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On the single portfolio pages for a gallery/slider post (http://html.orange-idea.com/goodchoice/portfolio-type/awesome-project/), is it possible to show the thumbnails for the slider?

Or would it be easy to implement the Gallery shortcode as another type of portfolio?

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Hey mate. How about this… can you enable this with woo commerce and integrate it with this theme? Please advise also about WMPL. I really need for these both to be integrated. Any thoughts?

Hi, is it possible to create multiple portfolio page?



Nice theme. One question, you have included revolution slider in the theme, which is a paid slider. Is it allowed to include someone else items in your theme (I think free and extended license do not allow that)?

Please clarify, Thanks.

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Is there a reason why I dont see social icons in my footer or the information i placed in the theme settings?

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I cannot center the tagline. Tried all the things commented in this forum.


The tagline is not centerd on the page.. If I add a div with text-align center, the text is centered but still placed on the left.

Help plz!

Where is demo version?

Thinking about purchasing the theme, but I’m so in doubt as the author answers to questions every now and then, while a fast support is more important than tons of features that the theme has and that cause several problems, of course. I’m asking the author if he’s thinking about giving a more powerful support, as I read in these comments lots of people can’t go on creating their sites because they had no answers and I definitely can’t risk it. Thank you

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I filled out the info for the footer on my admin settings but the twitter feed or social icons are not appearing on the footer. Any reason why?

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What ever you do don’t buy this theme. At first look it seems nice, but it’s a awful. The search function returns pictures, pages, posts, sliders, and everything. And not just descriptions, the entire contents.

Also it seem the social twitter feed is broken.

I can’t insert images, I have to upload the files and then manually type out the code.

Everyday I find something else that’s broken. This should be called Bad Choice.

Also the support is awful. As you can see by the lack of responses in this thread.

I donĀ“t understand why you still buy this theme. Ask TF to give you your money back.

Changing site url the theme options stopped working.

Can you help me? Thanks

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How to update the Visual Composer?

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Hi. The color of the entire background of my website has changed to grey instead of white. How do I change it back???

Here’s is my home page: http://accuratelanguage.co/.

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Also, my logo won’t show up in the footer and the twitter feed is not showing up in the footer. Please help.

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Nice Theme. Thanks.





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Hi. I am getting this error: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias main_slider not found. Maybe you mean: ‘homeslider_test’

I created a new slider but it won’t show up on the home page. I tried deselecting “show REvolution slider on homepage” option under theme options but it still won’t work. I want to use homepage 5 as the basis for my site but nothing will get rid of the error above.

I can’t even find there it is trying to pull in that info. Is that coded in the theme files?

Also, I tried to post in support but it says I don’t have permission to see that category.

Thanks for the help,


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The theme has multiple sidebars. But can anyone tell me how to choose a specific sidebar when editing a page.? Is there a plugin I must have in order to do that.?

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The navigation on the top of the page won’t work. How do you fix this? Please check this out: accuratelanguageservices.co

speed2ace Purchased

I need help getting access to your support forum: http://orange-idea.com/forum/

Please help!!!1

This theme looks great.


unless you’re comfortable with digging through and editing PHP code, then STAY AWAY. This theme’s functionality is very poorly coded. You have to edit code to make things like the portfolio function properly.

This author makes another theme called BUILDER. It is much much much better, and I highly recommend it. Extremely similar visuals, but the code behind it is far better.