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Theme overview link on the homepage links to a 404 page just FYI. Looks great though, GLWS!

Thanks for the heads up Refaktor! I was just tinkering with that section while we put up the new entry page – the URL is correct now :)

Can I get full screenshots of the admin panel?

Also curious how much we can customize the elegant builder styles in the admin? I like elegant builder but I can tell almost immediately when a site is using it which is why I don’t use it. I see that the styles are different which is cool but it still has that elegant themes look (which isn’t a bad thing, just limiting for uniqueness).

Will the theme visual shortcodes works within elegant builder?

Any plans to add buddypress or bbpress compatibility?

Killer theme guys! Nice to finally have something we can build with instead of fighting with a bunch of styling we don’t like! I’m not a coder and this theme seems to solve alot of problems while simultaneously looks amazing for developers.

Thanks for the kind words! What you said basically described my goal with this one… I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not perfect (I really don’t like the word “perfect” used anywhere other than as fluffy marketing lingo) – it’s what I feel is a really great solution, but I’ll naturally be taking any and all feedback for how to improve it as well.

For your followup Qs:

We tested a lot of these… I personally just like how Elegant was coded and how it “feels” when you use it – that it’s GPL/GNU (hey, licensing is serious business when you have plans to roll out 20-30 themes over a year). I also am just a big fan of their work, but I want to see it pushed into crazier designs (that’s coming next), so it’s a good fit.

That said, you can still use the other builder plugins if you want to swap EL out – I added no more than about 50-60 lines of code to tweak Elegant to our needs after some careful thought, but it wasn’t rocket science when we got down to it. I just linked up their columns with out Skeleton.css columns so everything plays nicely on mobile phones and stuff. Then I adjusted the usual stuff – margins, padding, sizing, etc. and tested the crap out of it for quality.

We also made a decision to not include it in our new “Skeleton Grid” template… the reason why is pretty simple – We might switch from one builder to another based on specific theme situations as well – so again, this is all meant to be very flexible, module code that you can swap out as need be (like a good sandbox).

Smart answer, smart decision. Sounds like you are feeling this one out based on future updates, requests, bugs, etc. I like it. I agree that “perfect” should probably never be used especially in theme development but I think we’re finally at a point where the general masses need a core set of functionality that play nice together.

Agreed – and that’s more or less why we built to WP 3.6 standards instead of another 3.5 theme – 3.6 changes a bunch of stuff for the better (at least from the blogger’s perspective) and we wanted a theme that’d show that new stuff off. ;)

Without comment! Very good work, like your others works.

Thanks Atom! B

Excellent work. The Flat style is awesome.


1. Could you clarify “Build your own header layout design.” Does that mean we could change the background of the header? Is there any other customization to it.

Edit: Found the custom header page.

Still curious about if the header background is changeable. If the “full color” header style can support a background image with the text on top of it?

Edit 2: The theme is incredible, are you guys looking to do a mega menu for it or infinite scrolling for the blog?

Thanks much


Heya Andy!

I’m at dinner but ill send over some details on that when I can :) that basically came out of the final beta process – right now it’s an easy to copy/paste css snippet that went in the custom css panel on that page – in 1.1 later this week it’ll actually be a new set of header options for each page. :)

Back from dinner and a movie – here’s that CSS snippet we used – – It’s just three lines and it’s not terribly difficult to use (just change the color value) and copy/paste it to the page’s custom CSS panel, but naturally we’ll be making it into an actual theme option since we’ve gotten a couple requests for it here and at the forum :)

Great! Looking forward and thanks for the fast response too!

I read where you said this theme was super fast but it gets a 67 on

Which you can see here:

Is there any way you can fix that? The theme is awesome by the way!

Sure! Ill be glad to check it out – keep in mind that WP themes and plugins can throw those measurement tools for a loop (and we load in some extras on the demo that won’t show up in usual sites) – long story short, it’s added to my 1.1 list to look into for ya :)

I promised I wouldn’t comment again but couldn’t help myself!

