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This is a repost. I posted this question 20 days before but still have no answer. I also posted on support, no answer.

Slider page http://good-bones.mdnw.net/front-page-layout-builder/revolution-slider/ is broken : no footer. I suppose dit is due to post type issue in post carrousel.

Can we expect a fix on this soon ?

What about woocommerce ? Any release date idea ?

seb2nim Purchased

I think i found why i get no answer.

I hope you’ll be on feet soon.

I need to let the theme aside as there are far too issues with it right now :

Post format code breaks on 3.7 Option tree cannot save values Options serialized are incorect (cannot change font)

For most blocking.

Hope you’ll be better soon and get back to work to fix those little issues on this great theme.

is your demo content included?

Brandon, not sure what is going on with you, but I’m really disappointed. The latest version of option tree has tanked Super Skeleton and instead of getting a fix, the theme has vanished. I was a huge fan of your work and recommended you to a lot of people. Instead of being able to focus on my work I’ve had to labor over this site for over a week trying to resolve this single issue. That defeats the purpose of buying themes.

I get that this is a hard business and client support eats deeply into development and profits, but, that’s the business model you chose and a lot of us put faith in that.

I can’t ever imagine buying another theme again from any privateer or small business. The risk is too great. – JP


wordpress 3.8 has been released, its ok if we upgrade?

seb2nim Purchased

Ok, so Brandon didnt gave any news for 2 month now.

Hello guys! I dropped you a couple of ticksy notes, as well as a couple of emails, but I didn’t’ hear back. I’m currently using Reaction, but would like to migrate this to the WP Sandbox Theme. Will it absorb all of the admin settings I set up in Reaction, or will most of those settings need to be re-set? Is this the best theme to use to maintain the overall functionality, or do you recommend any others in your library?

Hi, pre-purchase question here… wondering if there is any pending update incoming?

I’ve used some of your themes in the past and would like to know if this theme will continue to see development.


Hi, I’m looking for a highly customisable theme, and this might be it.. Some questions: 1. can i change the layout the sortable portfolio, i would like one column, but with picture and short text side by side… 2. can I have multible portfolio’s? 3. can I layout the blog page + is it sortable? 4. can I have vids play inside thumbnails instead of lightbox? 5. can i make rounded edges for the images? THanks!!! Marije

ah, sorry I forgot one question.. When you are buildling layouts, can you save or duplicate them (as templates or such?) to re-use them for other pages? So you make layout for one portfolio item and you can use it for all portfolio items? THanks! Marije


i purchased this theme many months ago but never used it, the reason was other theme developer always upgrade themes whenever WP upgrades, but you are still stopped on WP 3.6. thats mean this theme is trash now.

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Does anybody have a recommendation on the best method to hide featured images on the individual post pages. I like to have the featured images used in the portfolio mode but I do not need them for the actual post. Is there an option or Custom Field in the post that I can use to hide the featured image from being inserted into the single post view? Thanks.

The Live Preview won’t load. Please take a look.

I just updated my Wordpress… Then, I spent 3 HOURS combing ThemeForest until I found this. I uploaded my credis and, just when I was about to purchase, the “are you sure” box popped up so I read the comments. Can anyone tell me if this is compatible with WP 3.8? I seriously spent hours looking at themes and this one has everything I want. Thanks!

Or can anyone recommend a similar theme that is 3.8 compatible?

Hi there congratulations on your beautiful bundles of joys to come!

Hate to bug you, but was hoping you could help solve an issue that I hope is simple. I love the theme and had no problems downloading it and uploading to wordpress. I activated all of the plug ins as the instructions suggested. The problem is when I go into Theme Options the page is blank, it gives me no options. Obviously this is incremental and would love to start building my site, but need your help. Hope you can spare a minute or two to point me in the right direction!

Thanks so much.

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Hi! Could you please tell med how I can change the color of the buttons and the color of the slogan quotation marks?

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Hi, It is preferable not to up-grader in WP 3.9. The specific text editor theme erases the contents of the blocks.

Hi, I’ve been developing with this theme for a while, but am getting errors in the dashboard after upgrading to WP 3.8 and 3.9. Will you please indicate whether this theme will be supported under 3.9 and beyond, as I cannot continue to use it if I am to be stuck at 3.6. Thank You.

MDNW Author

Hi Simon! It will indeed be supported for 3.9 – the issue up until now has been that the Elegant Builder plugin that we used has been more or less terrible in terms of it’s maintenance, which has (and this is my fault) caused a lot of confusion as far as the best way to move forward.

That said, I’ll be releasing some updates this week that allow the use of the better “Visual Composer” plugin as an alternative. Likewise, I’ll be updating everything else in the theme to 3.9 standards as I’ve been doing with all of our older legacy themes this past month! Good Bones is next up on the list :)


Thanks, How do I get the update?

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There are no updates and there is no support and now I am left with a blog that doesn’t work.