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Hi there, I love the theme, thanks so much for creating it! Anyone’s who’s considering purchasing should, it’s one of the best I’ve ever bought.

I have a question though, how in the world can I change the font type in the page captions? I’ve tried putting code into the individual page CSS option at the bottom of the page, I’ve also tried putting code directly into the blurb, but the font doesn’t change at all. I’m trying to use a Google font so not sure what the issue could be.

Thanksnin advance for your help!


Applying the update to Elegant Builder failed, and as a result, has completely stripped out my page’s content. Tens of hours of work lost on a live client site. Completely unacceptable — is their any fix, or is just a dead template now? And if so, can I get my money back? :(

Our site has also been destroyed after updating. Elegant Builder say we have to contact you for an update. In the meantime we cannot make any changes to a site we need to modify on a daily basis

How do you recommend reviewing or recovering revisions for content created in the Layout Builder. My Wordpress will only use its native revisions control to show content in the normal text area.


Our real issue is that we cannot view any content in the layout builder. if we open a layout builder section we will see no content – then if we save the post or page, that content is lost. Since the Revisions history does not have layout builder content, I cannot readily recover. I see that an xml export of wordpress will have the meta data used for layout builder content. I happened to have left xml out of my exports for backup. maybe I can deal with a mysql recovery to find the old post content. in the mean time I would like to be able to edit the site.

RE: MDNW and 3.9 and updates Good Bones

We look forward to an update. The Page Builder contant via Elegant Builder is not updatable. Opening and saving a page will erase content. The post meta content in the database is in a field without revision control.



It looks like the 3.9 update introduced tinyMCE 4.0 which has messed up the elegantbuilder text box. Is there a fix for this?

Regards Paul

just a quick update: Here is the error—> TypeError: tinyMCE.get(...) is null /plugins/elegantbuilder/js/et_lb_admin.js?ver=2.3 Line 71

Hi Brendon,

please. Please. Please. Can you fix elegant builder on WP 3.9+?

We’re completely stuck with all the pages on our site – and it’s been far too long since we updated the content.

It says that there is an update but I can’t find a way to get to it. Could you please let us know how we can update to Elegant Builder 2.4?


Hello I cannot view any content in the layout builder. When I open a layout builder section there is no content – and if I save the post or page the content is lost. If there a way to fix this problem? I need to make edits to the content of the site but have no way of doing so through the layout builder. My site is a dead duck right now.

Here is a way you can salvage your site. It is a pain, but the only way I have found to fix it.

1. Install firebug 2. Go to one of the pages on your site. 3. Open firebug and look for the tag et_builder_clearfix 4. Right click on the tag and copy as html 5. go to the page in wp admin 6. disable page builder 7. Click the Text tag on the main editor (above the page builder) 8. Paste in the html and save

You should now have a manually editable page


Just wanted to notify you that Goodbones demo is down.

Best Regards,

Thanks! We’re about to release some fairly hefty updates for this theme and I’ll let ya know when it’s posted :)

ETA on the update? An update was promised 2 months ago:

That said, I’ll be releasing some updates this week that allow the use of the better “Visual Composer” plugin as an alternative. Likewise, I’ll be updating everything else in the theme to 3.9 standards as I’ve been doing with all of our older legacy themes this past month!

Still no response. Guess he gave up on this theme.

Hi!, Great job on an awesome theme!!

I have one problem… whenever I have a page with a subpage on the mobile version, there is an infinite loop trying to get into the main page. and on a mobile version click on the What we do link.

Please let me know if this can be fixed.

THANKS so much for an awesome theme!

This theme has been nothing but a headache. I would not recommend purchasing it, the Elegant Builder plugin does not work. The Author never responds to questions or fixes obvious bugs. Not recommended, zero stars.

One of my client’s website uses a theme by the same author – previously available on ThemeForest called ‘Action’. This is a great theme, but has now been removed from ThemeForest for some reason.

WordPress v3.9 breaks the editing of the page content in this theme though – I think because a bundled plugin called ‘Elegant Builder’ needs to be upgraded from v2.3 to v2.4 to fix an issue with TinyMCE.

This v2.4 version does exist as the plugin page states one is available, but unavailable to download. If the author of the theme reads this, or anyone else who has v2.4, please contact me at: chris ‘at’


User ‘crdunst’ is right—this theme has been abandoned for so long, that paid users are unable to update Elegant Builder. There is no automatic plugin update option. Come on guys! Let’s join the party or at LEAST send out a patch (not even asking for an upgrade with new features) that allows paid users to fix this issue