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The demo is offline :(

Hi, great theme! I know it’s new so I’m hoping you’ll update it and improve it as you go along.

1. Can the logo space be made larger? I enlarged it a little by changing the margins, but should I enlarge it more by widening the sidebar?

2. Is there some way to auto-resize/crop the images on my front-page that appear in the slider and recent posts widgets?

3. Can the search bar be standalone instead of having the lines stretch out from the border?

3. Can I have my recent post widget on the home page reflect the category of the post when I set it to “three columns”?

Thank you!


Emailed you.

Hello Sir,

This is my Blog (http://blog.switchidea.com/)

The problem is that the Featured Post (in the slider) is also coming in Recent Posts. What should I do that the featured Post does not comes in the Recent Posts?

Thanks, Mottled


Hi, Saw your blog and realize you are using the posts widget for the recent post while the default recent post are still there below it (below the load more button), it’s up to you to use which one, if you want to show recent posts widget and want to hide the default, go to Appearance->Costumize expand the “Post Setting” tab, and check the” Hide the default recent posts on homepage” checkbox. And then in the widgets you can choose all categories excepts the category you used for the featured post.

If you want to show recent post using the default and want to hide posts featured category, go to Appearance->Costumize, expand the “Post Setting” tab, and choose the category you dont want to show in the selection box that says “Do not show posts if home with these categories”

Let me know if its still unclear for you. THanks.

Sir, I want to disable the default comment box (from the theme) that appears below my posts, since I am using Facebook Comments. Please tell me how to do it?

Thanks, Mottled


How do you using the facebook comments? if you are using a plugin, let me know which plugin.


I think there is a small bug with the posts slider widget. I want to filter by tag, but when I save the widget, the tag I selected becomes unselected. It works fine with the recent posts widget, but not the posts slider widget.

Mind taking a look at that? Thanks!


Hi, have you been able to look at this at all?


Hi, really sorry didn’t saw this comment, im looking on it right now, will have update tommorow, please send me email via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/plus62 so i can inform you when it finished. Thanks.

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How do I hide tags below every post?

Hi there, this is a follow up comment to mottled’s previous post. I have a similar problem.

I have the Plus62 slider widget set up, along with the Plus62 recent posts widget on the homepage. I want my most recent post to be the one featured post, and not to appear again in the recent posts widget. Do I have to create a custom tag for each new post and add it to the “do not show posts” form to achieve this? The featured post will more than likely always be a part of an existing category that exists under recent posts – which creates a duplication. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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i boight that theme some weeks ago and i would like to start with it. The fact is i’m a newbie. I used the xml files to start with something and change the content but the result is different than the demo : there is no main article with slider.

Could you please let me know if there is a new version of the XML file or of this theme that i could use;

Thanks a lot. Jules

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Small buig report:

- On Wordpress 4.x+ I can’t get it to load my favicon in the “upload” options on the Customize page.

- Documentation should state the optimal dimension for a user’s main logo

- On Wordpress 4.x+ the CSS Classes option isn’t present in the menu section to insert the classes like “icon-linkedin” in the social sidebar section


Hi thanks for reporting,

- Just tested it and found no problem, can you be more specific how’s the bug? does it upload the image but doesn’t show on the site? or fail on uploading at all?

- I’ll review on that, but the logo will always resized to the size of main sidebar.

- It probably hidden, on the same page go to the “Screen Options” ( the button is at top right of the screen, beside the help button under the “Howdy, User”). You will see the advance menu properties, then check the “CSS Classes” then it will appear.

If there’re still problems please let me know.