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Is there a problem with Twitter? The tweet-widget doesnt show the tweets. Please let me know how to solve this.

Kind regards!

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thi is the worst customer support I’ve ever met in my digital life. In poor words: no answers at all. I’ve got a problem, issued a ticket and none cared this ticket (also themeforest did it, btw). So now I’ve my very nice theme completely blocked. Did anyone receive any answer back to a ticket? Gianluca

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Still no answer. It seems it is a bounch of odd kids behined this firm…

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Hi. I had few problem and kindly asked both to the authors and to themeforest an answer but none, nothing has happened. Themeforest is not responsible, of course, of what a designer is doing or how it relates to the customers but MUST aknowledge that gives space to incompentents rascals and MUST operate in that sense.

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Just wondering if you can suggest me to fix the following problem.


If you go to this page and scroll down, you will see couple of the picture have orange background. Can you suggest me how could i change the colour to white.

your support is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your support.

Hey there,

Kindly please advice how i would change the TITLE that appears on mouse hover on the social icons on the header and the footer. Like the facebook icon says facbook, I want to change it. Please advice.

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Twitter issue is fixed! But, the problem was due to Twitter changing their API. Here’s the fix: Open up st_widgets.php Find the line that says, “http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/” and replace it with, “http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline/”.

Hope this helps!

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@vitizo – you have background-color: #ff8f00; defined in orange.css, line 23. I don’t know of a setting in the theme admin.

Hope this helps!

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@animaxmsa – find this in st_funcions.php in dir library around line 236: function slicetheme_socials() You can see the title attribute and rename/remove it: title=”’. $name .’”

Hope this helps!

Upgrading to WP 3.5 has caused some problems. Is there going to be a 3.5 compatible release of this theme?

Two possible hepls: 1. Im have tested to place a button in description slider area, but t not works. Have a tip for me? 2. I need to change .a class (use differents links kind) in some pages. Where i can to assign my new class? maybe in a custon css, but i have no idea how it wors… Thanks a lot, and sorry for my english, i’m brazilian

Hi. The slider (flex) is showing in all template pages: blog, sitemap etc. I need to use page default model, fullwith but i don`t want show any slider. How can i resolve this?

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HI. I have some difficulties.

I have created a website, set your template.

My website should have two categories -

Category 1 – http://b-est.ru/salone/portfolio/ Category 2 – http://b-est.ru/salone/category/novosti/

I want that kind of categories corresponded page – http://b-est.ru/salone/portfolio/

There is still a problem.

http://b-est.ru/salone/portfolio/ – this page looks the way I like it, but when I open this page, open any record, for example, http://b-est.ru/salone/ latest-health-lessons /, is at the top – bread crumbs, that’s when I turn on the bread crumbs, the blog template does not look like this: http://b-est.ru/salone/portfolio/

as well http://b-est.ru/salone/category/portfolio-2/

I reworked the conclusion portfolio, with a portfolio of all okay. And here’s the file

taxonomy-BLOG-category.php – is missing, while the taxonomy-portfolio-category.fp – is present

I would like to change the width of the logo on all platforms. How and where do i do that?

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The LINK URL in the Kwiks slider setup is not working. Can you help me with this setup? I need each slider frame image to link to a webpage on the site. Please advise asap. Thanks.


I wanted to know if you can make pictures open in lightbox, on the portfoilo page, instead of a slider or image? Like on the overview-page.

Thank you.

Hey there,

Any way I can increase size of the banner beyond the 980 pixel regular size?

Please advice.