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hello, I’m back with two more questions, site http://www.designerdealuguel.com.br/ the overlay black /red is not working, and the social icons may open in a new window or new tab?


- The overlay does not show if you select a custom Skin, this is because the color overlay is an image and it would be impossible to alter the image via a theme option, so it gets disabled. You would have to reset your “Highlight” color in the admin. Or if you still want it tweak your CSS and then edit the image in the images folder to match your custom skin.

Hope this makes sense!

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Hey, this theme doesn’t work well in Chinese. The long post title has some display problem. You can see this on . Pls help me. 3Q



I think the issue is with the Google font this theme uses. Please try changing your font in the theme admin to a Chinese friendly font.

Appearance -> Theme Options -> Typography

YouTube Video breaks out container, is not responsive in this theme, I have not altered any styles that would effect this. Is there a work around? Do I need to use URL or intire embed code? The Demo videos did not do this. I really appreciate your help. http://uberapparatus.com/


I just added the responsive class for videos into the video containers defined by the video post format and meta value (to prevent possible conflicts with other plugins)

However, you can easily tweak the theme to allow responsive videos everywhere.

Just open header.php and change line 93 from:

id="main-content" class="clr" 


dd="main-content" class="clr fitvids" 

a.k.a – add the “fitvids” class to the main-content element.

I’ve just purchased this theme and I’m having trouble with featured images. They accurately resize the width to 620px. But they are shown at full height, instead of being cropped to 320px height. Is there a setting I’m missing?



Thank you for the purchase!

It actually sounds like your images might not even be cropping, but rather resizing from the CSS. In order to help I would have to at least see the URL.

You could contact me via my profile page if you rather share in private.

Hi! May I ask you some questions: - is it possible to change places similar posts and comments? I’d like similar posts before comments at the bottom of post. - Can I remove author info at the bottom of post? - Can I change font color? Thank you an advance!


1. The issue is related posts is full-width so you can’t move it up into the container. You can disable it though and then use a related posts plugin that ads it below the post.

2. You can disable author box in the admin.

3. Changing the font color is a simple CSS tweak.

Hi, Great theme, thanks! Issue i am having is there is a small black(ish) box on the slider that i cant seem to get rid of, i have deted all the posts and started fresh and it reappears. You can see it here: http://www.new.nynonprofit.com/


Hi there,

You go to Appearance->Menu to set it all up. Here is a small video guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prvjIbOhg-E


you are awesome, question how can i configure so that in the posts i can change font/size/color. Appreocate this may be WP not you, but can you give some direction please?


By default in WordPress you can only change the color of your fonts in the post editor. You would have to enable the font size/family boxes:


I think this is what you were talking about!


I’ve purchased the template two days ago and the Theme Option doesn’t work. All menu are blank. I can’t do anything. Any idea ? Thanks for your help.


and I have the last Wordpress too


Maybe a problem with Slightly Modified Options Framework ? I’m not an expert, sorry


You can try de-activating your plugins to see if any are causing javascript issues on the back-end. There really isn’t any way I can help without looking, if you want you can send me the logins via my profile page contact form and I can have a look – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

hello, really good theme. Please, I have some questions for you: Can you give me some examples of pages? Blog Post Formats


Can I add sponsors and google adwords?


- Available color options: http://cl.ly/image/3W1q2T2f2J3y

- I don’t understand the gallery question…You mean paginate the post? This would be virtually impossible to code, if you want to do this use the standard post format then add your image at the top in the post for each page.


If you want this style of paginated gallery you’ll need to use the standard post and then insert the image at the top.

But most likely you’ll want to make some customizations to your theme to make it easier to implement this style of pagination.


I’m really happy with my template, but I’m having trouble setting up the carousel, none of my selected posts appear in there, I’ve checked that the category is correct (I created one specially for it), the settings are fine, and I cleared cache several times, but it’s still missing.. I don’t have any trouble with the homepage slider, it works just fine, so, a little help please?



Great, glad you like it.

Couple things:

1. Do you have more then 3 items in the category?

2. Did you clear the query cache? your-site.com/?clear-cache

If you continue having issues send me the URL in private via my profile page and I’ll have a look!

Hello. I bought a theme the other day but it doesn’t seem to allow me to view a full blog post, just the preview section?


Thanks in advance,

Brian @dalynewspaper


Oh I see that now,

That is the strangest thing. I’ve never seen this happen, my only guess is there is some sort of query causing the issue. Have you tried de-activating plugins to test?

You can always send me logins if you want via my contact page and I’ll have a look in the admin to see what might be going on.


Sweet. What’s your email address?


Sorry I’m not posting my email address online. Please contact me via my profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

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Hi, I’m trying to set the post entries on the index to “full text” instead “summary” but it’s not working (Settings > Reading). Can you help me?



At the time I answered you there wasn’t an option for this. But since then I have updated the theme and added the new option under the “Blog” tab. You can update your theme if you want that new option.

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Thanks! It worked fine!

Best Regards,



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Hello its me again, how could i change the font color? some readers told me its a problem to read, thanks :)


Change the color on line 32 in style.css:

body { background: #ebebeb; nowhitespace: afterproperty; font-size: 14px; font-family: 'Raleway', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 1.75em; color: #949494; }

hello, every day more like the theme, very good. but I would like to know if you have to hide the date of posting?


Thank you, it was very good.


Good afternoon, I’m having a problem with updating the date returned and this code is not working. What do I do?


It’s possible maybe you have an older version of the theme? If you can share the URL I can see why the CSS wouldn’t be working.

Hi AJ, another really nice theme, I’ve used it for one of my pet projects which has over 450 posts & 100+ pages. The transition has went smoothly from the old theme to the new, just got to restylise some of the pages.

