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Hi! Any news on the update? Not being pushy, just looking forward to it.


Is there option to remove the sticky footer in the admin panel? I don’t find it that neccessary in my design.


I’ll add that as an option in the next update – till then, add this Custom CSS snippet:

#section-sub-footer {
    bottom: 0;
    display: inline;
    position: relative;
    z-index: 100;

Cheers! B

Hi, i can’t find option to change the main navigation font in typography section. I also tried to add custom rule to

.sf-menu a {

This didn’t work, i can only use font determined in Basic CSS Typeface. I’m looking to use googlefonts as replacement.

Hi Uni!

Try a rule like this:

.sf-menu > li > a strong {
    color: #FFFFFF;
    font-family: Georgia;
    font-size: 2rem;

That should get ya started :)



Thanks, it worked. Can i disable the ‘strong’ class and make it regular or light?

Is it possible to use Googlefonts in the .sf-menu class?


Hi br!

You can’t disable the ‘strong’ element, but you can just set the font-weight to something lower like “100” or “300” :)



Sorted the bold issue with font-weight, but using Googlefont is still what i’m looking for…


This is solved, needed to add

src: local(‘Source Sans Pro ExtraLight’),

Thanks for the update :)

Just having my own support center here ;)

Are there any news about your update (with Rev. Slider etc…). A week ago, you said it was uploaded the same day. So far, I can’t see it… ?

best regards, Frederik

Is this compatible with BuddyPress?

Not yet :) we have plans to release an update in the future, but right now we’re still a ways off from that.

Hi MNDW, I previously asked if you could ensure that the menu items display the menu name as opposed to menu-item-62, etc. You stated that you would include this in the next update. This is essential to provide the professionalism of the template. I recently updated to 3.2 and this was not included. Please urgently assist.


Please respond

Thanks, was able to add in to the menu items. Done

Hi Leronv! It’s coming this morning in the weekly patch :)

Hi guys, PLEASE! respond. My site’s waiting to go live but can’t before the double image post issue has been fixed. Several times you’ve said the update to fix this has been submitted but I still don’t see it. My ticksy ticket is so old now it’s curled up at the edges and is attracting flies! Thanks in advance! I’m using beta you gave me and will gladly pay for full version when this is fixed! Thanks.

Brandon, thanks for your response on Ticksy Ticket #76554. Unfortunately the bug you thought you’d fixed, back in July, is still there. Can’t make my site live until the bug’s squashed. Please would you re-look at it. Have updated ticket with details. Thanks a million.

Will do – file me some credentials on that ticket if you haven’t already.

Please see Ticket #76554. Brandon. I’ve set you up a clean WP3.6 install – goodbones + required plugins only. So you can see the bug. Happens on all standard posts. Have included URL and admin login for you in ticket. hope this helps? Thanks for your help, as always.

Please can you respond to Ticket #76554. Many thanks.

THANK YOU! All fixed. Site going live now, thanks to your help! :-)

You got it :)

:-) Thanks for all your help getting my site sorted. Appreciate it! Love the theme.

Happy to help out Sg!

Just purchased. Thanks again for support. :-)

Thanks Stu!

Can anyone tell me how to get my sidebar to work? It seems it won’t work because of layout builder but I’m not sure! I had no problems until I uploaded this theme. I really like it except for this part… Anyone else having issues with their sidebar?

Checking now – I had to take a couple weeks of medical leave, but I’m back in the office today and will be catching up as much as possible :)

Ah, still no response :(

Having bought this theme, it is very disappointing wasting my money because I can’t use it how I wish without your help..

Hi, I’m planning to purchase this theme but I need to know how difficult it is to embed different website on front page instead of slider. I replace slider by iframe on my old page. Can I do it with your theme? Thank you, Katerina

Hi Katerina! That’d be relatively difficult as it’s not supported (to my knowledge) with the slider plugin that we’re using. Sorry!

Hi, thanks for reply. In the theme I’m currently using I created child theme. inside the child theme i deleted the slider part of the code and added the iframe code instead. Can I create child to your theme and do modification as described? Could I maybe test purchase the theme, tested and if it does not work, get my money back? I really like your theme otherwise. The one I’m using I have to do heavy modification to the theme and I still need to use lots of plugins to achieve what I want. Thank you, Katerina

I personally don’t really love using child themes – the theme is tested and works with them just fine, but in my experience they can make things more complicated than with just editing the parent theme since most major theme updates have the chance of adversely effecting the child theme anyways. I do wish I had the option to offer folks a “trial”, but that goes against the terms and conditions that us authors have to agree to here. My apologies!

Any news on updates? And will theme be customised to work with new WP post formats? Thanks.

I am new to WP themes. I was reviewing the “Quick Start” section of the them in WP and it refers to files that are supposed to be in the download when I purchased it, but I cannot find them. For example, 1.Theme-Package-Name/Resources/Theme-Demo-Content/Demo-Content.XML, there a number of other files the setup instructions refer to. Where would I obtain these files? I have reverified that they are not in the zip file. Thank You


I decided to purchase this theme but I can not see full width single page in theme preview. Also I am wondering that will you share me a xml file to quick setup of theme?


Fantastic Job. Slider page is broken : no footer. I suppose dit is due to post type issue in post carrousel. Can we expect a fix on this soon ? What about woocommerce ? Any release date idea ?

Checked out the theme yesterday (considering a purchase), but the nav bar button isn’t working on iPhone 5 in Chrome or Safari. Looks like a solid theme, otherwise.

Is it possible to switch CSS to Zurb Foundation Framework?