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Looks really smooth and nice on the demo. Just wanted to let you know the jpg is missing from the ‘Here’s Another’ Tab

Thanks for the heads up!

Hi there,

Awesome theme, I have always wanted something I can play around with as much as this.

I am stumped getting the revolution slider to work properly. It was the first thing I was working on and I can’t get an embed Vimeo video to be sized properly when I load the page. In the preview and in the builder it looks right, but when it gets loaded it all goes out of whack.

Any idea? The videos should fill the space as you would imagine.


Hi Wellerj!

Can I get you to file this with a login to so I can take a closer peek over there? Thanks!


Revolution slider stops theme functionality. Possible jquery issue.

Hi Guys, The problem i am having is: When i create a slider using the revolution slider plugin and try to add it to the homepage the theme is breaking. i think it might be a jquery issue.

I add the shortcode for the slide in the “Slider Shortcode for Page Header” location, update….. On checking the site the the wordpress menu at the very top of the screen disappears and is replaced with white space, also the video and accordion functionality stops.

has anybody encountered this problem and found a workaround? any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Derek!

Can I get you to file this with a login to so I can take a closer peek over there? Thanks!


This theme has really really terrible support. I submitted a ticket to the support forum 1 week ago. still waiting for the response. :(

Heya Haox! We’re clearing out the support queue today – sorry if yours fell through the cracks, but I was out for summer vacation last week :)


Is it possible for each section created with the layout builder to have its own background color thus creating a more flat UI design. I am looking to create a grid structure with each rectangular block having its own color.


Hi Randitoman! Not in this theme unfortunately, although we might have themes coming up that do more of this “metro” style approach to the design :) B


Checking your theme, a question:

Is it possible with Skeleton Grid to show videos, soundcloud audio , gallery…the post formats, instead of the feature thumbnail. For example this page would it be possible to display in a grid hybrid not just as list?

Thanks, r

Hi R – For some of those – yes – the Gallery reverts to a featured image, the videos work just fine – but the soundcloud audio module isn’t responsive unfortunately (that’s on their end, not ours). You can use the native WordPress audio file player though to play files that you upload yourself – it’s just the SoundCloud that doesn’t work.

Cheers! B


I resized the page, soundcloud is squeeze but not that bad, but gallery slideshow , youtube video and vimeo video, the thumbnails are not resizing proper.

Thanks for looking into it, r

Thanks for the update – can you file everything with any login details and URLs to so I can check into this for ya? Thanks! My guess is that we just need to wait for the new Post Format plugin to release in a few days from the official WP crew though as it looks like they pulled it from the 3.6 beta to place it into a plugin instead… in that case, only the standard posts will work for the time being until they officially launch all of the new stuff :)


Brandon, Have a couple of questions backing up over on Ticksy. Your customer service is always excellent – so I guess you must be a bit snowed under right now – but if you could get back to me on these points, that’d be great. Thanks. 1) Revolution Slider – is the update to working version of revolution slider included in the theme bundle as well as future updates? (bundled vers 2.2 does not work with your themes according to slider plugin developer – text scaling is broken) 2) Any news on 3.1 update and will the fixes for the double post image issue also be applied to Action theme – as I’m thinking of buying this one instead of Good Bones? Thanks, and sorry for posting here not ticksy, but I think those tickets might have fallen through the cracks somewhere.

Hello, I downloaded and I’m attempting to get demo content loaded. The files Resources/Theme-Demo-Content/Demo-Content.XML and I think I did the option tree, but none of the pages are showing up. Only one page that I created. Should I be seeing a lot of pages after uploading the demo-content?

*update, sorry I didn’t check the “upload attachments”. I fixed it. Now I have to make sure I have everything correct.

Thanks for the update!

I’m having a hard time finding out how to change the color of the menu buttons. Can you guide me there please?

Sure – this should be linked up with the primary link color in the Theme Options panel :)


Just a question about the alternate headers, is it possible to change the header background image not only the color?

Thanks, r

Right now it’s just the color on a page-level. You can adjust the image on the theme-level, and adding a custom image can be done through CSS, but I’ll need to add a new option for the page-image in one of the future updates :)

Brandon – have ticket open on Ticksy – 10 days old now. Several others waiting on same answer re revolution slider. Why the radio silence? Thanks

Heya SG! We ran into some issues with Ticksy and we’re about to migrate over to another support service… I’ll be in Ticksy today answering tickets, but that’s the reason for the radio silence :)

OK, good to know you guys are OK! Answer re slider would be great when you get a sec…

I have turned off tophat in the theme options panel, but it still shows—and yes have cleared cache.

Hiya Ad! Sorry bout that – I have an update hitting the store today that’ll patch this up for ya :)


Hi. Great-looking theme. Just a question before I purchase – can the Layout Builder be used to alter the header section (for example, I don’t want my logo centered at the top, instead I want my logo on the left and my tagline/CTA on the right)?

Hi J2000! The Layout Builder is strictly for the content area, but there are options built in for a Right/Left/Center aligned logo/header area. The navigation just slides to the opposite side of the logo if you opt for one of the side aligned options.

Cheers! B

Hello! Is this theme compatible with WPML? I’m about to work on a site for a translator and I need to create something bilingual.

Hi there! I haven’t tested it out myself, but the theme is 100% standards compliant and I really don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work right out of the box – we even include all of the translation/localization hooks in the template files, so I’d imagine you’ll be good to go :)

Setup child theme, can’t style anything using css, keeps loading from parent css. How to fix?

Hi Johnny!

You might try using a child “styles.css” file as well, located in a child /assets/stylesheets/ folder the way the main parent theme does. I believe that should do the trick, but I don’t have a ton of experience with child themes so that’s just a guess. You can also @import another stylesheet from the child’s “style.css” file or use !important if you just have a handful of overwrites to deal with.

Cheers! B


I’ve kept this theme bookmarked, and pleased to see it’s been updated. Does it now support WooCommerce/BuddyPress as you mentioned a couple of months back? We’re looking for a clean BuddyPress theme so this is why we’re interested.

I notice there are two sets of styles for tabs, boxes, toggles etc. Is this deliberate, or is there a clash between the page builder and built in shortcode styles? Ideally we’d like a consistent style for these elements, preferably the ones shown in your shortcodes.


I’m building a fitness site at Under the strength and cardio sections I’ve been having some issues with formatting ul and li css… is this normal or should I start looking at adding to the custom css to make my modifications?

Heya Noble!

The theme by default strips a lot of the UL styling just because WP tends to use those elements a lot – try using a custom CSS snippet like this to start customizing though:

ul li {
    list-style: disc outside none !important;
    margin-left: 10px;

Cheers! B

Hi, I really feel something with your theme. Nice job. I have a few basic pre-sales questions: 1. is it possible to disable the responsive design ? 2. is it possible to have a boxed version? 3. is there a (not too difficult) way to fixe the width (or maximum width in case of responsive) ?

thanks Max

Hey Brandon,

We are about to upgrade from Super Skeleton to Good Bones – mainly because of the WooCommerce integration that has been promised. Any idea how soon that will be? Great work so far! Keep it going!

Thanks, PostArt

Two presales questions: 1) Would it be possible to add a secondary menu up in the top bar where you currently have the little message on the left? And if so, could you guide us as to how? Would it be using components of your theme, or adding a 3rd party plugin? I really want to buy and try this theme, but the person I want to use it for is insisting on two menus (and too many links, but that’s not your problem.) 2) Just checking—can the logo be any width I want? This person also wants a REALLY big logo. Thanks!