I’m hoping you can give me some advice, if there’s a quick fix. A lot of my posts use the default wordpress gallery and I would like the default lightbox used in the theme to be applied to the galleries. Is this possible?

If not, how can I remove the built in lightbox as I’ll go with fancybox for the wordpress galleries and other pop-up displays.

Thanks and good work as always.

Cheers – James



This would be a simple edit. Just open js/global.js and locate line 22:


and change to:

$('.wpex-gallery-lightbox, .gallery-icon a').magnificPopup({

Be sure to clear your browser/site cache after making any js edits.


Thanks, that worked a charm and cheers for the super quick response, most appreciated ;)



no problem ;) Ill add it to the FAQ.

Hi! does this theme have any places or sidebars to put adsence blocks there? I don’t see any on demo…

and second: I have qite big logo: about 220*100 pxls on the white Is it any a way to put it on site without big troubles with design???

Thank you


You could add banners to the sidebar if you wish via a 3rd party plugin or by adding your code in the WordPress text widget. But I didn’t add any specific areas because it “kills” the design. There are also plugins out there that allow you to put ads above/below posts.

I’m not quite sure how its going to look with the design, you might want to tweak it a bit so it looks best. You can always screenshot the demo and then mess a bit in photoshop to see what it would look like.


I am currently developing a site for a client using this theme. They love the rotating gallery, but would like to be able to have 2 gallery rows instead of just the one. Is this a feasible request? If so, what is the best way to execute?




Hi Nathan,

It would be possible, but it isn’t something I can walk you through as it will take quite some edits. To be honest it might even take me some time to figure it out myself. Anyway the file you are looking to possibly edit is content-homepage-carousel.php

It also would make a huge difference if you are looking for 2 carousels or 1 carousel that has 2 rows.

Maybe you can check out microlancer and see if you can pay someone to make the customization for you.

Request for the tablet (iPad) version:

Currently, on the iPad, the nav shrinks to the super simple mobile “browse” and “search” nav bar.

A request: can you make it so the nav on the tablet version retains the nav items? I’m afraid the simple “Browse” nav is just a little to cryptic for the average user. I’m sure you did this to allow for long navs, but maybe you can make it so that the nav shrinks to “browse” only after a character limit is reached, but if there are only 3-4 nav items, they still will be spelled out in the nav. I think this would make a big difference.

What do you think?


I don’t think I would be making these edits. But you could easily do it yourself all you need to do is tweak the responsive CSS so that the select nav doesn’t display until a smaller size. If you look at the code the way the nav works is by showing/hide the UL and the Select. So it would be very simple to edit.

Example…if you want default menu on the ipad add the following custom CSS to your site:

@media only screen and (max-width: 959px) {
.wpex-responsive #responsive-toggles { display: none; }
.wpex-responsive #navigation { background: #474747; padding: 0 30px; display: block; }
.wpex-responsive #navigation .nav-main { display: block; }

Or even easier just edit style.css and move all the code from the nav from the media query targeting tables down to the media query targeting smaller devices only.

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Hi, I can’t get nextpage to work. Here’s a test url http://www.sneakswap.com/sneaker-blog/test-next-page/


You can contact me via my profile page if you want me to have a look in the back end: http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

BuckSuper Purchased

Thanks dude I’ll contact you now

Featured Slider won’t disappear.

I’ve removed the category “featured-slider” from all my posts, but the slider won’t go away. I’ve cleared my cache via the browser settings as well as using “http://sweetrideusa.com/?clear-cache”


Haha. Ooook, yep NOW it’s gone. But it was totally there last night after I’d made changes. And I did use your clear cache url AND clear via the browser like 1000 times last night. Am I doing something wrong? Do some changes somehow take a while to show up?


Sounds like either a caching or server issue. Are you using any caching plugins or CDN? Or maybe CloudFlare? or are you hosted on WPEngine (has built-in cache)?

Above you said you tried: http://sweetrideusa.com/?clear-cache

You should have been doing this though: http://sweetrideusa.com/test/?clear-cache (because your site is in the subdirectory “test”). Maybe that was the issue.


Ahh ok, I’ll try that. Thanks for all your good (and fast) support!

Hi AJ, I’m hoping you can help me with two requests, if it isn’t too much work.

I’d like to have single images automatically use the built in lightbox, and is there a way to allow comments on pages?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


1. Its not good for single images to have lightbox automatically. At least not added by the theme developer. The reason is because people often add images in their posts (more often then not) that link to other sites, so if lightbox is injected here, it will screw up that external link. You can use the class ”.wpex-lightbox” to any link you want in your post or page content to have it open in lightbox. If you want it added to all your images you’ll need to use javascript to loop through all links, check if they have an image and then run the lightbox function accordingly. It’s a bit tricky. If you only need it in a few places I suggest just using the classname. Or maybe there is a plugin out there that can do this for you?

2. Adding comments to pages is quite easy but you’ll need to do a spall tweak. You need to edit page.php and right after line 28 add the following:

// Comments
if ( comments_open() || '0' != get_comments_number() ) { ?>
<?php comments_template(); ?>
<?php } ?>



Hi AJ, cheers for posting the solutions and providing an explanation about the lightbox.

I have used a few themes with a built-in lightbox, and I’ve always wondered why it was never used for single images. I personally never use images for links, so I’ve never understood the lack of lightbox, I always put it down to something the theme developer has overlooked, but nice to know the reason.

Thanks again for all your support and I promise that’ll be the last support question. Cheers ;)



I appreciate you stopping by and leaving this nice comment! Don’t forget to rate my theme if you have not already 8-)