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hi, I loved the theme, but I wanted to make a suggestion for future upgrade the system ads, might have to rotate option but random. What do you think?

sure i will add this option, good suggestion

happy you liked the suggestion :) we are awaiting!


rafferjr Purchased

getting an error “The `href` parameter must reference a valid Facebook page, but “” is not a valid Facebook page.”

and it is a valid page.


rafferjr Purchased

nevermind i think i know what it is

Good luck

Hello, in search option, not searching tags, which is very important.

Hello, in search option, should search tags too, which is very important.

the tags can be more than thousands.

to get them in dropdown list it will be a very huge request which can break any server


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hello i have a problem with Gallery Post, i do exactly what you did on video, but still doesn’t show the photos. i can see the gallery timeout and passing the slide but no pictures. Thanks

i need live example to debug

doesn’t show the picture

hi, theme support is right here?

I could send a ticket;)

I could send a ticket;)

sorry about that


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Just started using your theme again and noticed a small issue. when i enable login button for the navigation it is going for the WP profile not userpro when installed. bbpress is using userpro profile great but login button is not….would like to have that if possible…can you please amend that function to use it when present as other parts of the theme too ?

Also I had a request ages ago about “nice RSS” for the visual composer and you said it’s a good idea. Would like to build my front page with my own articles and some rss blocks too from partners but WP RSS looks really bad with your theme….

Thank you

Hello momizat,

Since I have always the same issues with social counter especially for twitter counter, today I create a ticket on your support forum. So, please help me to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you

Please can you help me ? i need to change the read more tekst to dutch i cant find where i can do that ?? i have Goodnews: 5.7.3

Hello Momizat,

Are you able to assist with css code for the following items?

1) remove line above, below and between main menu navigation items (including shop, login and search icons).

2) Change accordion title size to 14px

3) Change the font weight for all headings to 600 (I’m using open sans font)

4) Remove the logo / text from left side of the sticky menu. It seems that if I choose not to upload a logo it defaults to using the website name which I don’t want either.

Thanks for your help,


I have trouble importing the sample data not only is spinning load and the sample data not shown I’ve tried over several accommodation and not charge anything at all sample data helps

how to set up shopping in goodnews like