I’m only 1 screenshot in on the admin panel and so far this thing is Jam packed with everything I’ve been looking for for over 3 years in a theme and this is only 1.0! Finally a theme that we can fully customize, and if we can’t, code is excellent to hand off to a developer without them pulling their hair out (if they still have any).

Great job guys I think you have a real winner that could be somewhat of a theme framework hybrid, just enough for beginners & intermediates that know their way around wp and the top plugins, not attractive yet to “know nothings” (I would consider that a good thing as a developer and a buyer as it will ensure you don’t get requests for things that will just over bloat the theme, and overwhelm your support desk with features many do not want…), very powerful for developers.

Looks like simplicity & complex technology finally hooked up with the right developer…

Beautiful work!!!! Very clean theme!!!;) Wish you many sales my friend!!!;)

Thanks! B

Very cool theme! I’ve actually been considering buying your Swift theme cause I like the header & other design aspect. But this one seems to have more solid framework. Will look into it further.

Heya Funk!

It’s a tough call because you’re basically dealing with the best theme from the last gen framework (which is still awesome for the record), and the first theme in the next gen framework. Long story short, I’m undecided on whether we’ll be porting back the SS2 stuff to the SS1 themes or if we’ll just move forward with new themes and let the old ones be… considerations include factoring in what moving SS2 back to SS1 themes does to existing buyers, and naturally, how long it’ll take to accomplish the port versus the benefit (which is relatively slim as everyone was happy on the first framework… I just saw improvements that could be made). That doesn’t really help your decision at all, I know! Just know that both are solid themes. This one is great for lots of reasons explained in the demo – Swift is awesome because of it’s design, unique header space, and the fact that it was still the result of tons of hours of hard work based on a previously VERY successful theme framework. It’s still better than the vast majority of themes that I pick up to try out… and I’m proud of that kind of stuff. It’s just not as intuitive to use as Good Bones is. Either one you pick, just let me know on the forums and I’ll be glad to get your back if you want to swap themes after the fact :)


This could be exactly what I’m looking for. I hope you don’t mind if I ask a couple of questions- I am a bit of a wp newbie, although I’ve been building html/css/(a little php) sites for over 12 years, but really I’m focused on design. I’m returning to the industry post baby and WP seems like the best move, especially as a client side cms. So excuse me if I ask a really silly question… Am I able to create a child theme from this and then edit the css? – do I need to? I have been looking for a theme that was well written, because so many seem to have too much bling and are terribly slow. I’m hoping this will be a good theme to work with as I work mainly with artists and galleries, so will also be working heavily with your grid system. If you could convince me this is the right one I’ll be a very happy customer! Thanks, and please excuse any comments that sound ridiculous.., i’m like a grandma!

Heya Karlering!

Questions are easy, but I charge for the answers… so… I’ll start a tab? Kidding!

1. First. WP is an awesome move and you’re doing it at a pretty fun time with WP 3.6 coming out next week – a lot of the more unique features that other frameworks have had in the past are being added to 3.6, so it’s gonna be a lot of fun to dive in… plus, you don’t need to learn any of the old methodologies that us veterans had to deal with to make up with WP’s shortcomings. In short, welcome!

2. Yes. All of our themes are tested out for child theme creation. There are tons of articles on how to do this… but I’m usually hesitant to suggest child themes to everyone because they tend to be used as a sort of panacea for theme customizations and can introduce more problems than they solve for the would-be theme users. The quick rule of thumb is this: If you can make your child-theme work using just CSS, then do that. We include tons of ways to do this – from per-page CSS insertion to the top-level CSS inserter in our theme options panel – and if you really want to get crazy, you can overwrite our isolated “theme.css” file or add your own quite easily.

