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Hi – Is there any good way to add sub-pages. Would like to show a sup-page and when clicked on it, have the main nave and the sup-page nav highlighted that I’m on that sub-page/Main nav.


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need some help – somehow managed to kill the :active style for the home page – ecossar.com

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Dear developer, I’m yet to receive an answer to any of my questions I posted. Why did I pay the money for the theme if I don’t get help? I could have done it myself over time. Regards One of your customer.

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Hello, How can i use my own menu? I go to “Good minimal options”>General theme settings>Activate default WP Menu. When its green i see all the the sample pages(loaded from the xml). When its red i see all the sample pages + a Home

  • below i wish to show my own menu created on “Appearance>Menus” How is this possible?
  • Hi,

    Before buying this theme i’ve questions : Can i use the services icons that i’ve made ? With any size ?

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my english :)


    And is it possible to change easily the background image ? (sort of paper texture) Thanks !

    Hello – all of our single portfolio pages are showing the same “category” on the top of the page, even though they all are different portfolio categories. example:

    http://amyrau.com/portfolio-item/custom-calendar/ and http://amyrau.com/portfolio-item/12-days-of-christmas-card/

    both say “wedding” categories even though neither of them are. PLease advise. Thanks.


    I fixed it. Not sure why it wasn’t pulling the right value in, but I figured out a workaround.


    Hi, Here is the site: celadoncelery.com

    The mobile dropdown menu on this site is not opening the pages when clicked on an iphone and I don’t even know where to start to fix this.

    Has anyone ever run into this or is anyone able to figure this out? It’s so weird because after you try to tap on the ‘li’ link to open the page, the dropdown menu will select it but the page url doesn’t change and nothing happens. Any help is so appreciated… even just a nudge in the right direction on how to solve it would be helpful. I just don’t even know where to look.

    I tried posting this in the wordpress.org forums but they directed me here,

    Thank you, Melissa

    Where can I find your documentation?


    I found it. Sorry.

    For people who have the problem with video showing up on the portfolio page-

    First- set a random feature image Second- type in your video web address at the portfolio options—> Video URL (instead of image on popup):


    Example- http://vimeo.com/75740016 instead of https://vimeo.com/75740016
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    Hello, I have some problems with the mobile version of the theme : - First, fonts are too much big when looking on an Iphone : how can we change this parameter ? - Secondly, I inserted a Vimeo video inside a page and the Video comes outside the margin on an Iphone. How could I change that ? Thank you

    I bought this theme in 2011, now I would like to update but I can’t find any link to download the last update… How do I have to do?

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    Hi, having problems getting your categories feature to work, i want to only show items in a certain category, i set the options in my control panel, but its showing all of the categories anyway.

    website is www.stooch.tv


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    Don’t expect support for this theme anymore. The developer started to respond to my questions and then never followed up again.

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    Great theme! http://www.esencio.nl Can you please add pinterest to the social icons?

    Greets! Rik

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    I have a problem. I use the Good Minimal theme on my site etsbellanger.com . The slider “slider revolution” does not work with Internet Explorer 7 and 8, while the specifications indicate that it is possible. Has anyone ever had this problem?

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    Hi, I was wondering how to order the slides so they display from newest to oldest? Currently all slides are set to order: 0, and I don’t understand why the oldest slide (oldest publishing date) is showing first? But I would like to always show the newest slide as it’s being added first. THANKS!

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    I’m having problems installing. See error message below.

    “Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.”

    I’m using the Good Minimal theme and I have created a new menu bar (which first of all has created 2 home pages -which I can’t fix). For the blog page, you should check if it has a page name blog and check if that page uses template from your theme.It doesn’t work. And my blog posts are not showing up on my blog page, which I have designated in settings – reading – posts page set to “blog” Why did I pay the money for the theme if I don’t get help? Thanks

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    I don’t understand why the developer would disappear and stop supporting this theme… If it still sells and still generates income, why isn’t he continuing to work on it? Letting it die just undermines his portfolio and brand.

    Anyway, my footer widgets disappeared after the 1st of the year and no widgets will show there now. Anyone else have this issue?