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I purchased the template and when I uploaded the template for installation it said it failed to install. Here is the message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Can you please help?



Hello, please unzip main archive and there will be goodchoice.zip – install it

I purchased your Builder theme, how or what is different on this one?



Features… just for example you can compare the blog

Very nice theme! Congrats! Good luck with your sales!



siteplan Purchased

I purchased the them but where s the pricing ? Can not find it ?


It’s in goodchoice.zip/goodchoice/plugins/

siteplan Purchased

There is a message: There is a new version of Visual Composer available. Download version 3.5.4. .. you have to pay for an update (visual composer) ? tought it was included ?


Will update theme in 24 hours, and i new Visual Composer will be insluded

How do I edit Breadcrumb Achor Text, i.e. I want to change “Good Choice” to “Home”....


“Good Choice” is the Theme Name – You just need to set your WebSite name in wp settings.


Friend, I am new to Wordpress, Can you share screenshot… of the page from where I can make that change…

Quick Question: Is Goodchoice WPML compatible? Thanks

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for me the tagline font is ugly, not so nice like yours. what should I do? anyway, this is is a great theme, and that’s the only problem


Thanks, But tell me what kind of Font do you use in Theme Options – General Settings?

hello I can not build the portfolio page. I inserted a card portfolio with description, image, and it can be useful. Then I created a static page (home) and I gave the model portfolio. When I go to see the page, I view the category of portfolio but not the thumbnail on the card portfolio.

What’s wrong? thanks


Show me url to your portfolio page

Can we use the blog format as the homepage? Thanks


Yes, sure

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Love the theme. Can you add the basic feature that is at the bottom of the home page, the feature that lets you select actual site in its non mobile state but full online state. That is needed for folks with larger phones and tablets.

My galaxy note is a big screen and can easily accommodate a full website on a 5.5 or larger screen. There are tens of millions of notes now. There are so many audiences with larger screens. Perhaps just add it as the larger screen market will love it.

It could remove the scroll navigation in the mobile. The ability to put your finger on the screen and draw down on a menu of the full website non mobile…

Fabulous!:- )

As well, the update for this should be sick. In all my years on here, this is one of the best I’ve picked up. Themeforest is lucky to have you!

This theme is Trick!

I wish you many sales! Cheers!


Hello, thanks, will check what i can do for it :)

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Support for this theme seems to be minimal, the author isn’t responding for days.

@ amitjivani .. you can change it in the functions.php

Anyone know how to make the contact form work .


Sorry, for dealy. To set up contact form, please use Contact Form 7 Plugin, it’s work perfect.

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I purchased and installed the template. and I want to change theme options [from: menu Appearance ? Theme options], but I cannot save the option. Could you tell please me how to change the theme options?

I tried to change the theme option(Change WebSite Layout, Remove favicon.ico and logo, REVOLUTION SLIDER option), then I pushed “Save All Changes”. But I cannnot saved it.


Don’t get it, You want to change “Theme Options” title? and aftert that nothing works?

takeshik Purchased

I can change theme opition now.

Hello, I just intalled the theme good choice http://themeforest.net/item/goodchoice-responsive-multipurpose-theme/4244819

and would like to use the visual composer Our web site is photoblog.hk (the theme is currently deactive)

While we try to post new post, the editing screen is like this http://www.photoblog.hk/error.jpg

There is no visual composer button, and the place for typing title is missing too.

After I disable the good choice theme and activate the old one, visual composer just work totally fine. So there should be something clash with the new theme… Any idea to fix that…?


Have you instaled Visual Composer? it’s in goodchoice.zip/goodchoice/plugins.


Problem fixed after upgrade wordpress to 3.5.1, thank you

Hi, another issue about the small menu.

I have used the small menu and typed descriptions inside. (Like what you told the user stephanos34000 previously)

But still the small description not shown up, and there are space between parent and submenu. Which makes me impossible to click on submenu.

Any solution to this?

Probably a very basic question, but on a page, how do I choose which of the many sidebars I want to use?


I would like to know if this theme is showing post excerpts on blog, or full posts.

If it does, can I configure excerpt length or choose to show full post?

Thanks :)

I am thinking about purchasing the theme but there is an issue with the responsive implementation.

When you resize the browser window on the home page and certain other demo pages it causes the website to reload.

This will cause a large number of HTTP requests and increased server load, while also skewing analytics data. This is obviously a major issue that must be fixed.

Do you know what is causing this and how it can be fixed?

Unrelated: Do you have any plans for improvements to the mobile view menu aside from a basic dropdown with no styling? Any touch / swipe features planned?

Hi! I’m new to this, so please bear with my questions :) If I understand correctly, I can use any font from Google Fonts for this theme? Can you tell me what font is used for ‘GoodChoice’? Or the standard font that is used for the theme?

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For the main menu you can set a navigation label and a second line in description. However, in the mobile menu these twee things are glued together without a space in between … how can this be fixed ?