Child themes are really for bigger changes where you want to change the raw HTML markup… which in most cases is great, but if you do too much of that, you end up losing the benefit of the child theme (which is the ability to update it’s parent without hurting the child). Long story short, child themes seem awesome in theory (and they really are if you use them the right way!), but it’s worth some careful thought beforehand in regards to whether that’s the right way or if you can get away with a heavy CSS overhaul, which is a lot easier to maintain.

So ya, that’s a long answer that basically says, “Yes, this theme does child themes – just be sure that what you want is a child theme and not just some added CSS”.

On the note of the Grid/Portfolio templates… I hear ya. We looked at, bought, and tried out lots of different ones… some looked really pretty on the backend (and frontend), but were buggy as $&%^ because they were “overloaded” with features and trying out the wrong combination of settings made smoke come out of the engine so-to-speak. Others required tons of knowledge of crazy information that ordinary users don’t need to know. I like our system (and you can check the admin panels to see how it works) because after using it once, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to get each time… and we’ll be expanding it to include more “skins” in the weeks to come :)

Sorry for the long answer – hope it helps though!

Cheers! B

You are great. Thank you so much. I remember you guys from the early days. Keep up the love. I’ll be buying this as soon as I’m back at my desk. Thank you.

Why are so many Contact Pages unable to render errors neatly, including yours?

Well shoot, all ya need to do is ask! I just added a style patch so it looks a lot friendlier. Not so bad now right?

And the answer to the question “why” is pretty simple – lack of testing – most devs test their forms pretty late in the game when it comes to WP themes and when they test them, they test them for success, not failure. Since most of us use outside plugins to do the heavy lifting of the actual form building and sending/receiving/etc., we make faulty assumptions that the styling is done properly by the form itself, which is rarely the case. Hope that helps explain it! For me, I love getting style stuff like that reported back so that I can fix it up for you guys :)


Still as-cue: ? The errors render right and outside ( i did refresh ) ie chrome same result

Oh! Hang on a few mins – I forgot to refresh the page cache on my side for the demo! Ill reset it in a min for ya

Nice theme

Awesome, looks great, contact form letting it down a little, get that improved and I’ll happily add this to my collection. Good job!!

EDIT – Changed my mind, it’s nice, hopefully it’ll improve as well. Bought it regardless, will try it later down the road! :)

Thanks Julian!

The feedback on the contact form is useful and ill gladly make some styling tweaks as a few other folks have requested, but ill note that it’s purposefully been left as untouched as possible because that’s what all of the big contact form makers want in a theme – a clean slate that they can work with (so they don’t need to wrestle against theme CSS in their own support tickets)... What I’ll likely do is add some specific tweaks for our own form (that’s pretty easy stuff), and then still leave the form elements relatively untouched for other plugins.

Keep in mind again that this is billed as a sandbox theme – it’s part of its very design to keep things simple and functional so users don’t need to wrestle with too many layers of theme CSS if they want to do something else with the forms. Again, Ill balance that against the overall beauty of the form itself and try to find a better balance of something more pleasing vs utilitarian.

Thanks for the feedback!!


Agree with Julian on the contact form being a letdown. Another area where the theme could use some help is with better calls to action. Hopefully these will be addressed in future versions.

Sure thing! Keep in mind that lots of this stuff on the periphery of the theme’s core functions are left in their vanilla state for a reason – we’ll no doubt have themes come after this that layer on extra plugin CSS, additional modules (like CTAs), and other stuff; this first theme on the new system is more about keeping things pure, functional, and customizable from a users perspective. Layers of additional CMS and CSS are impressive, but can often clog up and complicate an otherwise beautiful thing :) but yeah, I hear you guys on the contact form so ill add a few additional lines of CSS to make it prettier to balance things out.

Cheers! B


I would like to purchase this gorgeous theme but I’m sorry your site does not pass the mustard in IE8 as you’ve listed in “Compatible Browsers”. I checked it on two computers and its a hot mess.

