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Hi, I have a little questiom. How I change de number of articles thath show it on each page of pagination? Now my Gonzo show me 10 articles in the Loop Blog Style 1 or 2, but I need to show 12 articles, not 10…. how I can change this parameter number. Thanks for your answer. Regards, Lee.

Hi there, can you open a ticket for that please? I’m trying to keep support in one area, thanks :)


HI, I want money back !!!

Hi there, sorry to hear you’re not happy with the theme. I got your email so we can take things from there.

I noticed you mention 3 years ago that Gonzo doesn’t support Buddy Press. Do you have any plans to integrate that functionality into this theme?

Hi there, I’ve no plans to support BuddyPress in the foreseeable future. I would recommend checking out the dedicated BuddyPress category here at Themeforest, there are some very nice themes there:


I’m having trouble with the last update theme! The search field does not work as well as the issue be presenting incompatibility with some plugins. I had no such problems in the previous version.

Hi there, can you open a ticket please on my support site:


Thanks :)

Security updates from last week are still making the theme unusable, author is aware, site still do not work properly.

Asking for REFUND!

To be fair, I offered to help but you refused to let me log into your wordpress dashboard. If you let me log in I can sort this out easily.

I’ve fixed the bug and there is an update in the review queue. Since it’s Sunday the approval should happen sometime tomorrow.

Is this theme still updated? The changelog has stopped last year!

Absolutely, I’m continually updating the theme, the last update was two days ago. I’ll amend the item description to show the last couple of updates.

I’ve been using Gonzo for over 2-years now and I must admit, the support has been great but like ALL wordpress themes, you do need some technical background. A+ Theme and A++ Support! Well done Ollie!

Thanks for your kind words :)

Not only is the Gonzo magazine theme easy to work with (via short code), and the theme visually unique and stunning, but perhaps most importantly, the theme’s developer Ollie McCarthy is an absolute joy to work with.

I’ve been running my fantasy football website (http://sleeperlist.com) for two years now using the Gonzo theme. Not until a recent update did I encounter a problem. The issue was a minor one at best, and turned out to be a Java Script bug.

Ollie was fantastic. His response time stands out in a crowd—and I’ve worked with enough developers to know the difference. Ollie was prompt, but he was respectful and courteous…not to mention that he worked diligently to solve the issue, not just mask it. My category images stopped showing, with just a dull black background in their place. Ollie was able to get to the root of the issue through process of elimination.

I will stay Ollie and OMC for as long as I’m a website owner. Thanks again Ollie!

Thank you! :)

Hi, I’ve been searching and searching and the only plugin I’ve found that offers this functionality is kk star ratings… but it doesn’t offer itemized rating(eg splitting a restaurants rating into say service, quality and price)

What I’m after is a theme like your own, but the most important thing is that I can show in the sidebar, a widget showing the top 5 rated restaurants, the top 5 rated bars, the top 5 rated beaches etc. I’d just like to be able to create a category for each and have top 5 lists displayed in the side bar. Surely, I’m not the only one for whom that is a basic necessity …..

I’d code it myself, but I’d rather by an off the shelf theme like yours and get busy filling it with content…

Please tell me Gonzo has a top rated widget(separated by category)! :)

Hi there, you’re in luck my friend :)

I included a custom widget that does exactly this – it’s called “Gonzo Best Reviews”. Pop the widget in your sidebar, put in the category you want, set the amount of posts to display, save and you’re done.

that’s good news :) cheers. tbh the demos of most magazine themes don’t show ratings split by category. thats what has put me off purchasing so far… i’d definitely recommend that u put that widget on your demo site… thanks hopefully be buying before too long :)


Bossietj Purchased

Hey, love the theme! Thanks for the great work.

I was wondering, is it possible to remove the description of your posts when adding layout module C?

Thanks for the nice words :)

Yes, that’s easy enough to do. Open a ticket on my support site and we can take it from there: http://omc.ticksy.com/


lbdesign Purchased

Is there a way to place social sharing icons at the end of each article? Like between the end of the article and the comments section? I don’t see this in the demo. Thanks!

Hi there, that’s pretty easy – there are lots of free plugins that allow you to do that. Have a look at the official plugin repository: