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Hi OrangeIdea,

by the way. The Visual Composer still needs an update. In your post – almost three weeks ago – you said you will add it “tonight”. Still the old one.

Regards, P. P.


Theme will be updated in 1-2 days. Sorry for delay


I installed the template but I am having difficulty with the portfolio setup, can you provide some documentation or instructions on how to set it up as in your sample.



You just need a create page and chose portfolio template for it.

Bluewaves Purchased

I am very disappointed and requested refund from you and themeforest but to no avail. I do not understand how your demo works yet so many people have the same issue with portfolio, if one or two people are having problems, one would say the user could be at fault, but when users have to code it and provide the code for others, then definitely there is an issue here. I just wish that I had read the comments before purchasing. Your template was the last one purchased so I trusted the ratings, but now I do not. It was a terrible choice. I am just warning on but have decided to eat the loss and move on. Yes I was ripped off, but I will cut my losses and buy something else and never from you again. I hope others read this before they pull the trigger and buy it. You will need a lot of luck for such bad choice.

About Tag Line. Hello, when I set a new page, the Tag Line on that page is not displayed corrrectly. Would you please tell me how to fix it?


Show me your url

OrangeIdea, Still having trouble. Page set as portfolio template doesn’t display thumbs/links to portfolio items. paramountcustompainting.com/portfolio I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Also, the portfolio categories listed are malfunctioning. They don’t take you anywhere! Help! Thanks. -Andrew


Show me your url

Hi. Where can I edit the number of Related Projects on Portfolio Post. Currently showing all of which are connected to the category. I want only three Related Projects on my Portfolio Post site.


If your talking about “Portfolio page” you nedd to set it in Theme Options – Portoflio.

Amount of projects on one page is not working. I put 20 and still there is pagination. Help me please :)


Will take a look

Orangeidea, please help me I requested some help about 4 days ago. Please help. Please provide some documentation if you have any.



Sory, for delay i will take a look in 1 day.

Please, please update Visual Composer to version 3.5.5. It would greatly help with the site I’m beginning.

Thank you


Okay, in 1-2 days.

takeshik Purchased

I also need to update Visual Composer to latest version(3.5.5). Please could you please update it?

Thank you for good support.


Will be updated

ringring Purchased

Hi, OrangeIdea. Tried to create forum account at http://orange-idea.com/account/create

looks for Purchase codes = does noit accept any envato.

Problem is Drop down menu not working at all!!!

any ideas


You need to use your envato username

ringring Purchased

I have used my envato user name – it always says No Valid purchase codes found. Please define a Valic Purchase Code

Hi ringring,

you don´t need an account. You don´t get an answer anyway. Wether in the forum or here.

Regards, P.


Sorry for delay, i will update theme shortly

Please kindly check your email.. Thank you


probably a stupid question, but I’ve looked and looked and can seem to find how to add the latest 3 portfolio items to the homepage?

Tnx in advance!

vanhove Purchased

What page is affected by the settings for Portfolio in the Theme Options? Also, when I go here on my site http://www.swhprecision.com/redesign/portfolio/ there is an error. There are similar errors in your example http://html.orange-idea.com/goodchoice/portfolio/

I love the theme – thanks in advance for your response!


when I try using Visual Composer it displays the message “Your page layout was created with previous Visual Composer version. Before converting your layout to the new version, make sure to read this page.” When I try to convert to new version nothing happens. I´m also not able to use Visual Composer anymore.

I talked to Michael “Developer of Visual Composer”. He told me Theme Developer has to update the VC to new Version.

When do you update the Theme? You always say next days. This is weeks ago.


Hi Support,

Please help!!! We have installed the theme, and it looks alright for the most part… However! :) There are some problems with the following:

1. The “Powerful & responsive wordpress theme with hundreds options. Your most important message or cacthy phrase goes here.” statement is completely out of place with an extra bar on the top. We have tried moving it to the top of the slider or the bottom, and still the same situation.

2. We can’t find the dropin for the “Footer Logo and Contacts”.

3. Under “Portfolio” menu item, the half of the content gives us page not found errors.

4. Under “The Blog” menu item, the half of the content does not display as well…

5. The 404 Page also goes to page not found.

Are these content included in “Buy Version” of the site?



The dropdown menu is not working! Please fix it as soon as possible!

It’s a shame!

How do I add more than one portfolio? Please advise!

Thank you.

dualsun Purchased

.. not to be rude to OrangeIdea but to keep him doing the great work he is doing, and for those who asked: to change subtitle in the menu, I created a new page then imported the page into the menu I wanted. Then I wrote my subtitle in the Description field. I hope this works for you.