Unfortunately their are a lot of people still using IE8, can’t get around that.

Hi any update on this? Thank you.

Heya! Yep – I’ve packaged some of the IE8 updates into the 1.1 patch that’s going up today for you guys :)


Actually – the version number will officially be 3.0.2 – I have it logged as 1.1 on my private dev log, but I forgot we’re using the 3.0.x prefix on the live version :)

So…you just copied the elegant theme shortcodes and their layout builder? Alrighty! Nice theme nevertheless.

Hehe – The short answer is that there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes that’s not covered by the drag and drop builder… We’ve integrated one of the best systems out there for that particular sort of thing, but I would say that made up about 5% of the total dev time – is it a feature we want to advertise? Sure! It’s one of those things like the Revolution Slider that theme makers will inevitably use as marketing points despite the fact that building a plugin and integrating it are two very different things… And that there are “integrations” where a plugin is just slapped on and there are “Integrations” where plugins are treated with the same amount of care and attention as other core parts of the theme… but alas, that perhaps says something more about the theme ecosystem as a whole ;) Still, I cringe a bit when I see someone talk about something thoughtful and throw the word “just” in front of a sentence to undercut it. I get it. I do! Watch – “all you did to lose weight was ‘just’ exercise and diet?!” – see, we’ve taken a thing that lots of folks struggle with and made it seem silly with slight of tongue. But it’s a little inaccurate in this particular case as it brushes aside the bulk of the theme’s value to focus on one piece that we’re proud to be using.

Cheers! B

OK I like your perspective, keep that contact page sleek, just fix the spacing a bit maybe…

In regards to IE, I just tested with my PC and IE9, layout seems OK but the skeleton builder throws a JQuery error on both the blog and the skeleton page. That could be what’s causing webpagemine’s issues if she hasn’t got errors showing.

Heya Julian!

Checking into it now for ya – can I get you to post a screencap of the errors over to – I just added the new product so you can file tickets to it, upload screencaps, etc :)


I’ve bought your themes before, and I’ll continue to do so.

For one, best support in the game, you guys take the cake. Looking at the responses to the above comments, the quality of your work shines through and I really hope you keep it up.

So essentially this is a thank you – JUST TAKE MY MONEY! (In this case, the term just is used appropriated, to demonstrate how easily myself and my money are parted when you release a theme)

I am going to do my best to use BuddyPress with this theme – wish me luck :)

Thanks! Let me know how the BP integration goes – I have that planned for later on down the line, but I’ll be hitting WooCommerce and Events Calendar first :)


Awesome theme as always!

Q: Is there an alternate logo on the header for retina display? Thanks!

Heya Eddy!

Good catch – I’ll add that as an option for that in 1.1 – I actually did all of the testing using plain text for the header (ie: not an image), which is how that section was originally designed as you might notice from some of the screencaps in the alt-headers page – You could also just upload a large image and it’ll do the work for you since all of those images scale responsively and automatically fit the width of the area on mobile devices – I didn’t really even consider this during the demo yesterday, but rather than try to explain the proper size ratios and all that stuff, I’ll probably just add a separate upload field for a @2x image so it’s plain as nails :) Thanks for the heads up!


Sweet! Looking forward for the upcoming updates! WooCommerce yeah!

Ran into this earlier today.

Just a thought. I noticed your Header Menu Mast is moveable anywhere. Wondering if your theme can support a full width slider with the menu mast and logo in it.


Hi, I am completely new to WP and Themes, never built a site before etc. However, after hours of viewing, I really like this theme, looks fantastic. i am looking to start a blog, with podcasting, and also a job board. If i use this theme, (and the main reason apart from its stunning design and features, is the drag and drop – the only code i know is Armani code aftershave), I am going to use WP Job Board plug in – will this be a simple exercise and will it work well and take on the theme i put together – just want to check prior to getting all this. – appreciate your time and look forward to the answer – Simon