, I did a round of all tickets today and yesterday. If your ticket wasn’t responded to you can always go to my profile page here at themeforest and send off an email.


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Hey Ollie,

Is that possible to make the review display box full width but positioning at the top of the posts?

Hi there, it’s possible but it’s a small customisation. All I can do is give you some guidelines on how to get started on it. Open a ticket on my support site and I’ll see what I can do for you.

is it possible to make the main background clickable?

Hi there, it’s not an out of the box feature, however if you open a support ticket I’ll see what I can do for you.

NO SOCIAL BOX! This theme includes a Social Box plugin that no longer works. The author does not seem to be around. If you go to the Social Box plugin page, it’s littered with comments of disgruntled folks who have discovered this. Hopefully Ollie will update this in advertising this theme. To do so with the screen shots is not honest as the Social Box DOES NOT WORK.

Hi there, I’ve had a couple of support tickets over that plugin but I can’t recall a single time I couldn’t get it to work after a little adjustment.

Please open a ticket with me here: https://omc.ticksy.com/

I’ll see what I can do to get it working for you.

Good morning,

please I need one question before buy your theme.

I need a specific feature.

I need to have an events calendar (event create for each date) and I need the possibility to send and email for booking for the “free” date. I wolud like to click on the “free” date and put in a form (CF7?) with (NAME, SURNAME, TELEPHONE, ETC, REQUEST, ...)

There is the possibity to make this?


Hi there, that sounds a little too specific to be an out-of-the-box feature. Have you looked at plugins that might do this for you?

Hey, can you help me with my problems. I already submitted ticket.

https://omc.ticksy.com/ticket/729256 and this https://omc.ticksy.com/ticket/729871

Hi there, I replied to the tickets this morning. Keep in mind that I don’t work on weekends so any tickets posted on sat/sun will sit there until I return to work on monday morning.

because the updates do not appear in Envato toolkit ?

Hi there, I’m not using the auto-update in case people who have edited the theme files auto-update without backing up their files. I know that people should backup their files before updating but many don’t for whatever reasons.

Besides, updating is really simple if you haven’t edited the theme files, just delete the theme and upload the zip you get from your downloads page. Only takes a minute to do.

I managed to make the theme of the update, but it seems that an error occurred. A broken image appears on the theme of the background only in the pages of posts. http://planetadocorpo.com/2016/04/exemplo-de-serie-abdominal-para-intermediarios.html

Can you open a ticket for that please and I’ll sort you out as soon as I can: https://omc.ticksy.com/

Can I upgrade WP to the 4.5 version ?

Hi, yes you can. Please remember to backup both your files and database every time you update the core.


kianyang Purchased

Hi, I have previously purchased this Theme from you. My client would like to launch a localized language version of the current site under a different domain name, do I still need to pay for a new license in this case ?

Hi there, from what I understand a new license needs to be purchased for use of the theme on each domain. Now you might want to quickly double-check that with the Envato Support Center to be 100% sure.


405group Purchased

If your first word is linked in a single blog post it seems to break the site. Is this a known bug?

Hi there, I’ve never heard of that happening – it sounds quite odd. Can you please open a ticket and I’ll take a look for you:


Jmhellis Purchased

Hi, if I put a post in multiple categories how choose the one it shows on front page? i.e. I have a new post about a PC hardware, and i put it under technology, pchardware, intel, windows ect… it’ll choose a random one to display on front page.

Hi there, can you open a ticket for that please and I’ll take a look at it for you: https://omc.ticksy.com/

Hello, In the envato live preview I noticed that many backgrounds take the color of the menu that the user clicks on (e.g. Design, News, etc.), and the page content is filtered to that category only. However the content in the “Popular”, “Fans”, “Reviews”, and other widgets remains the same. Is it possible to have these widgets also respect the menu choice, i.e. to have their content come only from the chosen category/menu? Thanks!

Hi there, yes that’s possible with a tiny bit of CSS. It would only take 2 minutes so I would include something like that in the theme support.


nexbg Purchased


I have a problem to find a way to add Header Banner on my site www.stamencic.net. How it can be added?

Thank you in advance.

BR, nemanja

Hi there, the easiest way to get the header banner working is to upload an image to your media library. Copy the image url and paste it into a text widget. The theme will take care of the rest.

If you’ve tried that and are having difficulties please open a ticket and I’ll take a closer look for you: